Can Reiki Be Done Virtually? (Solved!)

In the world of alternative medicine, there is a type of alternative called Reiki. Reiki is an energy healing technique that is used by practitioners. Reiki involves the practitioner’s hands which they will place on the individual.

Can reiki be done virtually?

From there, the practitioner will channel universal energy that affects the individual’s emotions or physical healing.

Let us all admit it, life has its stressful times. We all had experiences in life that we wish to forget.

How do we release these negative thoughts? We simply do techniques like Reiki!

If you want to do try this spiritual technique, you might be wondering if you can do it virtually without going out and seeking a therapist?

In short, yes reiki can be done virtually. With the aid of technology, you can contact a therapist by going online who will provide you virtual Reiki healing sessions. This type of technique is also known as the Absentee Reiki Technique.

Does Virtual Reiki Sessions Work?

Yes, Reiki is proven to work for both humans and animals. Reiki sessions work best for people who have a linear or analytical mind.

These are people who see things separately. Every person is interconnected, meaning we can receive healing no matter where we live.

With that being said, reiki sessions do work and have many benefits which we will be discussing later in this article.

How Does The Therapist Do online Reiki Sessions?:

Let us first start with how the therapist does the Absentee Reiki Technique. With the use of technology, the therapist can transmit Reiki energy.

The energy comes in two different forms: qi or prana. Both of these forms of energy are beyond physical touch.

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Now that you know how the therapist does reiki virtually, let us now talk about the appropriate time to have a virtual reiki session.

When Should I Contact A Therapist For A Virtual Reiki Session?:

The best time to contact a reiki therapist for a virtual reiki session are these three instances:

  • When you don’t have time to visit a therapist
  • If you are sick
  • The weather outside prevents you from visiting a therapist

A therapist prefers to schedule virtual reiki sessions more than doing it in person since this gives them more time and doesn’t make them leave in and out of their office.

You will also be more comfortable doing virtual reiki sessions in your home.

These instances are perfect times to contact a therapist. On the other hand, you don’t need to contact a therapist. You can do your exercises which we will discuss in detail.

What Are Some Different Exercising Techniques Of Reiki?:

Here is a shortlist of exercising techniques of Reiki that you should do:

  • Receiving Energy: This requires you to activate the energy in your body. You do this by closing your eyes and imagine something elegant like a crown on your head. Think about your body and what area needs to heal.
  • Reiki Sleeping Sessions: This is a good exercise to do with a partner. Have one person lay down while the other puts their hand on the back of the head. Tell the person lying down to take a few deep breaths. While taking these deep breaths, tell them to think about their entire day and to think about the positive times of the day.
  • Seal Off Energy: To do this exercise, you need to offer gratitude, cleansing of yourself, and to close the energy in your body. You can do this by ending the session by simply doing a prayer.
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What Are The Benefits Of Reiki?:

Can Reiki Be Done Virtually?

Reiki has six benefits in total that we would love to mention. These benefits affect you emotionally and physically which include:

  • Balancing mood and emotions
  • Helping you reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Reduces discomfort or pain from your body
  • Enhances healing in the body
  • It keeps you grounded and centered, almost like mediation.

A typical Reiki session takes about 30 or 60 minutes. Setting a specific time for your Reiki session is good because it allows you to be in a more relaxed state.

How Do I Prepare For A Reiki Session?:

Planning on having a virtual Reiki session with your therapist? It is great that you want to try Reiki but before you do, we want to go over the things you should do before going into a Reiki session

  1. The first step you should do is to find a place in your house that is peaceful and comfortable. This is where you will lie down or sit.
  2. There are ways to enhance your Reiki experience. These things include:

. Lighting candles. One or two should be enough

. Playing relaxing music on low volume

. Mediate or say a prayer before you begin the session with your therapist

. Make your intention that you want to heal yourself

. Have a journal on hand. Write down things that you want to do before your Reiki session and after the session write down what you feel.

If you do these things beforehand, it is guaranteed that your Reiki session will be a positive experience. You might want to do it more after the first experience.

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What Will I Experience In The Reiki Session?:

During a virtual Reiki session, there are four describing sensations that you will feel when doing it.

These four sensations are tingling, warmth, inner peace, and deep relaxation. Other than this, it also affects your mind as well. Reiki keeps your mind calm and lessens physical symptoms.

The last thing you will feel during the reiki sensation is the feeling of drifting off to sleep or being in deep relaxation.


With all of this information, it is possible to do Reiki virtually rather than going out of your house to meet with a therapist.

All of these factors make Reiki a constructive experience that you could consider experiencing. Reiki is perfect for loosening up your mind and body.

Reiki is a spiritual exercise that is important as it reduces depression and anxiety and keeps you relaxed.

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