Is Reiki Beneficial For People Suffering From Depression?

It is vital to note that, the highly prominent Japanese healing technique Reiki can be beneficial to people living or suffering from depression.

Although the sickness or illness one might be experiencing is not directly cured by Reiki, it is, however, utilized as a means of managing the symptoms.

For a Reiki session to begin, the practitioner simply places his or her hands directly on the individual. Or, they can place their hands on a person in a bid to bring healing.

A popular belief is that the practitioner is capable of stimulating the natural healing capabilities of the human body.

Before we delve into how Reiki can be beneficial to those suffering, it is best to find out some benefits of this healing technique first.

Health Benefits Of Reiki

Is Reiki Beneficial For People Suffering From Depression?

Some of the health benefits of Reiki include:

• Relieving pain, fatigue, and anxiety

Judging from a review that was published, this Japanese method may actually aid in reducing both anxiety and pain.

Furthermore, a 2015 research revealed that cancer patients who received both Reiki and regular medical care had reduced pain levels, fatigue, and anxiety.

When a woman goes through a cesarean delivery, Reiki can assist in reducing anxiety, pain and even her breathing rate in roughly a day or two after the delivery.

And, when it comes down to physiotherapy for the relief of the lower back pain in individuals living with herniated disks, it was much more cost-effective and led to quicker treatment.

• It helps to enhance the quality of our lives

A highly regarded positive benefit of Reiki is that it helps to enhance a person’s general wellbeing. The researchers who carried out a small study in the year 2016 revealed that it was very helpful in enhancing the life quality of women who had cancer.

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The number of women who made use of this healing method displayed improvements in their pattern of sleeping, self-confidence and even in their depression phase. With Reiki, they were about to note a sense of inner peace and even relaxation.

• It helps in boosting mood

What you never knew about this Japanese healing technique is that it has the tendency to assist in improving your mood as it relieves one from depression and anxiety.

Going by the results of a 2011 research, those who had this healing technique felt greater mood benefits when compared to those who did not make use of it.

• It has the tendency to improve certain conditions and symptoms

It can be stated clearly that this healing technique can be employed in the treatment of tension, headache, nausea and even insomnia. Relaxation reactions that occur with such a healing technique may as well benefit from these symptoms.

Using Reiki To Treat Depression

The treatments associated with Reiki may probably be utilized as an aspect of a treatment plan in helping to relieve all forms of depression.

When a study was carried out to research its effects on adults going through depression, there was a reported boost in their physical symptoms and well-being.

More so, there were reports on some feelings of improved self-care levels and increased curiosity.

Nevertheless, some professionals have stated that spirituality is vital for dealing with it. However, those who do not align with organized religion makes discovering spirituality a very complex task.

Is reiki beneficial for people suffering from depression?

Moreover, studying more on this healing approach can provide us with the spirituality that is highly needed. It is very comforting to discover that you are not all by yourself in the world. Such a realization assists in relaxing the human mind.

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Furthermore, people suffering from this condition need some psychological therapy. This may be done to discover problems that have never been tackled. With its healing chakras, it will be capable of providing diverse ways of dealing with issues of the past

In knowing how such a healing technique is beneficial to those suffering from depression, note that it enables people to let go of their:


• Past hurts, and;

• Anger

Known to be a method of really deep relaxation, it offers a sense of wellbeing as well as the sense of purpose in the lives of most people. There are about five principles and they include:

•Promoting healthy living and this aids in balancing both the body and soul of a depressed person

• Making sure that there are a balanced spirit, body, and mind.

• Aiding in placing a person back in touch with their divine spark true being and purpose.

• Revealing what depression has tried hard to reveal to you, and;

• It links you with some other persons who are not only understanding of your plight, but also caring and loving

Additionally, this Japanese healing method is capable of teaching you just how to control your energetic bodies. It allows you to take back full control of your life. Also, it gives depressed people the chance to experience more of who they are.

Also, it empowers a depressed person with some divine symbols that assists them in every aspect of their lives. It makes a person both the master and conqueror of their lives and dreams.

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This helps those with this medical condition to successfully climb out of a distinct sighted illusion. At the end of the day, this Japanese healing technique assists in pulling off the black depression blanket.

This is due to the fact that its practice gives a newer and better sight into a universe of possibilities considered unimaginable.

However, bear in mind that it has no intention of displacing the treatment plan given by a doctor.

While you may wonder if there are risks involved in such a method being used in treating depression, it is a non-invasive method and thought to be safe. There are no known side effects that are harmful.


Is Reiki Beneficial For People Suffering From Depression?

Conclusively, this method has all the prospects of bringing diverse positive benefits to a person’s general wellbeing. Lots of research has revealed promising results.

However, speak to your doctor before you make the move of utilizing this technique to assist with a medical condition. Always have it in mind that, it is a therapy that is complimentary.

And, it must be made use of alongside a treatment plan that is considered conventional. It can be used alongside some complementary treatments like massage, counseling and even, acupuncture.

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