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Bio of John Phillips

Hi, My name is John, and I have been interested in Reiki For over 20 years and other forms of healing and crystals as well. I love to help people by offering knowledge and energy work for those who want it.

When I got into Reiki There wasn’t a lot of information, people were very secretive about it. Thankfully that has changed and now there is a wealth of information available to those who want it.

About us 1

Like everyone googling something, you come up with these questions that nobody answered. I write articles that contain answers to your questions based on my life experiences.

Like Reiki, I can’t answer everything about these topics but what I can do is share what I know. We will explore them together and maybe by the end of it you will have found some answers for yourself.

When I am not writing for the website I am probably editing.

Besides the website, I love spending time in nature, and going for walks in the woods, and trails. There is a lot to explore when you leave your neighborhood. It is also a good way to find crystals, plants, and animals. Having lived in New England for 5 years my favorite season has to be fall.

I also love my pets! My little dogs are the cutest creatures on earth! They always manage to cheer me up when I am down. I am so glad they found their way into my life. They are my little sidekicks, always at my feet or next to me.

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