9 Best Crystals For Depression (Helpful guide)

Most of us have had ‘off days’ when we feel moody or down. The ‘Monday Blues’ affects millions of us around the world. Modern life can also be stressful, which affects our mental health – especially in these uncertain times when we sometimes find that particular activities we enjoy are restricted.

But this is very different from real depression. It isn’t just about being a bit under the weather or feeling upset about circumstances, though when we are overwhelmed or are unable to deal with them they can lead to depression.

True depression often doesn’t have a known trigger, and those who suffer are often unable to explain how they feel or why. Very frequently, it is simply the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain.

And the usual treatment involves powerful drugs that effectively numb the mind, making it almost impossible to feel. Although these can help in some cases, many people find that it can take months.

They often feel much worse during the process and face some extremely nasty side effects. For this reason, safe, natural, alternative methods are proving to be popular, including the use of crystals.

With this in mind, we’ll take a look at which crystals are the most effective in helping to treat depression, as well as our overall mental wellbeing.


Known to be a ‘super-hero’ against depression, this crystal is a great one to start with. Bronzite aids self-belief and fights against emotional instability. Its consistent frequency destroys negative energy and allows clearer decision making.

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You will feel more courageous and fearless, able to better cope with circumstances. As negative thoughts and energies that cause depression are neutralized. you will find that your mind is more peaceful.

Smoky Quartz

Like so many crystals, this one has multiple uses. Its effectiveness in treating depression, however, is excellent. A natural detoxifier, Smoky Quartz neutralizes negative thoughts and vibrations gently, bringing positive thoughts.

It has even been known to alleviate thoughts of self-harm or suicide. As anxiety, stress, and depression are dispelled, it is replaced with the emotional calm and a feeling of ‘grounding’.

Blue Goldstone

This is the stone of ‘ambition and confidence’. It possesses a subtle energy that soothes and energizes at the same time, promoting self-discovery and courage to face fears.

Blue Goldstone is often carried as a good luck charm, used to manifest dreams, wishes, and desires, especially those connected with new beginnings.

For this reason, it is a useful stone in treating depression as it helps to confront and overcome problems and see the bigger picture, enabling you to move past any obstacles.

Garnet of the Sun

Also known as Natural Orange Spessartine, this stone is excellent for bringing all those things that someone suffering from depression may lack; joy, understanding, energy, commitment, and stability.

Because of its connection to the sacral chakra, Orange Spessartine is effective in treating any issues relating to inherited problems relating to childhood or the ‘inner child’ that may contribute to depression later in life, including things like neglect, abuse, or rejection.

This stone is a ‘bringer of joy’ that can help to overcome all of the reasons behind depression.


A good ‘all-rounder’, Amethyst has a range of uses but is particularly good at dealing with depression. It is a great ‘mood lifter’, working on the emotional, physical, and spiritual planes.

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It cuts through the clouds of emotion to bring clarity and purity of mind, stripping away all negative thoughts. Amethyst is a calming stone that helps stress to melt away through its uplifting energy.

Many people hold this stone whilst meditating. You may find that, as well as lifting your depression, Amethyst improves your spiritual life due to its connections with the third-eye chakra, bringing increased levels of intuition.


With its warm, sunshine colors, Citrine radiates positive energy. It is known as the ‘Happy Stone’, bringing joy and positivity. Although it absorbs and transmutes negative energy, it doesn’t store it like some crystals, which makes it ideal for treating depression.

Its natural ability to help you focus and be more self-confident also boosts your urge to move forward, to see new opportunities and seize them. When you are feeling the numbness of depression, or even just a bit down, Citrine is your friend, lifting you up and setting you on the right path again.

Tigers Eye

A lovely golden stone with a lot of power. Tigers Eye brings protection and a sense of security and harmony. It boosts motivation and confidence, helping you to recognize and overcome obstacles.

Fear and anxiety give way to emotional and physical strength. We can use Tigers Eye to understand exactly what is blocking our energy and causing the depression, then discover healthy ways of removing the blockages.

Laguna Agate

This beautiful stone with unique patterning is a powerful aid to defeating depression. It ushers in an acceptance of what is, enabling you to deal with problems efficiently.

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It promotes inner balance and strengthens resolve, allowing you to persevere in your self-development. Using Laguna Agate will bring an openness that helps you to pursue your dreams and remain grounded.

Reiki Crystals

Being connected with the base chakra, it encourages flexibility, making us more able to deal with changes in circumstance that might otherwise affect us negatively and cause depression.

Black Tourmaline

Another stone linked to the base chakra, Black Tourmaline is prized for its ability as an ‘aura cleanser’ and for grounding. It promotes a positive attitude, which is essential when confronting depression.

It is known to transform negative energies into positive, in people or the surrounding environment, making it a powerful means of protection. Black Tourmaline dispels fears and anxiety, helping to eliminate anger and feelings of unworthiness.

Its energies have also been helpful in cases where there are thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

final words

Although by no means an exhaustive list, these are a few of the crystals that can be really helpful in the journey towards healing. Depression is no joke, blighting millions of precious lives.

Crystals offer a naturally powerful way to bring peace to body, mind, and spirit.

If you feel depressed, please contact your doctor.

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