How to meditate with chakra crystals (Helpful guide)

When you open up your chakras, you become naturally open to love, spirituality, health, creativity, wisdom, and much more. With open and balanced chakras, moments of anger and stress become easier to handle. Your body can function at its fullest potential, and you become available to happiness and light.

The body contains seven chakra points, centers of life energy within the body. Each of these points controls certain energy types within the body, so it is essential to keep them flowing healthily.

Meditate with chakra crystals
Meditate with chakra crystals

What is chakra meditation?

Chakra meditation is a way to connect to our chakra points. Through meditation, you can work on strengthening, healing, and unblocking your chakras. You can perform meditation with or without chakra crystals. However, crystals make a fantastic tool to use alongside meditation.

Through the addition of crystals in your meditative practices, the crystals can work to unblock, heal, and activate the different chakra points. Additionally, it provides you with something tangible to focus on and hold. Crystals are extra helpers, working with us and our energies to allow our bodies, minds, and spirits to heal.

There are many different ways in which you can incorporate crystals into meditative techniques. Often, crystals such as amethyst promote a peaceful atmosphere and encourage a link to the higher consciousness.

There are hundreds of chakra crystals that associate with each of the chakra points, so below are just samples of what is available to use.

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How to prepare to meditate with chakra crystals

Preparing for meditation using crystals is not quite as simple as finding a quiet spot. Preparing to meditate involves four aspects, each with its steps:


The first step in preparing to meditate with chakra crystals is to choose your tools, specifically your chakra crystals of choice. This step will require you to decide whether to focus on just one chakra point or all seven during your meditation.

Here is a quick guide to help choose your crystals:

Root/Base chakra: Red or black crystals, such as obsidian and red jasper.

Sacral chakra: Orange and yellow crystals, such as carnelian and tiger’s eye.

Navel/Solar plexus chakra: Yellow or orange crystals, such as citrine or aventurine.

Heart Chakra: Green or pink crystals, such as rose quartz and rhodonite.

Throat chakra: Blue or blue/green crystals, such as aquamarine and lapis lazuli.

Third eye/Brow chakra: Purple, clear, or white crystals, such as fluorite and sodalite.

Crown chakra: Clear or purple crystals, such as amethyst and selenite.

Once you’ve decided which chakra point to focus on and your corresponding crystals, make sure to cleanse, charge and set an intention for your chakra crystal.


Once you’ve prepared your tools, it is time to choose and prepare your meditative space. Choose a quiet place, somewhere you know you will be undisturbed.

Once you have chosen your location, cleanse the energy within the room by using either a smudge stick, sage, or incense.


The next step is knowing the meditative technique you wish to do. Your chosen method will affect your own personal position and how you set out your chakra crystals during the meditative process.

There are various meditation techniques out there, and many are guided. You may wish to research different styles; if not, an example has been provided in the section below.

Post meditation

Meditative practices, particularly when using chakra crystals and working with our chakra points, can affect everyone differently. Preparing grounding crystals, yoga moves, and techniques to help settle your energy will help bring your energy back after the experience. Additionally, a glass of water will never go amiss.

Meditation Techniques using chakra crystals

Now that you have prepared your crystals, space, technique, and post-meditation tools. You are ready to go.

Below are a few meditation techniques using chakra crystals.

Crystal body layout:

This technique is a simple method that uses all seven chakra points and your associated crystal. Much like the techniques used for Reiki healing, this layout places the associated crystal on each of the chakra points. It may be helpful to ask someone else to place the crystals for you before you begin.

  • If you have a crystal selected to help keep you grounded, place this between your ankles, you may also choose some to hold in your hands.
  • Place your chosen crystals on each of the chakra points.

Once all the crystals are in location, you may wish to begin some deep breathing techniques to help your body to relax.

Allow your attention to drift to each of the crystals placed upon your body.

Inhale– On the inhale, breathe in the energy of the crystals. Envision it flowing into your body with each breath. Imagine the energy filling you from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.

Exhale– On the exhale, breathe out old and stagnant energy. Envision all the stresses and negativity of life flowing out of your body with each exhale. Imagine this energy returning to the earth to become renewed.

Envision your body free of the old and renewed, and observe any energy shifts that may occur as the crystals begin their healing.

Visual Meditation

Visual meditation can be done while holding the crystals, as opposed to placing them in the chakra point.

This technique is best done while holding one crystal, or through creating a chakra grid. Chakra grids are basically a formation that feels right to you. You can get pre-set formations, or place them in a position that helps solidify your intention.

Once you have decided on placement for your crystal or crystals, you can begin your meditation.

Take a moment to focus on the crystal. Imagine it glowing with energy, this energy may be colored in your mind, it may move or pulse.

This acknowledgment of the energy center helps activate this energy, you can choose to continue focusing on the light- and strengthen it, or move on to another chakra point.

Finish with some calm breathing to center yourself and keep you grounded.

Why chakra meditation

Various techniques use chakra crystals in meditation. Some are more specific toward a chakra point, while others work to activate each of the chakras.

Regardless of the technique chosen, chakra meditation can help open up the chakras, bring balance to the body and restore harmony.

Why use chakra crystals? Chakra crystals work with us, our energy, and our life force. Much like music may help soothe us into a relaxed state, crystals provide an extra layer to the meditation process.

Many chakra crystals have healing properties alongside more spiritual abilities. Using them during meditative practices allows them to stimulate and activate the chakra points and encourage our body’s natural healing abilities.

Many studies link meditation to positive wellbeing, happiness, and a higher tolerance toward stress. Chakra crystals and meditation can also aid in reducing anxiety and promoting a more positive view of life.

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Meditating using chakra crystals is a powerful technique that allows you to activate, strengthen and heal the chakra points. Meditation in itself has many health benefits and can help improve overall health and wellbeing. The use of chakra crystals can help stimulate the chakra points, bring balance, and provide a healing aura throughout the meditation session.

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