What Are Reiki Symbols? And How To Use them

Reiki symbols are a sacred and vital part of the energy healing process.

They help the practitioner to focus the Universal Energy and improve the flow of Chi (Life Force), during a healing session, or anytime they need it.

These Japanese Kanji characters at one time were not only sacred but were also secret.

What are Reiki symbols?

They were not taught to anyone who was not a practitioner.

Even students were not taught these Reiki symbols until the 2nd Degree.

However, technology has made our world a little smaller, and information much more readily available to those with a curious mind.

These sacred Reiki symbols can not be used for evil and do not carry any power for the layperson that has stumbled upon them on the internet, or wears a pretty piece of jewelry from the local metaphysical shop.

Only those that have been attuned by a Reiki Master can use the reiki symbols.

Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol that a practitioner learns, traditionally in the 2nd Degree.

Still, some, like myself, were taught during a 1st Degree Lecture, It means, “Placing all the powers of the Universe here,” and is known as the Power Symbol.

It acts as a “power booster” if you will, by increasing the flow of energy and intensifying the other Reiki Symbols when they are used together.

When you draw Cho Ku Rei, you are telling the Universe, “X marks the spot, please direct your healing light here.”

Although the symbol can be used anytime during a session, the practitioner will draw this symbol before they start the healing and then again when the healing session is over.

What Are Reiki Symbols? And How To Use them 1What Are Reiki Symbols? And How To Use them 2

This seals the energy within you, allowing it more time to do what it needs to do.

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This all-around protection symbol clears negative energies and low vibrations, making it perfect for:

• Use it as a meal blessing. Make your food more nutritious by removing negative energy.

• Use medications to help them work more efficiently and reduce side effects.

• Empowering affirmations. Make the Law of Attraction work for you.

• Improving personal and business relationships.

Se He Ki

Reiki symbol

The second symbol used in Reiki is Se He Ki which means, “The earth and the sky meet” or “God and Man become one.”

With its protective, clearing, purifying, and balancing properties, it is also known as the Protection Symbol.

Where there is physical or mental dis-ease, you will find, often deep-rooted, an emotional (subconscious) reason for it.

Se He Ki draws down the more subtle, gentle energies to work on both your conscious and unconscious mind for mental and emotional healing thereby;

• Improving memory.

• Eliminating bad habits.

• Improving relationships.

• Relieving headaches (see article; How Reiki Can Help People with Migraines)

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

The Distance Healing Symbol provides practitioners with the power to heal through time and space.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen means “having no present, past or future.” It can not change past events, obviously, but it can help to heal it.

This symbol is one of the most powerful as it works on a person’s aura and chakras, not the physical body.

• Most healers have their method of performing remote healing. They learn one or two techniques and use what resonates with them most.

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Have you ever had someone say to you “…sending healing thoughts”?

That is precisely what we are doing, sending healing thoughts with the healing light of the Universe guiding it along.

Basic Distance Healing

I always start with grounding myself to clear my energy and set my intention before I begin healing.

You will need a pen and paper.

1. At the top of the page, draw Cho Ku Rei to activate its energy.

2. Below that, write the name of who or what the healing is intended.

3. Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, three times.

4. Meditate on the healing.

5. When you are ready, draw Cho Ku Rei at the bottom of the page, one more time to close the session.

6. Clap your hands to sever the connection.

Distance healing is the perfect way to give and receive healing when you physically can not be there.

I do recommend, though, that if you are looking for physical healing, it is best to see a practitioner in person.

Dai Ko Myo

Reiki Symbol

Only used by Reiki Masters, this final symbol is by far, the most powerful – the “Master” of them all.

It holds the power of the first three Reiki symbols; Cho Ku Rei, Se He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

This symbol vibrates at the highest frequency, working on those subtle energies and bringing about a real spiritual change…a Soul healing.

Dai Ko Myo means “Great Enlightenment” or “Bright Shining Light,” and Masters use it for all-purpose healing and empowerment.

The Reiki Master also uses it to attune other practitioners.

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By focusing the energy and opening a channel in the Crown Chakra, the student is able to see their higher self, their true being, and nature and healing the very core of their soul.

So, when we heal our spirit, the mind and the body organically follow suit.

As an all-purpose healer, Dai Ko Myo is used in many other situations; this is just a few:

• Increases energy flow throughout the body, boosting immunity.

• Use it to charge your crystals or to intensify the effects of your healing herbs and medicines.

• Enhances intuition and psychic abilities.

• Heightens the connection between Reiki Practitioner and the Universe.

Balances Chakras and heals any corresponding dis-ease.

• Spiritual development, meditation, self-improvement.

Reiki Healing has evolved over the centuries and will probably continue to do so.

When you come across the varying techniques, remember to be kind and respectful, there is no right or wrong way to use the energy as long as your intent is pure and good.

Reiki is about just that, peace, love, and joy – Just for Today.

The 5 Principles of Reiki

Just for today…I will not worry.

Just for today…I will not be angry.

Just for today…I will be grateful.

Just for today…I will do my work honestly.

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