Will Reiki Help With Anxiety? What You Need to Know.

Anxiety is a common issue that can have a serious impact on your life. It can be difficult to manage and often requires professional help.

Traditional treatments such as medication or therapy may not be the right fit for everyone, leaving many feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

Reiki could provide an alternative solution for those looking to reduce their anxiety levels without relying on traditional methods. Reiki is a holistic healing practice that has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, improve well-being, and reduce stress and anxiety. Learn more about how it works and if it’s right for you!

Will Reiki Help with Anxiety?

Yes, Reiki is a gentle yet powerful way to alleviate anxiety. It is an energy healing modality that helps create balance and harmony in the body’s energy fields. Studies have shown that Reiki can be an effective therapy for anxiety, depression, and stress. Reiki practice may also help with insomnia, stress, depression, and pain.

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What is Reiki?

This form of alternative medicine, though it’s probably been around for a few thousand years, was rediscovered in the mid-1800s and developed in the 1920s by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui.

How do you use crystals for anxiety?

The name is a combination of the two Japanese words ‘Rei’, meaning spiritual, and ‘Ki’, meaning ‘universal energy’, though there are other translations that essentially mean the same thing.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing through the manipulation of that energy, which has proved effective in treating countless number of conditions, including anxiety.

One of the attractions of this method is that it is not connected with any religion, so you are not tied to any rules or dogma. Another plus is that it does not involve invasive or painful procedures of any kind.

Will Reiki Help With Anxiety? What You Need to Know. 1

Before your first reiki session, the practitioner will begin by chatting with you about your problem and deciding what areas they need to focus on.

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Once the session starts, in which the patient stays fully clothed and lies on a massage table, the practitioner holds their hands either on or above specific areas of the patient’s body.

They may change the shape of their hands, which directs the flow of the natural energies through the patient’s body.

Over time, due to the negative influences we face from day to day, these energies become blocked, which sometimes manifests itself through physical symptoms.

The practitioner uses their hands to remove the blockages, sometimes through a series of movements, but more usually by keeping the hand still over a particular area where they have identified a problem.

Some people like to have soothing music playing as they go through the treatment, as it can be an aid to relaxation, but that is entirely up to you.

During the session, lasting anything from about twenty minutes to around an hour and a half, depending on the need, the patient may experience several different things. Some report feeling a warm, tingling sensation. Others say it is a cool feeling. Almost all of them say they feel relaxed and peaceful.

How can Reiki help with anxiety?

One of the most frequent comments given by patients following a session is just how amazingly relaxed they feel. The human body, during everyday life, is often switched to a state of ‘Fight or Flight’.

As the practitioner guides you through the session, your body starts to relax, moving into a state known as ‘Rest and Digest’. Where it can begin to heal itself.

The whole idea behind reiki is to bring about a balance in the natural energies, which allows this self-healing to take place. When this happens, the body starts to rid itself of harmful toxins and to release tensions from deep within, which in turn helps to balance the emotional and mental state.

When we suffer from anxiety, we often find it hard to focus on anything but the problem, or problems, that seem to crowd our minds, blocking us from thinking about anything else.

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Physical symptoms, the result of months or years of stress and anxiety, are locked within our bodies like a coiled spring. As we go through a session, these begin to be released, allowing the mind and the body to heal.

We can think more clearly, seeing our problems in perspective, to see past the narrow confines we have built up in our minds.

The simple fact that it helps us relax goes a long way to aiding with cases of anxiety. Coupled with the release of these energy blockages, it is fast becoming a popular method of treatment, both gentle and powerful at the same time.

Some of the more open-minded medical establishments have begun to accept this, and many hospitals across the world are using this method alongside mainstream medicine to bring about better all-round results.

Do it yourself

Unlike some healing methods, you can learn reiki to treat yourself. This is especially good news for those who are anxious, as it can be used almost anywhere at any time. Enabling you to treat yourself when you sense the anxiousness building.

All you need is a little basic training before you can begin treating your anxiety issues and gain control of your life once more. Not only this, but it is also likely that you’ll notice a general improvement in overall health.

How soon will it work?

As with a lot of treatments, results and responses vary with the patient, and severe cases of anxiety will obviously need more work.

But a practitioner will discuss your case and suggest a number of sessions they feel will be beneficial. What is clear from experience is that a series of regular sessions work well in most cases.

One thing to bear in mind is that soon after the session, you may experience discomfort. While you might feel this is the opposite of what is supposed to happen, it is quite normal – all that is happening is that the body is readjusting the balance and getting rid of the negative things you’ve been holding on to.

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Once this is done, you will most likely start to feel a shift in your mental and emotional state as your balance is restored. You may find that you sleep better, feel more rested, and are better able to handle stress. And you take back control of your life.

Reiki Symbol for Depression and Anxiety

The Reiki symbol for depression and anxiety is the mental/emotional symbol, also known as Cho Ku Rei.

This symbol focuses on calming down the mind and emotions, allowing the person to feel more at ease and relaxed. It can help to reduce stress levels while also addressing underlying issues that may be contributing to depression or anxiety, such as feelings of failure, loneliness, or high expectations. The energy created by this symbol is used to open up blocked energy pathways in the body so that healing energy can flow freely throughout.


We know that anxiety can be a difficult and debilitating condition to live with, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are many treatments available for you or your loved one suffering from anxiety, including the ancient technique of REIKI healing.

When we come in contact with someone who is anxious, they may feel like there’s no way out of their current situation–but this isn’t true! And when people receive regular treatment sessions they start feeling better about themselves and their lives.

For more information about anxiety go to Anxiety & Depression Association of America

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