– How To Use Chakra Candles: A Quick Guide For People Who Aren’t Sure What They’re Doing

The seven chakras are pretty familiar to most of us, especially those involved with Reiki, whether practitioner or recipient. We know of these energy points and the need to keep them balanced and open, using meditation and healing modalities such as Reiki.

But have you heard of chakra candles? If you’re not sure what’s involved or need some advice on how to use them, then you’ve come to the right place.

When to light a chakra candle

You can light a Chakra candle when you want to align and strengthen your chakras. You can use them for other things such as cleansing crystals or to add an extra element of relaxation, but we’ll get onto that later on in the article.

How long do they last?

Chakra candles tend to burn down evenly and their scents usually fill a room after a couple of hours.

In most cases, your candle is guaranteed to last for at least an hour and a half, depending on how it’s been made. Some will burn down faster than others. It’s important to understand that chakra candles aren’t the same as the ones you’d use in a menorah or create fire poi with. Be sure not to leave them unattended while they’re burning, and keep them in a safe place while the flame is lit.

Is it okay if they burn down unevenly?

Some chakra candles will burn down very quickly, but most tend to last longer than you’d think. In most cases, they’ll burn down evenly so long as they’re not touched or disturbed in any way. You should always be nearby when you light them though if only to make sure no accidents happen. What is the best place to put a chakra candle?

If you want to use your chakra candle for aromatherapy purposes then it’s best to keep it in an open space

How to meditate with chakra candles

The best way to meditate with chakra candles is to place them in an area where you’re not going to be disturbed. This is because the candles must burn down completely before you can cut them and use their wax for your aromatherapy chakra candle blends. If they don’t, there’s a chance that the leftover wax will spoil – and we wouldn’t want that!

What are chakra candles?

Chakra candles are made from soy wax which is a natural byproduct of the processing of oils for food. In other words, it’s made entirely from renewable resources and isn’t bad for the environment at all!

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Soy candles are commonly preferred because they have a longer burn time than traditional candles, particularly ones made from beeswax or paraffin. That means they tend to be better value for money and it’s more economical in the long run.

Soy candles also burn at a lower temperature than traditional ones, so their wicks don’t need to be trimmed as often and there is less risk of them burning out quickly.

How to burn chakra candles

The best way to burn chakra candles is in an area where you’re able to keep an eye on them. This is important because they need your immediate attention if the flame isn’t burning properly or goes out. Make sure you are relaxed and calm, to begin with and you should be fine.

The best time to burn chakra candles is after dark, or at least when there’s little light in the room. This is because they release aromatherapy benefits – and this can be improved if your senses aren’t distracted by other things.

What are chakra candles used for

Chakra candles are used for a variety of different reasons. In most cases, they’re used for their aromatherapy benefits or in order to add a relaxing element to meditation.

In other cases, people will use them when they want to clear away negative energy from an area – such as when someone is feeling extremely stressed out and needs a place to calm down and relax.

How to use Chakra Candles

Firstly, in case you’re unsure, each chakra candle is made to match the color of a specific chakra. As there are generally thought to be seven main chakras, there are seven different colored candles (or one large candle with seven layers of color). Most of these will be infused with essential oils, so you benefit from aromatherapy as well as color therapy.

To get the most out of chakra candles you need to understand what each chakra is responsible for within your body, mind, and spirit. If there are any specific areas that you need to focus on, then light the appropriate candle for that chakra during your yoga, meditation, or Reiki session.

If you are a healer, lighting these candles during a session will not only sharpen your focus and help to channel the healing energy, but they will also cleanse the space and make it more comfortable and inviting for the client or patient.

Candles add an extra dimension to the healing process, bringing light, warmth, and power to your sessions.

Here’s a handy guide to help you know which candle to use, along with some further tips on how to use them.

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Muladhara – the Root Chakra (red)

The root chakra, at the base of the spine, connects us with the earth. It is associated with the material world. finances, and business. It is the chakra of security and safety, vitality, and self-confidence.

Problems here can often lead to back pain or issues with mobility. Sleepless nights and nightmares are also common, due to fear, anxiety, and depression.

Lighting a root chakra candle and meditating with mantras beginning ‘I am’ or ‘I have can help to boost your core strength, reminding you that you are in control. Focus on the flame, and, if possible, perform the meditation outside. As this chakra can be associated with anxiety it is a good idea to do this before sleeping.

Svadhisthana – the Sacral Chakra (orange)

Situated just below the navel, this chakra is all about sensuality, creativity, emotion, and sexual energy. Blockages here can cause issues with creativity and sex life.

Meditating while burning the orange candle can help to reopen the chakra once again. Using a mantra starting with ‘I feel’ or ‘I desire’ may help to restore creativity, optimism, and passion.

Drinking water may help too, as the sacral chakra is associated with this element.

Manipura – the Solar Plexus chakra (yellow)

Above your navel but below your ribcage, this chakra controls digestion, personal power, and mental ability. Problems with this center can cause issues with the digestive system, obsessive behavior, and a lack of judgment.

Using this candle can help to bring circumstances under your control again. Mantras starting with ‘I do’ and ‘I control’ can help to restore balance. This chakra is connected with the fire element, so can also be used for protection and purification.

Connected with the element of air, the heart chakra, unsurprisingly, relates to love, compassion, and healing. When this is out of balance, we experience physical and emotional problems. It isn’t just about romance, though. It also measures how we send and receive love in our actions towards others.

Anahata – the Heart Chakra (green)

When we are hurt by others, we tend to close our hearts. The heart chakra candle is designed to help us send and receive love openly.

Use a mantra starting with ‘I love’ or ‘I forgive’ to bring balance to this chakra.

Vishuddha – the Throat Chakra (blue)

Associated with self-expression, communication, and identity, this chakra sits at the center of the throat. When this chakra is out of balance, problems arise in making your voice heard. Burn this candle when meditating or even when you need to undertake a difficult conversation. This chakra is connected with ether and blue is a naturally calming color.

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Burning this candle and using mantras like ‘I speak the truth’ or ‘I express’ can help to restore your self-confidence to get your point across.

Ajna – the Third Eye Chakra (indigo)

Located at the center of the head between the eyebrows, this is a serious spiritual chakra. It is associated with your ‘higher self, wisdom, intuition, and all things spiritual. All chakras are linked, but issues with the root and heart centers can put the Third Eye out of balance, causing headaches, dizziness, and emotional problems. Because of its power, it is best to meditate prior to lighting this candle and to check your other chakras first.

Sahasrara – the Crown Chakra (violet)

Sitting just above the head, the Crown Chakra is what connects us to the divine energies and the universe around us. It is essential that we keep this chakra open to ensure that we maintain a spiritual connection with the divine as well as others.

Problems here will be apparent through feelings of intense isolation and even depression. Burning this violet candle ( the color of royalty and spiritual wisdom) will help you to surrender to the will of the divine and align with your higher self.


Each chakra candle has its own ‘voice’ and power and can be used to target specific chakras. Some are good for simply lighting at home to create a happy, warm atmosphere. Others require more consideration and sensitive handling. But all of them can aid in balancing the chakras, enhancing your healing sessions, opening the chakras and helping that energy to flow to where it is needed.

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