What is Reiki and How does Reiki Attunement Work?

“Observation of this energy field has been found in a multitude of cultures and religions around the world, and throughout human history. Many cultures and religions around the world have all shared their knowledge on the topic of reiki and found unmistakable coincidences, likeness, between their ideas.

Concepts like “life force,” “Qi” and “vital energy,” have sprung up in conversations and include the idea of “Energy Healing.”

What is Energy Healing?

The human energy field is comprised of layers, collectively called the “aura.”

The aura is comprised of 5 parts…

  1. Physical – the layer that we think of as our physical self
  2. Etheric – has been described as the blueprint of the physical body
  3. Emotional – the layer in which feelings and fears culminate
  4. Mental – the layer where our ideas originate
  5. Spiritual – the layer that our consciousness resides

All of these layers together, make up the 5 layers of the human energy field. This field has the capacity to become tainted or retain some kind of negative energy from a being’s environment.

There are texts and stories, found across the world, that talk about demons or ghosts being attracted to this negative energy and it bringing about misfortune for those surrounded by it.

“Energy Healers,” are practitioners that practice the art of cleansing the human energy field. These healers use their healing gift to rid recipients of negative energy.

Some examples of these healers are found throughout the world… some examples include exorcists, herbalists, shamans, musicians, and for the purpose of this article, we will be talking about Reiki practitioners.

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki and How does Reiki Attunement Work?

Reiki is Japanese spiritual healing art. its techniques are used to reduce stress, induce relaxation, and promote healing benefits. In Japanese Kanji, Reiki is written as 霊. Rei (霊) means spirit, sacred or soul, and Ki() means energy.

Practitioners aim to cleanse the energy field around the body. This healing art form has been around for thousands of years and many attest to its healing attributes.

Due to negative or stagnant energy within the body, these energies can cause pain and illness. The fundamental goal of a practitioner is to clear this negative energy and remove any blocks. R

Reestablishing a proper flow of energy in and around the body.

The improved energy flow improves relaxation, reduces pain, and reduces symptoms of illness.

Our body’s energy field, just like how negative energy can intrude, can be manipulated positively, to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Can I learn Reiki?

Yes, you can learn Reiki. Here is an article that explains a bit more.

While most other healing practices are taught either through verbal or an intellectual sense, this practice is passed down from master to student through Reiki Attunement.


Attunement is a ritual, allowing a student to become connected with the universal source of life energy.

It is an experience that can hold the potential to reshape a person’s consciousness.

Receivers have claimed to have mystical, paranormal, experiences… being in touch with the source can lead to heightened psychic awareness, intuitive awareness, and even awaken latent psychic abilities.

While a person can read about this practice and study all of its techniques, until they have been attuned by a Master, they cannot truly practice this healing art form.

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The ritual itself starts a cleansing process that directly impacts the mind, body, and soul, leading to a spiritual transformation.

Any negative energy or toxins in the body can be alleviated, along with negative thoughts or feelings that may no longer serve an individual.


As with most rituals, preparations should be taken prior to being initiated. The preparations here will help the newly introduced energies work more efficiently and can provide a major benefit to the recipient.

The type of preparation really depends on the individual and their own spiritual practices… however, it is recommended to prepare at least three days in advance prior to being initiated.

Some common preparations consist of:

  • Avoiding unhealthy foods, meats, and sugars
  • Avoiding drugs, tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Fasting
  • Practicing meditation and setting intentions
  • Reduce time spent watching TV or listening to the radio
  • Reintroduce self to nature, nature walks, and exercise
  • Get rid of negative emotions like anger, jealousy and fear

All of these preparations play an important role in the attunement process and allow the initiate to receive the fullest benefits.

Levels of Attunement

What is Reiki and How does Reiki Attunement Work?

There are three different levels of the Reiki System.

Level one is simply a light introduction to the universal source of energy. This is the level that a student overcomes some of their own issues and obstacles that may have brought them to seek forms of energy healing.

At this stage, it generally focuses on the physical level of being.

Level two enforces the fundamental principles of universal source energy. The focus of this level teaches a student methods of going about healing others and continuing one’s own practice for self.

Level three and Master. At this level, practitioners have received the energy and knowledge to pass on to aspiring practitioners.

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It should be noted, sometimes a level three and Master can be separate entities. While a Master may have a deeply committed practice and feel comfortable passing on their knowledge and energy.

A level three may not be as confident in doing so…. hence a key distinction between level three and a Master’s.


The practice of Reiki involves commitment, dedication, and eagerness to improve self. Only through improving the self can you go on to improve others.

It utilizes life force energy to help heal and create a more harmonious vibration in the self and in turn the world. Its primary focus is to locate negative energies, change and channel these energies into positive energy…

For the highest benefit of the individual. If you’re looking to be a receiver of attunement, it is advised to do research and find a reputable Master’s.

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