Marconics Vs Reiki: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Ever found yourself in a cosmic tug-of-war between Marconics and Reiki?

Spoiler alert: they’re both energy-healing techniques, but with unique twists! Stick around as we dive into their differences, similarities, and why you might choose one cosmic cocktail over the other. Let’s get metaphysical!

Marconics vs Reiki

As we know, Reiki is a means of healing where a qualified practitioner uses themself as a channel through which to draw down energy to be transferred to the recipient.

Marconics vs Reiki: a cosmic dance of energy work that’s more than just a spiritual massage. Reiki, a traditional medical practice, harnesses the healer’s energy, channeled throughout the body, focusing on chakra alignment for holistic healing. It’s a relaxing experience, often used in conjunction with other therapies, where the therapist may place their hands on or near you, creating a meditative environment. You may even fall asleep!

Marconics, on the other hand, is a new energy protocol, often called Marconics Recalibration. This touch-free therapy is all about raising your energetic density and awakening higher aspects of your self. The therapist channels Marconic Energy into your body’s Axiotonal grid, aiming for a spiritual transformation that’s more than skin deep. Physical healing often occurs spontaneously, but the real magic lies in the spiritual recalibration, which may take several sessions to fully manifest.

While both practices aim for harmony within the self, Marconics is more about uncaping your vehicle of ascension, connecting you with your higher self in a universal dance of energy. It’s not just about curing illness, but about transcending the karmic plane and stepping into a higher dimensional aspect of life.

So, while there are similarities, the differences between Marconics and Reiki are as stark as the difference between 51 and one. Each session, whether you’re fully clothed in a Reiki session or experiencing the touch-free protocol of Marconics, offers a unique journey toward self-discovery and healing. The deeper we delve, the more these differences come to light. So, are you ready to raise your energy game?

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The Mayan Connection

Reiki, while still considered an ‘alternative’ therapy, has gained a fair share of acceptance worldwide. Its healing prowess, flowing through the chakras, has been embraced by many, including some scientists and medical professionals. Yet, there are skeptics who dismiss it as a mere placebo, despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary. As the adage goes, ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see.’

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For those of us who appreciate Reiki’s power and have experienced its spontaneous healing, it’s not a giant leap to embrace other evolving modalities like Marconics. However, this treatment might require a bit more persuasion for some.

Remember the 2012 Mayan calendar hullabaloo? Predictions of the world’s end proved unfounded, but other intriguing theories emerged. One such postulation suggested our planet passed through the Photon Belt, ushering in a ‘New Golden Age’ with increased electromagnetic radiation. This shift, it’s claimed, facilitates bodily ‘upgrades’ via Marconi Recalibration, carrying a vibrational frequency of 144,000.

In contrast, Reiki, with its straightforward approach and one-session transformations, might seem more palatable to some. Yet, both modalities offer unique paths to healing and relaxation. Whether it’s the uncaping of life’s energy through Reiki or the permanent recalibration through Marconics, the client may feel a profound shift that takes place within. So, are you ready to certify your healing journey?

Down the rabbit hole…

In fact, the deeper you look into Marconics, the more complex it becomes.

This is an observation rather than a criticism, but a brief Google search will return details about Marconics that will give many people pause for thought.

For example, the founder (or ‘custodian’) of Marconics, Alison David Bird, claims to have received the concept of Marconics Energy whilst under hypnosis in 2012.

During this time, she made contact with Pleiadians, who passed a great deal of knowledge to her regarding this ‘Divinely Directed’ energy that would release the human race from the enslavement and fear of the 3rd dimension.

Through Marconics, we can become multi-dimensional beings, an ‘Avatar Race’.

Further to this, certain blogs contain details of the continuing struggle against the New World Order, who seek to control us through fear, They offer an illusion of free will while using technologies borrowed from alien races to enhance the human race.

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A program of Trans-Humanism will follow as we become cyborgs within a holographic reality, leading us away from our true potential as creative, free-thinking, multi-dimensional beings.

As fascinating as this may be, for some, it will be several steps too far. As a healing modality, Marconics offers much. But the actual beliefs, claims, and theories behind it will involve a leap of faith that many people just aren’t prepared to take.

How Is Marconic Energy Different from Other Healing Modalities? 

Marconic Energy is a powerful form of energy therapy that is different from other healing modalities as it focuses on upgrading a person’s vibrational frequency and awakening their multidimensional self.

Unlike other forms of energy healing that manipulate or clear blockages in the body’s energy field, Marconic Energy works on an electromagnetic level to activate higher levels of consciousness and connect a person to higher dimensional frequencies.

This multidimensional energy facilitates the release of old karmic patterns, traumas, and limiting beliefs that prevent a person from accessing their true potential. Marconic Energy is unique in that it works by connecting a person to their own higher-dimensional energies rather than channeling energy from an external source. It’s not dependent on the practitioner’s skill or level of training and can be activated simply by intention.

This makes Marconic Energy a simple yet incredibly effective technique for personal transformation and spiritual growth. This energy therapy is conducted on an electromagnetic level, outside the physical body, which contributes to a non-invasive approach. Marconic Energy facilitates true transformation in the body, mind, and spirit, leading to a profound shift in one’s perception of reality and purpose in life. 


In the end, Marconics vs Reiki proves to be a more difficult process than one would imagine. Marconics is not as well known.

And it is fair to say that the tenets and ideologies that form its foundations will ensure that it remains on the fringes for some time to come.

That’s not to say that this healing modality is not effective, or that it has not helped many people around the globe.

Ultimately, it comes down to the individual. But if it were a matter of choosing a winner, then Reiki shines through.

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Reiki requires no particular spiritual belief. It works for everyone, regardless of religion. Marconics offers transformation or ‘spiritual alchemy‘.

Reiki can do this too, without the need to embrace an ideology that resembles some of the more far-fetched dystopian novels and movies.

Once again, this is merely an observation. But choice requires honesty and balance, as well as an open mind.


What Can I Expect from A Marconic Energy Session?

During a Marconic Energy Session, one can expect to experience a transformative shift in their energetic frequency and consciousness. This unique form of energy healing utilizes advanced techniques to activate the higher dimensional lightbody while simultaneously disconnecting from lower dimensional patterns and programming.

The practitioner will gently place their hands on specific energetic points on the client’s body, facilitating a deep release of old limiting beliefs and emotional blockages. Clients may feel sensations of warmth, tingling, or vibration as their energy field is recalibrated to a higher frequency. Ultimately, the goal of a Marconic Energy Session is to empower the client to align with their most authentic self and reach their highest potential. 

Can a Marconic Energy Treatment Be Received Remotely?

Yes, Marconic Energy Treatment can be received remotely. Distance is not a barrier when it comes to energy work. This means that the practitioner can send the energy to an individual, without the need for physical presence.

The individual can still experience the powerful energies and receive the benefits of the treatment from the comfort of their own home. Remote Marconic Energy Treatments can be just as effective as in-person sessions.

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