How to activate Reiki energy? Quickly feel the benefits

Before starting a Reiki session you need to switch on the flow of energy. There’s no point otherwise – it really won’t work. You need to be in the right frame of mind, the correct ‘headspace’ to activate energy. So how exactly do you do this?

The simple answer to this question is; ask for it to happen. Open yourself up to the flow of energy and feel it start to work through you.

But as with all things, it is rarely that easy. The answer to this lies partly in how far along we are in our personal Reiki journey. It also depends on our own characters and personalities. Our feelings and emotions play a part, too. So let’s examine some of the best ways to prepare ourselves and activate energy, ready to share this gift of healing that blesses others.


How to activate reiki energy?

As mentioned above, Reiki comes when invited. The thing that gets in the way is us; our troubles and cares, busy lifestyles, minds filled with the day’s tasks. All of this can hinder the flow, even though the energy is there, ready and waiting. One way to cut through this noise is to meditate. Find some time to slow your mind, take deep breaths and let go of everything.

When thoughts drift back into your mind, bring the focus back to your breathing. Soon you will find that place of peace within you which means you are ready.

These meditation sessions don’t need to be lengthy by any means. All it requires is a stillness of the mind to allow the channeling of the Reiki through you. Deep-breathing techniques can help, quickly bringing your mind to a state of responsiveness that encourages the divine energies to work.

If it helps – and if you are in a position to do so – raise your hands above your head with your palms facing away from you. Imagine the Reiki energy as a beam of pure white or blue light streaming down through the top of your head and flowing down through your body.

Reiki Symbols

Those who have received Reiki training can the symbols they have been taught, to focus the mind. These special symbols are like keys, unlocking the doorways to a higher level of awareness. By drawing these symbols in the air around the room and over our chakra points, we focus our intention and allow our minds to be receptive to the flow of energy.

The more frequently this is done, the quicker the mind will respond, as it becomes a learned habit.

How to activate Reiki energy? Quickly feel the benefits 1

Visualizing these symbols, or speaking the name – either in the mind or aloud – will automatically open up your energy field. Each symbol will respond according to the spiritual energy it embodies.

On occasions, it is not possible – or appropriate – to draw these symbols for a number of reasons. Whether we understand it or not, some people will be wary of these, even though they are comfortable with the healing itself. In these cases, you can either perform them beforehand or simply visualize them at the time. What is important is the intention.

With practice, your mind will recognize what you are trying to do and will begin to activate energy quickly.

Reiki Chants & Music

Music is a powerful force. And when accompanied with words of power, it can be a potent source of energy that super-charges Reiki healing. It has been proved many times over the years that music changes the mood. Before entering a Reiki session (as well as during the session) it is a good idea to listen to some appropriate music and to chant the names of the symbols.

For those still in the process of learning the names of the symbols and struggling to remember them all, you can describe their meanings and qualities instead. Feel them with you as living entities, feel their power in the room as a powerful, benevolent force. As you do this you will soon feel the energy activating within you.

The space around you, where the Reiki is to be practiced, is just as important as you are as a practitioner. Using music, along with smudging, can improve the atmosphere and help activate energy within the room.

Invite Your Spiritual Guides

It is often easy to forget that you are never truly ‘alone. Reiki, or Universal Energy, connects us all, at all times. This never-ending stream of conscious energy flows through what we know and experience as ‘time’, touching each of our lives in different ways. But in our modern, logical world it is a fact that is forgotten, shunned or ridiculed.

Nevertheless, when it comes to Reiki healing, we can be confident that we are not acting alone. Reiki training will introduce you to the existence of enlightened beings, spiritual guides who will be present, if you ask them, to help you through the process. Invite these guides during your meditation or chanting, and be respectful of them at all times, thanking them when the session is completed.

Their presence will assist you in activating the Reiki energy, ready to send out the healing.

These beings are known by different names; Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Reiki Guides. All are there to guide you through the process using their wisdom and higher-knowledge.

Other methods

How to activate reiki energy?

As well as all of the above, some Reiki healers find that engaging in other disciplines helps to heighten the power that flows from the hands. This also makes it easier to turn on the energy when needed. Here are a few of the methods that have been found helpful:

  • Reflexology  similar to Reiki in that it mostly involves using the hands, reflexology can assist in increasing sensation. New Reiki students often ask how they will know when the energy is there, or how they can recognize it. By using reflexology you can become more sensitive to these energies as your own life-force is reorganized. This not only improves sensitivity but also can increase the effectiveness of your healing sessions.
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure – these ancient, traditional methods of healing, like reflexology, can be used to enhance the feeling of swirling energy within the hands. After a few weeks, you will be able to recognize that feeling of heat within your hands. This is a great help when preparing for a Reiki session as you begin to activate the energy, giving you the confidence to know that the power is beginning to flow.
  • Mudras echoing the Reiki symbols in some senses, mudras incorporate a series of ritual gestures, movements, and poses, creating an energy circuit. When incorporated with breathing techniques, they form a spiritual and physical exercise that helps to engage and influence the mind. This puts you in a better frame of mind to activate the energy in readiness to perform the session.


However you choose to awaken the energy, it is there waiting for you. It is a limitless supply that will never let you down. It will come when invited, but you must be prepared. And that is the key; preparation.

Healing can be done anywhere, at almost any time – especially in unexpected situations. But whenever possible, a room should be prepared in advance, with chants, symbols, music, incense, or a combination of these. The better prepared a room is, with a peaceful, calming atmosphere and all negative influence removed.

Aside from this, you need to prepare yourself. You are the channel through which this energy will flow. Any blockages or negativity inside you may well hinder the flow or stop it from being activated.

There are a number of ways of doing this, some of which are listed above. The main thing is to clear your mind of the mental clutter, to be open and receptive. You are like a vessel, to be filled with this healing that will overflow into the person you are treating.

Because of how busy our lives seem to be these days, it often feels like we don’t have enough time. Even so, a few minutes of meditation can work wonders in bringing our minds to a state of stillness. Once you have done this, which can be performed almost anywhere without too much trouble, then calmly invite the energy to fill you.

If you are ready, it will come, and you will learn to recognize the feeling. But don’t panic if you don’t actually feel anything, to begin with. The key here is intent. You have felt a call to become a healer, you have a desire to help and to heal. Your intentions will be honored, regardless of whether you can feel the transfer of energy or not, and people will feel the benefits of the sessions. Some people are just more sensitive than others.

This doesn’t mean that you are not an effective Reiki practitioner. If this concerns you, then try some of the disciplines listed above, which may help increase your sensitivity.

Be prepared, invite the energy, and share the healing!

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