What Crystals Are Used for Reiki? Helpful Guide

Crystals are one method that energy healers use to boost their efficiency. After all, they are rocks with atomic structures that resonate at certain frequencies, to which the body responds positively. Often they have healing qualities innately, so of course, they can augment Reiki practice.

Reiki focuses on lightly opening the vital pathways (chakras) of the body for the energy to flow freely. Crystals that resonate with these centers assist in clearing them of negativity. Their versatility in energy healing makes using them with Reiki quite natural. They can even be cleansed themselves via Reiki and supercharged for future sessions.

Which Crystal is Most Powerful?

What Crystals Are Used for Reiki?

Selenite is one of the finest choices to use. This rare breed is self-cleansing. In fact, you can remove negativity from other crystals simply by placing them near this stone. Selenite balances all seven major chakras as well. When coupled with clear quartz points, selenite’s potential output increases dramatically.

How you utilize selenite in your session is totally up to you. Experiment and explore creating your own geometrical patterns around yourself or your clients. Selenite wands and points can be used directly on the body to treat issues that require a fine-turned approach. Because selenite is so powerful, you can form a pattern around your patient to provide a holistic aura-cleansing space.

Clear Quartz is another powerful choice, known for magnifying energy. It is primarily good when working with the crown chakra but works just as well with any chakra. Try combining clear quartz with other gems to strengthen their influence. You can also place it near the top of your patient’s head, under a pillow, or on your own hands to increase the spiritual transference.

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After a few sessions, you may personally resonate strongly with another stone altogether. Learn to follow your intuition and develop a relationship with your preferences.

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How to Use Healing Crystals

What Crystals Are Used for Reiki?

Place corresponding stones directly on the client’s chakras: Amethyst on the crown chakra, Citrine on the solar plexus, Red Jasper on the root, and so on. You can do this with selenite as well, which provides a sense of safety and serenity. Black Kyanite, Hematite, or Dravite can be used for grounding your clients. Always remember to cleanse everything used after a session.

Consider using specific stones for related physical problems. For example, to treat migraines, using Amethyst could help to release backed up crown chakra gunk. If they suffer from heart troubles or trust issues, Rose Quartz will open their heart chakra mildly, allowing energy to flow through smoothly. You can also give your client a stone to hold, which will help them to absorb some positive energy through their hands.

Sometimes, stones do not help at all, and that is okay. Ultimately, for the best results, your client needs to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. But for some, crystals can act as vibrational signal jammers. Most likely those people are hypersensitive to vibrations in general, and the additional force from the stone can be overbearing and straining.

You may want to consider sticking to your own guns in that case.

How to cleanse

You can maintain the purity of your stones by constantly cleansing them, especially if you work with them often. You do not want a previous patient’s negative aura being mixed in with your own or that of another client.

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One method to cleanse your rocks is to leave them out on a window sill in sunlight and let them charge about 20-30 minutes. You should remove them shortly after because you don’t want their charge to be short-circuited by the sun’s overbearing vibration. You can leave them outside on the ground to absorb moonlight overnight as well.

Another way is to arrange them next to a selenite tower to completely cleanse them within a day. If you need a faster method, light up white sage or palo santo and bask the stone in the smoke to cleanse the negative energy. Wipe them off with a clean cloth and they should be ready to go.

Of course, as a Reiki practitioner, you can always just cleanse your stones with your hands! Level one practitioners can hold it in their hands and sanitize it just with their intentions. Level two and higher practitioners can take a more serious approach by utilizing Reiki symbols to restore each stone to its maximum power.

Best ones for practitioners

What Crystals Are Used for Reiki?

You may want something for yourself to augment your sessions or your own power. The aforementioned clear quartz is a great way to focus or magnify your channeling ability. You can receive the benefits by meditating with it before treatment and holding it in your hand or wearing it as a necklace during the session.

If you have your own personal issues to deal with, search for options that can help treat them. Green Aventurine helps with feeling more spontaneous and attracting money; Lapis Lazuli aids with communication, and writing; Caledonite assists with controlling emotions. There are dozens of crystals that provide support for a variety of problems.

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Are there any downsides?

No rock is actually too dangerous to use, but you may form habits from using them.

  • Avoid forming dependence. It’s okay to implement them in your practice and to draw on them for support. But conclusively, the power remains in your hands and spirit.
  • Always cleanse everything you used. In your practice, you will draw out many entities and spirits from people that have sat with them for long periods of time. If you don’t evict those entities from your crystals and your space they will encroach on your home and personal aura.
  • Choose your supplier carefully. If your supplier procures their product in a negative, destructive manner this vibration could be downloaded into your crystals.

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Crystals provide a potent boost to many forms of energy healing, including Reiki. Aside from cleansing the chakras, they can also deal with physical issues you or your patient may experience. They can also be a fun way to reconnect with your intuitive nature as you form relationships with them. However, they are very sensitive to life force, so cleanse them often to protect your space and your own aura.

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