Marconics Vs Reiki: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

It is no surprise that people these days are seeking alternatives to ‘mainstream’ medicine. Many people are turning to safer, more natural ways of healing, such as Reiki.

Over time, other methods and modalities have emerged, offering new experiences of healing and transformation.

In 2012, a healing modality called Marconics was founded, bearing similarities to Reiki, but with its own set of beliefs and guidelines.

In this article, we’ll examine these similarities along with the aspects which set them apart. Like to know more about marconics? Our readers recommend this book on Amazon(link to reviews)

Marconics vs Reiki

As we know, Reiki is a means of healing where a qualified practitioner uses themself as a channel through which to draw down energy to be transferred to the recipient.

This energy flows through the entire body but goes to the places where it is needed most. During the session, the practitioner can either place their hands on or near the client – physical contact is not essential, though it can be helpful.

With Marconics, however, the treatment is complete ‘touch-free’. Sessions are, on the whole, similar to Reiki, with the practitioner channeling energy to the recipient.

In Reiki, energy is aimed at balancing the chakras to allow the body to function properly and bring healing of a holistic nature.

Some, but not all, will take the healing further, beyond the purely physical realm and seek deeper, spiritual healing.

Marconics is centered around spiritual transformation, with the physical healing being of almost secondary importance.

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‘Marconic Energy’ is channeled to the recipient, running through the body’s ‘Axiotonal grid’.

Although bodily healing often takes place quicker (sometimes instantaneously), it can take several sessions before spiritual transformation becomes apparent.

So, we can see that in spite of the similar elements, there are fundamental differences between the two modalities.

And the deeper we look into it, the more apparent this becomes.

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The Mayan Connection

Although Reiki is still regarded as an ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ therapy, it is fairly widespread and has been accepted – to a certain degree – by the world in general.

Even though some scientists and medical professionals have embraced the benefits it can offer, there are still those who refuse to believe it has any beneficial effect.

At best, it’s the placebo effect at work, in their eyes. And this is in spite of the wealth of evidence that proves otherwise.

Marconics Vs Reiki

As the old saying goes, ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’.

To those of us who understand the real power of Reiki, and are familiar with its ability to heal, it does not take a huge leap of faith to accept other methods that develop over time.

However, some people might require a little more convincing when it comes to Marconics.

Most of us recall the fuss generated as December of the year 2012 grew closer. Predictions of the End of The World, based on the Mayan calendar, proved to be without foundation.

However, countless other predictions and claims prevailed, one such suggesting that our planet passed through the Photon Belt at the end of 2012, which ushered in a ‘New Golden Age’.

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In doing so, we were exposed to a greater level of electromagnetic radiation, which can aid us in achieving bodily ‘upgrades’ through the use of Marconic Energy, which carries the vibrational frequency of 144,000.

In comparison to this, Reiki does have the benefit and appeal of being far more straightforward – and perhaps easier to accept.

Down the rabbit hole…

In fact, the deeper you look into Marconics, the more complex it becomes.

This is an observation rather than a criticism, but a brief Google search will return details about Marconics that will give many people pause for thought.

For example, the founder (or ‘custodian’) of Marconics, Alison David Bird, claims to have received the concept of Marconics Energy whilst under hypnosis in 2012.

During this time, she made contact with Pleiadians, who passed a great deal of knowledge to her regarding this ‘Divinely Directed’ energy that would release the human race from the enslavement and fear of the 3rd dimension.

Through Marconics, we can become multi-dimensional beings, an ‘Avatar Race’.

Further to this, certain blogs contain details of the continuing struggle against the New World Order, who seek to control us through fear, They offer an illusion of free will while using technologies borrowed from alien races to enhance the human race.

A program of Trans-Humanism will follow as we become cyborgs within a holographic reality, leading us away from our true potential as creative, free-thinking, multi-dimensional beings.

As fascinating as this may be, for some it will be several steps too far. As a healing modality, Marconics offers much. But the actual beliefs, claims, and theories behind it will involve a leap of faith that many people just aren’t prepared to take.

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In the end, Marconics vs Reiki proves to be a more difficult process than one would imagine. Marconics is not as well known.

And it is fair to say that the tenets and ideologies that form its foundations will ensure that it remains on the fringes for some time to come.

That’s not to say that this healing modality is not effective, or that it has not helped many people around the globe.

Ultimately, it comes down to the individual. But if it were a matter of choosing a winner, then Reiki shines through.

Reiki requires no particular spiritual belief. It works for everyone, regardless of religion. Marconics offers transformation or ‘spiritual alchemy‘.

Reiki can do this too, without the need to embrace an ideology that resembles some of the more far-fetched dystopian novels and movies.

Once again, this is merely an observation. But choice requires honesty and balance, as well as an open mind.

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