Can you do Reiki on dogs? Solved!

Have you ever wondered if you can do Reiki on dogs? We all know there is a special bond between humans and dogs, a relationship that developed between 20,000 to 40,000 years ago when they were first domesticated. They have literally become part of the family, these days often referred to as our ‘fur-babies. And when they suffer, it goes without saying that we want to make them better.

Many of us have felt the benefits of complementary or alternative therapies, like Reiki, but would this work for our pets? Can you do Reiki on dogs?

Can you do Reiki on dogs?

Firstly, let’s think about how we interact with our dogs. We fuss over them, we speak in tones that we know make them feel happy and loved. We pet them, using our hands to make that connection that they clearly appreciate so much. So, why not extend that, and use our hands to administer healing?

Some people might question how it would work, as the dog wouldn’t understand what was happening. Dogs don’t share our form of consciousness – they don’t have the capacity for ‘faith’, as such.

Two things are important to remember here; a patient does not need to believe in the power of Reiki for it to work. It helps, but it is not necessary. Secondly, dogs generally trust their owners – at least those of us who treat their pets in a loving and proper manner. They will accept that what their owners are doing is good for them.

How do you perform Reiki on dogs?

Can you do Reiki on dogs?

Obviously, dogs are a different shape to humans, but they share a similar set of chakras. These, as in humans, are the main focus of the session.

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If you choose to administer the therapy yourself, all the better, as you know your pet better than anyone. You will understand their body language, whether they are uncomfortable with any particular areas being touched, or how long they are likely to stay still before wandering off.

Before doing this, you will need to be certain that you are proficient enough in Reiki to tackle the job yourself, although there are some simple techniques that will allow you to bring some comfort to an anxious or suffering pet. For example:

  • Place a hand between the dog’s shoulder blades, and the other on its chest. Keep this position for a couple of minutes. Keeping a hand on its chest, place the other on the dog’s head. Again, stay like this for a couple of minutes. This will bring emotional healing to your pet.
  • Place your hands on the dog’s shoulders. If they are lying down, move your hands and place them side-by-side on its belly. If standing, place them in the middle of its back. Then move your hands to the hindquarters, close to the base of its tail. Each pose should be kept for a couple of minutes, making your dog feel relaxed.
  • For a more general healing session, start at the top of the dog’s head and work your way towards the tail. Keep yourself relaxed, taking deep, slow breaths. At the very least, they will sense your relaxed vibrations and benefit from this. Ideally, the universal energy will flow through you and work its way to where it is most needed.

Alternatively, you might choose to take your dog to a qualified therapist. Finding one that is comfortable with working on animals might take some time and effort, but they are out there.

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Share as much information about your pet with them as you can. Let them become acquainted and familiar with each other before any sessions begin.

A session will usually last for about an hour, including some time where you, or the practitioner, sit down with them on the floor. If possible, get them onto a couch and let them settle.

As with humans, this interaction needs to be ‘invited’ – or at least welcomed. If the dog is unhappy about it, it is wise to postpone or even abandon the idea. If the dog seems fine with everything, then go ahead.

It may be that the animal is happy to be there, but not ok with being touched – possibly as they have painful joints or an injury. In this case, it is possible to send healing from across the room. Reiki is not limited by distance!

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How can Reiki help my dog?

Can you do Reiki on dogs?

When we seek healing for ourselves, especially when using Reiki, we often expect it to happen instantly and to be on our terms. It doesn’t usually work that way, however. It is a holistic method, targeting or highlighting aspects of our lives that require change, It can help us tremendously, simply by making us relax and allow things to work as they should.

But the rest is up to us. There’s no use having a session after session to help with a lung problem and still lighting up that cigarette, after all.

Although animals don’t have the same hang-ups and issues as we humans, they still won’t necessarily find the instant relief and freedom from disease and injury that we might wish or expect. The universe allows the energy to flow to where it decides it is needed, and to work for the good of all.

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People have reported success in the following areas, however:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced recovery times from surgery and illness
  • Significant reduction in stress levels for anxious and nervous animals
  • Enhanced immune system, which helps with general well-being

All of these are welcome results, and overall it will definitely strengthen the bond between you, which is a good thing in itself.

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Reiki for dogs is not only possible, but it is also a great idea that should be encouraged. Admittedly, it is not for everyone, nor is it for all animals, so be sensitive and sensible. Remember, this is not to replace your regular healthcare regime for your precious pet, but by combining the usual care with a few sessions you will be offering them the best chance of a full, happy and healthy life. And that’s what any dog-lover surely wants.

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