Best guide on how to become a Reiki master

the best guide to learn how to become a Reiki master This hands-on practice has several proven benefits to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

How to become a Reiki master?

Reiki is an effective form of alternative healing that removes blockages in the body’s energy flow. To do this, practitioners channel universal life force through their own bodies to the patients. This hands-on practice has several proven benefits to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

How can I learn Reiki?

Anyone can become a Reiki healer! If you have been wanting to learn, there is no easier time than now. That said, no matter how much you read and watch online videos about it, you cannot become a true practitioner unless you receive an attunement from a current master.

What is “Attunement”?

Attunement is a process where a master channels Reiki into the student, granting the ability permanently. During this process, the Rei, or God-consciousness, molds each individual energetically to use it. This opens the energy channels, or chakras, in the student – mainly the crown, heart, and palm – in preparation for transferring life force to their patients.

What can I expect?

Best guide on how to become a Reiki master

The attunement is a very powerful spiritual experience, with some claiming to have had visions and past life remembrances. Many people have noticed beneficial beings nearby during the attunement, who is usually identified as guides or spiritual beings assisting the process. Most students feel a tingling sensation all over the body or center in their hands and crown chakra afterward.

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It’s a result of their centers opening during the process. In addition, students also claim feeling lighter, having more vitality, clarity of thought, and being psychically sensitive after getting attuned.

How can I prepare for an attunement?

Although the teacher/master will handle the hard part of connecting with the universal energies, one must also prepare the body and mind beforehand This includes fasting for one to three days, abstaining from red meat, fowl, and fish, meditating regularly, and taking walks in nature daily about a week before the appointment. The body becomes in tune with the vibrations of Mother Nature and thus becomes receptive to attunement.

How long does it take to become a reiki master?

It varies depending on who is teaching the course or class. Most practitioners would agree that the process may take up a two-day weekend, with 7-8 hours per day. It also depends on where you are: whether getting attuned at a distant retreat or a rental space in a city building.

Can I receive more than one attunement?

Yes, you can be attuned multiple times. Receiving more than one session strengthens the individual’s bond with the universal life force deeper each time. They also receive stronger healing benefits after the attunement and it increases the healing they provide for others as well.

How many Levels are there?

How to become a Reiki master?

There are three levels of Reiki, starting first with a focus on the self and ultimately becoming a teacher/master. With each rank, the student gains a deeper understanding of the workings of the chakras, life force, hand positions, and various symbols to fortify their practice.

Level 1

Level 1 revolves around the student foremost and is actually quite physical in its effects. The person is able to heal other people and animals, but it is their own bodies that receive a massive benefit as the chakras slowly open for the transference of universal life energy. It’s about activating the individual for practice while also mildly healing the body, emotions, and mentality over time.

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Students begin to learn about hand placements and the chakras. However, these trainees are not able to practice on others professionally yet. It is more effective to practice on themselves first.

Level 2

Level 2 attunement is usually performed about 2-3 months after the first. This process works with finer, subtler vibrations to further open the chakras and increases the energy flow through the student. As level 1 is focused on the physical alignment of the chakras, level 2 is fixated on mental/emotional growth.

The focus shifts from healing the self to healing others, so at this level a practitioner can begin accepting patients and clients for a business.

Reiki symbols become important methods for connecting into different aspects of the universal life force. The student also learns the distance symbol, which is used to transmit life force to a patient from any distance. This works because the practitioner taps into the life force of the universe, which surrounds our planet.

Energy can be transferred via intention and thought, but the practitioner must also know the recipient’s location to send it.

Level 3

The level 3 attunement is very significant, so much time is recommended before taking on this mantle. The vibrations of this process are very fine and subtle, and self-development and spiritual progression are highlighted. It involves training as a teacher and master, which is a lifelong commitment. Becoming a master also means learning how to attune others with Reiki.

How will I know which teacher is best?

There is an abundance of practitioners and teachers across the world. Some have online classes or meetup groups that host one day classes with certificates; a humbler scenario would be bumping into a master on your way to work. You should listen to your own intuition regarding from which teacher to learn. The general idea is to choose the master who makes you feel at peace and comfortable, two emotions key for effective practice.

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Is Reiki a religion?

No, it is a universal spiritual practice that works to transfer the life energy prevalent in the universe into a client who may need help clearing his chakras. Even though there is a process to learn and advance in level, there is no requirement of belief to ascend to a master.

Can I get a license to practice Reiki?

There are currently no government licenses for practicing, but you can find an organization online that offers a licensing program.

Reiki is Working with the Universe

As a student learns more, she reaps the benefits herself of the energy moving through her body. She can then confer those benefits either to a client in her office, or a client halfway around the world. Anyone can be a master in the modern-day. To truly practice takes dedication. You learn to work with the forces of the universe at will. But if you keep at it, and if you are serious, you can learn to be a master and help bring about the next generation of healers.

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