Reiki: How Many Sessions Are Needed for Optimal Results

A lot of people have wondered how many reiki sessions are needed to heal from a particular ailment. That is why I am here today to talk about the different treatments and what they entail. If you want to know more, read on!

So, how many reiki sessions are needed?

For effective results in pain relief and treating depression, it is recommended that you receive reiki treatments daily for a minimum of 3 weeks. In terms of the frequency or number of treatments to treat anxiety specifically, I recommend at least three times per week the first week

Average people need about twelve sessions but some clients are different than others because they have built up immunity to the energy and it takes them longer to heal.

Reiki is similar to going to the gym. – Visiting the gym often and on a regular basis is more beneficial than visiting occasionally. Likewise, reiki sessions that are frequent and constant are better for you than occasional rare visits.

Reiki can be a subtle energy work – the number of sessions varies greatly depending on how much time and experience the practitioner has.

Clients notice an improvement after one session, but sometimes it takes 4 sessions to really feel a difference. Reiki is similar to sunbathing in that you don’t need to be ready for the treatment or do anything during the session – just relax and enjoy.

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to recap:

  • For most people, 3-4 sessions per week are enough in the first week. Then, take a few days off before resuming.
  • Plan to schedule 2–3 sessions per week for the next week.
  • In the third week one session per week when it starts working

How long does each session last?

The average length of a reiki treatment is around 40 to 60 minutes, but this depends on the individual client and their needs. Each one will be different in terms of how much time you need with your practitioner as well as what kinds of issues they are dealing with at that particular point in time.

How many Reiki sessions in a day?

Most people are only able to tolerate one session in a day, but there is no maximum number of sessions. Some individuals may choose to have several over the course of a single day or spread them out over days depending on what they need and how long it takes for that person’s energy level to recover from each individual treatment. Clients who are in the process of learning how to self-treat can also benefit from having more than one because it allows them to practice and hone their skills during each session.

What to expect after a reiki session?

After a reiki session, you may feel tired. This is because the body has been working hard to heal itself and it needs rest. You should not schedule any important events or activities for at least a couple of hours after a treatment.

Sometimes people experience emotional release during this time as well which can be quite intense but ultimately helpful in your healing process.

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how many reiki sessions are needed

What to wear?

Wondering what to wear or having to undress for a session? Click here to read our article on our website which is all about What to wear (or not wear, do you have to undress?)

What should I do during a session?

You don’t have to do anything during a session. Just lay on your back and relax and enjoy the experience! It’s as simple as That. You might want to use the restroom first, though! 🙂

How do I know if reiki is for me?

Reiki can be for anyone. There are no restrictions or age limits to receiving a session and it has helped people of all ages, religions, and backgrounds find relief from their symptoms.

If you’re curious about trying Reiki therapy, schedule a consultation with one of your practitioners


Reiki is a treatment that can be used for anyone, with the exception of people who are pregnant. After receiving reiki, you may feel tired or lightheaded but this feeling usually goes away after 30 minutes to an hour. The average length of a session ranges from 40-60 minutes and it’s recommended that you receive treatments daily for at least three weeks in order to start seeing results. Why not give reiki therapy a try? You deserve the peace of mind too!

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