How to use reiki symbols. Explained

Reiki, an ancient healing practice, involves the guiding and channeling of spiritual force for non-physical healing purposes. For many, it comes across as a form of religion requiring indoctrination. It’s neither a religion nor a type of practice that’s taught. It is transferred from master to student through attunement.

Among one of the many benefits that Reiki practitioners attest to is the application of the symbols. Knowing when to apply the reiki symbols and under what circumstances will benefit one immensely. You get this divine connection to guidance, power, and the symbols once you get attuned to the second degree level of Reiki.

Intention- The Power Behind Reiki

For one to master the art of Reiki, they ought to live in ways that promote harmonious co-existence. A common misconception among many is that Reiki is highly dependent on one’s spiritual development. On the contrary, its neither dependent on an individual’s religious or educational intellect.

As shocking as it may be, Reiki’s success is dependent on one’s intent during its application. With this brought to light, wouldn’t it be prudent for you to try it out? Let’s face it. Apart from healing, what’s the worst that can happen?

The power symbols have different meanings when looked in different ways. The lines and shapes have energies of their own and meanings behind them. For those seeking to gain knowledge on the application of these powerful reiki symbols, please read on.

The Power Symbol

Also known as Cho Ku Rei in Japanese, the symbol means “placing the power of the universe here.” There’s no limit to using this symbol as their application is usually at any time. However, for its maximum efficiency, one should apply it at the onset of the end of the healing session.

If you’re out to boost your abilities such as focus or concentration, the power symbol comes as highly recommended.

Going by its coil structure, it’s incredibly telling as it can expand or contract, regulating the “ki” energies. One can also use it as a funnel of some sort to channel their energies to a particular area or oppositely use it to divert energies to other areas.

The horizontal line represents shiva or male energy. The horizontal line coming down represents energy’s transfer down to earth. The spiral represents the female or earth’s energy.

For some, the spiral energy represents a labyrinth of protective energy. For those who feel threatened or bombarded with negative energy, they can mentally place themselves inside this protective spiral of energy. The negative energies vibrate and bounce off, protecting them from such.

You can also apply the power symbol to children before heading to school for their protection. Envision the power symbol on the palm of your hands and hold your hands over the children’s’ head with the intent that they receive Reiki’s protection during the day.

Applications may vary from envisioning the symbol on the palm of your hands before a handshake to placing the power symbol on medication to mitigate its side effects.

The Mental and Emotional Symbol

How to use reiki symbols

If you’re seeking emotional and mental balance, Sei Hei Ki, also known as the harmony symbol, brings together the mind and body. Loosely translated as God and man coming together and being one, Sei Kei Key removes the deep-rooted negative energy from within, releasing it into the universe.

The benefits of this symbol are quite immense and are known to last one’s lifetime. Making Sei Hei Key a loyal friend ensures you face your difficulties with ease.

Having positive oneself thoughts and knowing that you are in control comes across as the most straightforward form of application. It will slowly evoke the necessary changes in your life since having a clear mind necessitates allows for seeing problems. It leads to one being calmer, self-aware, and less stressed making proper life choices.

The mental and emotional Reiki symbols can also be applied when acquiring new knowledge. One can place the symbol on top of books before reading to allow for a seamless understanding or flow of concepts.

You can also place your hands on top of your head and activate the reiki symbols to enable the brain to relax so that ideas can readily enter.

The Connection Symbol

It is also known as “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,” or the distance symbol. It means no past, present, or future. The power symbols send Reiki healing powers across long distances to the intended recipient. The symbol represents a shapeshifter that can slip through space and time to deliver healing.

However, limiting or focusing the energies to a particular problem or situation makes it ineffective. Sending its powers without limiting it necessitates its effectiveness by going to where it’s needed.

By drawing the connection symbol and correctly chanting it, one goes within themselves to establish that connection and send healing.

The Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo, also known as the master Reiki symbol, is known to be the most potent symbol. It combines the power of the first three Reiki symbols. It wholeness and is the heart of Reiki.

Representing the Bright shining light or the Great enlightenment. Although its application gets rarely used in addressing a specific problem or situation, its usage goes towards enhancing the overall healing effects of Reiki, reminding people of its love and availability to everyone.

The Completion Symbol

How to use reiki symbols

It is the ultimate symbol, also known as the Raku symbol. It’s used in the final stages of attunement to lock or seal up the newly acquired Reiki energies. The intention is to ground these energies internally to benefit from its immense benefits. Known as the fire serpent, it depicts a bolt of lightning from the heavens down to earth depicting the life-giving energy that runs down the spine to the various focal points in our bodies.

The striking bolt symbol, made by the downward gesture of the hand, symbolizes the completion of the healing process.

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Reiki is gaining quite the attention in the medical field as a less harmful mode of healing. Going by its unprecedented uptake in the conventional medical world, its potential seems limitless.

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