What is a Chakra? How many are there?

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are the centers of the life force in the human body. They are located along with major nerve clusters that are highways of information. These centers link the physical body to the spiritual aura that surrounds each individual.

What is a Chakra?

The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel of light.” We think of them as “wheels” or “spinning centers of energy” in English, as there is no word for that idea in the language. They are mostly described as spinning wheels of life force, rotating swiftly to a particular tune.

This system originated in Indian historical texts called the Vedas. Word passed through oral tradition in ancient European countries, leading to its arrival in the West. It wasn’t until Anodea Judith, a New Age scholar, started to dissect and expand upon it that this knowledge was made widely available to the western world.

No, we understand these axes to be the main pathways of energy in the body. They carry spiritual life force or nerve signals, depending on which perspective you observe from. We also know that when they are imbalanced or lacking power they tend to have noticeable effects on our physical, mental and spiritual health.

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How many are there?

What is a Chakra? How many are there?

These wheels of life are positioned along with the nervous system, which runs from the fingertips to the toes to the top of the head. As such there are several minor hubs all over the body. Some psychics claim that up to 114 of these axes exist all over the body.

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Nevertheless, most people recognize the major seven centers along the spinal column:

  • the root chakra (Muladhara) located at the base of the spine;
  • the sacral axis (Svadhishthana) just below the navel;
  • the solar plexus (Manipura) just above the navel yet below the chest;
  • the heart center (Anahata) in the middle of the chest;
  • the throat (Vishudda) at the larynx;
  • the third eye plexus (Ajna) located the middle of the forehead;
  • and the crown (Sahasrara) on the top of the head.

These major connections are located at key nerve clusters that pass and receive information to all parts of the body, hence why they are named “major.”

Some argue that there are other important centers in the body. The feet chakras are the body’s primary manner of discharging pent up electricity and connecting with the energy of the planet. The hand centers allow us to interface with other people and are used for both giving and receiving life force from others. As such, our hands can be utilized for energy healing.

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People have not reached a consensus on exactly how many chakras are above the head. But the general idea is they reconnect us to the divine, to the universe, and to the astral plane. We access these higher planes during sleep and in deep meditative states.

The chakras above our head remind us of our higher purpose and the reality of our existence as emanations of divine creativity.

Symbols and Associations

The symbols of each major chakra are ancient glyphs that give a visual insight into their true message. Our ancestors intimately understood the esoteric realm of human experience and created each symbol meticulously to express various levels of truth without using a single word.

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Within the symbol for Muladhara are allusions to foundation, solidity and material reality, yet also the movement and beginnings of awareness. Just as red is the beginning of the visual light spectrum, so should it represent the beginnings of consciousness in man.

In the glyph for Svadhishthana, we see the symbolism of feminine energy and purity, appropriate for representing our creativity, emotions, and sexuality. And so it continues for each major pathway.

Each chakra is also related to colors, numbers, frequencies, days of the week, planets, crystals, and even food. Truthfully anything can be associated with a specific chakra merely by being of a similar color.

Do animals have chakras?

What is a Chakra? How many are there?

Animals do have chakras, though primarily the lower three chakras (Muladhara, Svadhishthana, and Manipura). This doesn’t mean they are less spiritually intelligent or receptive, however. They are very observant of the spirit residing in other creatures.

In fact, animals are very spiritual beings. They respond readily to energy healing and even participate when they see their owners practicing spiritual techniques.

What if a particular Chakra is imbalanced?

These centers are related to physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our awareness. Thus, you can expect a certain chakra, when out of alignment, to yield a certain result.

For example, if your root center is low energy or out of balance, you will feel ungrounded and insecure about where you are in life. It can feel like your path isn’t moving in the way you want it or that you are working too hard but not necessarily on things you want to be doing. Because the root is connected to the feet chakras as well, it can manifest as a lack of direction.

When you have problems in your life and you aren’t exactly sure of what the cause is, it could actually be that one of your wheels are out of alignment and need some more juice to maintain balance.

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How to heal the wheels of life?

Keeping our axes healthy and balanced is crucial to the healthy functioning of our body, including the organs, muscles, and joints. It benefits us emotionally and mentally as well.

Some energy healers use tuning forks and binaural frequencies to bring the injured center back into alignment with its proper tone. This method has been proven to alleviate pain and soreness and neutralize negative perceptions of other people. It can also settle debilitating self-talk and powerful negative emotions like shame and grief.

Crystal meditation can be of use too. Sitting with the stone in your hand or laying down with it directly on the chakra helps a lot. Another approach is to wear clothes or eat foods of similar color to the chakra we want to heal.

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Chakras are ancient ways of admiring the human body’s spiritual potential. They are packed with so much information, being at the crossroads of massive nervous networks that relay data to every part of our bodies. If we keep them energized and in balance, we will experience physical, mental, and spiritual health all around.

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