3 Best Crown Chakra Crystals. And How To Take Care Of Them.

Chakras affect our health and wellbeing in different ways. From emotional health to physical health, the seven chakra points are considered vital to retaining a healthy lifestyle. The seven chakra points are each responsible for an area of our health and wellbeing, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. When blocked or unhealthy, it can have a negative impact on our health.

So, what are the best crown chakra crystals? simply put, Amythist, selenite, and fluorite are the best crown chakra crystals.

Chakra crystals can have a massive effect on the health of the chakra points; from bracelets through to crystal meditation, thousands of crystals link to one, if not more, of the chakra points.

The crown chakra is one of these chakra points. Highlighted below are the best crown chakra crystals.

What are the best crown chakra crystals?


Amethyst is a peaceful chakra crystal known as the stone of the mind. It links to both the crown and brow chakra points to help calm the mind and bring clarity.

Amethyst balances the systems within the body by bringing a sense of tranquility to the crown chakra. This crystal works to heal anxieties, enhance intuition and keep the mind sharp and focused.


Selenite is another crystal that works with two chakra points- the crown and sacral chakras.

Selenite is a fantastic chakra crystal to use, as it disperses build-ups of negativity within the aura, removes blockages and stagnant energy, and works to relieve tension from the body.

Selenite also works brilliantly for the mind. It expands our awareness of both ourselves and our surroundings while also working with our higher consciousness to provide spiritual insight.


Fluorite works with both the crown and brow chakras. It aids the conscious mind, helping to straighten our thoughts and bring perspective. Additionally, fluorite allows you to tap into inner peace and calm by soothing stronger emotions.

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What is the crown chakra?

The crown chakra is the highest chakra point in the body and sits on the top of the head, on the crown. The crown chakra points straight upward toward the heavens, connecting you and your desires to the universe. The crown chakra helps us manifest these desires, and it is the connection to our higher self and the divine. The crown chakra is wisdom, enlightenment, and higher consciousness.

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The crown chakra is also responsible for transformation. It is inspiring and lifting as it connects you to divine energies, whatever this means for you. When the energy within this chakra point flows properly, it provides us with clean energy. We feel calm and trustful to the universe. When blocked, we can feel disconnected and uninspired.

Additionally, chakra points can have too much energy flowing through them, creating unbalance within the body. When this happens with the crown chakra, you may often find yourself withdrawn into your mind and neglect to care for your physical body. Being in your mind is more manageable than engaging physically in the world.

Balancing this chakra point helps to create a more well-rounded life. It enables us to feel confident within ourselves and our journey, happy with where we are rather than moving too far into our egos or too far into our negative thoughts.

How to activate the crown chakra

As the chakra links to spiritual and divine energies, this chakra point responds well to meditative practices. There are different methods of meditation that you can use to activate, heal, and bring balance to the crown chakra.

Visualization, mantras, candle work, crystal meditation, even art, music, and yoga can inspire and activate the crown chakra. Crystals are a fantastic tool to add to any of the above activities. While the crown chakra can be opened and activated by mental ability alone, the above crown chakra crystals will undoubtedly help the process. They are providing aid to your goals.

Placing the crystal upon the chakra point and focusing on the crystal, and its energy, can help open and activate the crown chakra. Visualize the energy, such as a purple ball of light, and then manipulate this energy through visualization dependent on your goals.

To help retain this balance, and openness, consider wearing a crown chakra crystal bracelet.

Important: Always remember to cleanse, charge, and set an intention for your crystals before use.

How to cleanse crown chakra crystals

The best crown chakra crystals

Before working with your crown chakra crystals, you must cleanse them to ensure all negative influences and energies are free from the crystal.

There are a variety of different methods that you can use to cleanse your crystals. The method you choose depends on the tools or environment you have at your disposal, as well as the crystal of choice.

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1: Sage Stick

The safest way to cleanse all crystals is using a sage stick or incense. Moving the crystal through the smoke will cleanse the crystal without causing damage. Crystals can be passed through the smoke several times to cleanse them. Fragrances such as sandalwood, frankincense, white sage, and pine are all used for cleansing rituals.

2: Earth

Earth is another safe way to cleanse most crystals. You can place crystals within a soft fabric bag to protect them from the soil if they are particularly grainy or buried as is. This method works by allowing mother nature to absorb and purify any negative energies within the crystal.

3: Sunlight

The divine energies from the sun and moon work to burn away negative energies from crystals, cleansing and charging them in turn. It is not advised to place crystals in direct sunlight, as the sun can alter the appearance and structure of the crystal. For example, you should keep amethyst out of direct sunlight.

4: Water

You can cleanse most hard crystals in naturally running water. Softer crystals, however, can become damaged. Amethyst, for example, can be placed under naturally running water to cleanse it. Fluorite and selenite, however, should be kept out of water.


Taking care of the health of your chakras is a fantastic way to work on your health and wellbeing. The above crown chakra crystals are excellent aids to help restore a positive balance and flow within the seventh chakra- the crown chakra. Restoring this balance can have remarkable effects on your spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

Our Picks


Our beautiful amethyst crystal is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. This stone will add class and elegance, with its rich purple coloring.

These stones are never artificially dyed or treated, making them the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one this year!

Each Amethyst crystal weighs about 0.09-0.13 pounds and size ranges from 1.3†to 2.3†long by 5/8″ wide quantity 1Pc., back and base are absolutely natural, the crystals are affordable! Give yourself or someone you know this lovely stone today

This gorgeous amethyst quartz crystal is sure to beautify any space in your home. With its smooth purple outer layer, this beauty will light up any room!

It’s the perfect gift for special occasions when you want to give someone a major upgrade with their decor. The only downside of this gemstone is that it could be bigger.

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  • Stones are never artificially dyed or treated.
  • The back and base are absolutely natural.
  • Crystal is affordable


  • Could be a little bigger


Selenite is a stone of peace and you can feel this even before you get your hands on it. With its beautiful white color and 4-inch height, it really grabs the eye and is perfect for meditation.

It has intricate lines inside which makes it so calming to know they were created naturally over time, not by man-made methods like carving or engraving. They are affordable but packed with care 

Don’t forget to take the wrapping off for full effect. They can be a bit Brittle.


  • packed with care
  • Affordable
  • Selenite is almost the size of your palm


  • Selenite is Brittle
  • Dont forget to take the wrapping off


This Fluorite Crystal comes in a nice size especially for the price and is unique because it’s 100% natural and genuine. Packaged with a foam cover or clay cover, it comes with layers of protection surrounding the crystal to avoid breakages during transport and while at home. It has no any dyeing nor any chemical treatment which means you can use this piece to channel healing energy without harmful chemicals getting in the way (especially great for people who may be sensitive). Unparalleled within its affordable range—this could make an excellent addition to your collection!

Another nice perk is that you get a free little bag of chakra stones when you buy one.

The clay cover can be pretty tough to remove. However, if you go over it twice with a damp sponge it should come right off.


  • nice size especially for the price
  • packaged with a foam cover or clay cover
  • 100% natural and genuine. No any dyeing nor any chemical treatment.
  • a free little bag of chakra stones


  • Clay cover protecting the tip can be hard to remove

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