5 best crystals for Gemini. Helpful Guide

Gemini is the Zodiac sign for those born between May 21st and June 20th. Within these dates, as the Sun moves, the energy of Gemini comes into effect. The way this energy affects a person varies between the individual and their birth sign. Various crystals can help navigate this period and allow one to benefit from Gemini’s energy.

For those born within Gemini, this period brings out their best traits. However, it can also provide some interesting challenges as Gemini’s weaknesses are also revealed.

Symbolized by twins, Gemini often appears to have dual personalities yet have the innate ability to adapt to the surrounding environment. Despite this, trust is difficult to gain due to an energetic nature. Gemini is generally positive but is also prone to becoming withdrawn and anxious, creating the duality within their personalities.

What are the best crystals for Gemini?


Traditionally depicted as the birthstone for those born in Gemini, Agate helps bring purity to words and is worn to reduce envy and spite. Agate also has a solid connection to the Earth. fun fact, I use them as bookends!

For Gemini, Blue lace Agate is beneficial as it helps bring peace and happiness and helps de-stress. Additionally, due to its link to the throat chakra and blue tone, Blue lace Agate helps uplift and support the spirit. It is perfect for communication matters.


Celestite, with its blue hues, is another crystal that connects to the throat chakra. Celeste helps the connection to the higher self through its divine energy. It encourages positive communication and clear expression.

With Gemini’s intense energy and duality, using Celestite can help induce a joyous state and reduce negative feelings such as sadness and desperation, making Celestite one of the best crystals for Gemini.


Chrysocolla is a must-have crystal to carry(handy as a bracelet!) within the time of Gemini. With Gemini’s energetic and talkative nature inflicted upon everyone, particularly those born within Gemini, Chrysocolla helps provide a filter when conversing.

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Chrysocolla creates calm energy and peace to help ease moments of anxiety. Additionally, it helps with discretion, providing an increased sense of wisdom when worn or held.

Finally, making it one of the best crystals for Gemini, Chrysocolla helps turn negative emotions into positive ones.


Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for Gemini. With its soothing color and link to the sea, Aquamarine is worn to reduce the conscious mind’s hold on the psychic mind, allowing one to hear psychic impulses.

Additionally, Aquamarine helps to soothe and calm emotional problems and instill feelings of peace and joy. Its connection to the Heart and Throat Chakra’s can help one express themselves and speak from the heart. really lovely to wear as a bracelet or earrings


Tigers-Eye is one of the best crystals for Gemini due to its ability to aid with self-esteem issues. As mentioned above, Gemini can suffer from moments of low-confidence and self-love. With Gemini’s energy affecting everyone between May 21st and June 20th, keeping Tigers-Eye close to hand will help with these issues.

Tigers-Eye creates a balance between the lower chakras within the body. Through this, it encourages confidence and an ability to feel at home within the world. Additionally, Tigers-Eye is gently grounding.

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How to activate crystals for Gemini?


The energy of Gemini can bring about anxiety within a person. When seeking peace, placing Blue Agate within the palm or place it close by to glance at it in moments of stress. Additionally, placing it on the throat chakra will also activate the properties of this crystal.

To Try: Surround Blue Agate with light-blue candles to help calm the atmosphere within the home. Perfect for anxious moments.

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Affecting the throat chakra, Celestite can help bridge the gaps in areas of communication. With the Gemini’s energy becoming more potent in this period, using Celestite can help any imbalances that may affect matters of expression.

To Try: Meditate with Celestite to help bring about its gentle vibrations. Celestite can be placed on the crown, brow, and throat chakra.


Given its connection to the throat chakra, alongside its ability to aid with matters of discretion and wisdom, Chrysocolla is perfect to be worn in jewelry form. In the form of a necklace, it is then aptly placed by the throat.

To Try: Hold Chrysocolla within the palm to help hold off unreasonable fears and help soothe negative emotions.


Aquamarine is associated with the sea and the water element and can be used to aid cleansing rituals.

This crystal can be worn or carried, allowing its presence to enhance the use of psychic powers. Additionally, it can be rubbed against the body as part of purification processes, worn, or used as a charm to instill courage.

To Try: Hold Aquamarine to help with matters of expression under challenging situations.


Those prone to moments of low self-esteem should regularly carry this stone. Carrying Tigers-Eye will promote a positive sense of self. When worn, Tigers-Eye promotes a warming flow of energy throughout the body.

To Try: Head outside on a nice, sunny day and hold a piece of Tigers-Eye. Sit and gaze at the flashes of light. Still the mind and look toward the future.

How to cleanse crystals for Gemini?

Before using any crystal, it is essential to perform a cleansing or purification ritual. Before a crystal arrives, it has been subject to many different types of energies. It may have also been involved in various magical rituals.

Cleansing rituals are relatively simple, and in short, remove any past influences from the crystal, preparing it for new, often personal, magical uses.

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There are a few natural methods for cleansing crystals.

Before using the crystals to help move through Gemini’s energy, cleanse them first.


This method is straightforward and involves placing the stones in full sunlight for about 4-7 days. The Sun’s rays burn away past energies from the crystal.

Running Water:

This method is beneficial if there is ready access to a natural source of running water. Use a net to secure the crystals in place, and the running water will wash away impurities overnight.


This method is another easy cleansing ritual using the element of Earth. Burying the crystal in the soil for a week will purify it, ready for use.

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The list of crystals above will help make the most out of the time of Gemini. Using the best crystals for Gemini will help counteract its negative characteristics while bringing out positive characteristics.

The energy within these crystals can help deal with negative issues that may arise and are particularly effective when worn as jewelry. As advised, ensure the crystals are cleansed before using them to remove past impurities.

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