Reiki hand positions for fertility | Best positions to help Fertility

Reiki hand positions for fertility is the easiest and safest natural healing system. It is a traditional form of healing that patented in Tibet and was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk.

Reiki is a natural, hands-on way of energy balancing to serving the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction.

It cannot be used as a substitute for treatment or medical advice.

Ideally, you should perform Reiki on your body every day when trying to conceive or visit a Reiki specialist once per week.

How does it feel while receiving Reiki?

While receiving Reiki energy, you feel pleasantly balanced in order for your body to heal itself.

You feel overwhelmed by your process of healing. The receiver is the therapist, the individual that transmits Reiki energy is not the therapist but just a device of the Reiki energy to flow.

How is Reiki transmitted?

While you transmitted Reiki energy, you too feel pleasantly balanced at the same time.

Typically when the individual offering Reiki is tired, unwell, or ill, the Reiki energy flowing through her or him first will bring healing and balance to her or him before flowing to the individual he or she is trying to give Reiki to.

The more balance you feel while offering Reiki, the more fluid you will send this energy to other people.

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How can I use Reiki Positions for self-treatment?

After you get introduced by a Reiki professional to spread Reiki vigor, you can now be capable of utilizing Reiki positions on your body every day.

Reiki hand positions for fertility

You will get overwhelmed about your process of healing, and it might accurately change your lifestyle.

Your body is capable of getting itself healed; even when medical analysts treat diseases with medicines, we wait for the body to get cured by itself as drug aids to eliminate the pain.

Whether you choose substitute drugs or orthodox prescriptions, you are the individual performing the curing.

Your specialists provide you with drugs to aid you through; they conduct operation of other treatment processes to help the body and ensure that you feel comfortable, while the body does the healing by itself. Keep this in mind.

Reiki is a method to help your body during treatment and can be performed by combining with any medicinal prescription you choose to use. It is effective, particularly if you are performing fertilization medications since it raises the probabilities of accomplishment.

Upon initiation of Reiki treatment, the Universal Life-providing Energy gets to the body, and thereby, you get the ability to improve your probabilities of attaining and sustaining a pregnancy.

How is Reiki effective to an expectant mother?

Reiki can be performed safely for expectant women. It has no harm to the unborn baby or the mother, thus making it safe to be applied not only during the entire stages of pregnancy but also during childbirth and conception.

The body of a pregnant woman goes through several modifications during pregnancy: the energy balance in the body is under continuous pressure, possibly making her “weaker” emotionally and physically.

Doing Reiki meditation during pregnancy helps balance her body energies and cleans her body and spirit, assisting her in reacting quickly and relaxing deeply to all body modifications and life. This is greatly important in assisting her pregnancy in developing naturally and stably.

Notably, you must seek the practitioner’s attention if you notice suspicious body reactions.

What are the benefits of Reiki Hand positions for expectant mothers?

• Assists in the recovery of post-partum: the body of an expectant mother undergoes great changes after childbirth.

Reiki hand positions offered at this state can prove to be greatly advantageous in healing the emotional and physical levels and preserving well-being during the initial few weeks after child delivery.

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Furthermore, since the new baby’s advent can lead to an emotional disturbance for a new mother, it can help her cope with the new surroundings and care for her kid more easily.

• Eases the process of childbirth: Reiki hand positions during the time of labor assist in decreasing pain associated with the back area and pelvic to a greater extent.

This natural and safe treatment assists in eliminating the pregnant lady’s anxiety during labor and assists in creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere for the kid.

Research has shown expectant mothers who exercise Reiki during pregnancy are less possibly to require having a C-section even if they happen to have undergone through CS (cesarean surgeries) earlier.

• Helps the kid stay happy and healthy: when Reiki medication is offered to a pregnant mother, it proves to be greatly beneficial in building a strong spiritual relationship between the unborn baby and the mother.

It assists the unborn baby stay relaxed and calm, while it is also said that at times it makes the unborn baby wiggle favorably inside his mother’s womb.

Healing sessions that are performed during pregnancy typically make the kid easygoing, thus making it simple for young mothers to care for their babies in a simpler and easier manner.

• It provides emotional support: juggling the demands associated with expectations from jobs, relationships, or families with their spouse can often make an expectant mother quite exhausted and stressed.

Reiki hand position done during pregnancy not only aids an expectant woman stay grounded emotionally but also instills peace and serenity and cools her worries associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Reiki hand positions are an excellent choice for all expectant mothers who are searching for a more holistic method for treating both their body and mind.

The positions can strengthen the emotions, spirit, and body of an expectant mother from within, thereby giving her energy to go through the pregnancy period healthily and happily.

How can I practice the Self-treatment of Reiki for fertility?

reiki hand positions

The following hand positions for Reiki will help the body to improve hormonal balance and relaxation. Lay on your spinal and use the following hand positions of Reiki to your body as if it makes you feel comfortable.

• Place your arms over the eyes. The hand position carries your eyes and your brain to a relaxation state. It will help you relieve stress and all your fears, and therefore, you do not have to strain while looking for solutions.

• Place your arms over your head, cupping the chronological bones. Make sure that the index fingers meet at your head.

The hand position helps to bring Reiki vigor to the common gland knows as ‘the pituitary gland,’ the major gland of the endocrine body system. Conducting Reiki on your body in this hand position aids to take biochemical inequities back to balance.

Regular treatments help to keep this balance.

• If you are a lady, place your arms on your breast. This hand position is very crucial in ladies who experience fibrocystic breast illness. It assists in balancing the energy that maintains the breast tissue.

• Place your arms on your ribcage. These hand positions help to deliver Reiki energy to the body organs that are situated under your ribcages such as the liver, the spleen, and the lungs.

• Place your arms on your throat. This hand position assists in soothing sore throat and balancing the thyroid gland.

• Place your arms on your belly. This hand position helps to soothe digestive upsets and stomachaches. It also helps to balance the solar plexus center of energy.

• Place your arms on your soul chakra- in the central part of your rib cage on the breast bone. The hand position plays a significant role in soothing chest infections and providing energy when you are feeling exhausted. It helps to calm you down and restores your soul energy midpoint.

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• Place your arms over the areas of inguinal, ensuring that you make a V-shape with your arms. Here you have the vital lymphatic vessels and lymph notes that support the lower limbs and the abdomen.

This position is particularly vital for individuals who suffer from Bladder infections or Candida.

• Place your arm on the abdominal part. The hand position is important for those suffering from intestinal issues since the Reiki vigor brings well-being and balance to this part of the body.

• Place one arm on your neck’s nape and another on your forehead. This hand position is soothing, and it assists in situations of shock and trauma. It cools kids right after a fright or a fall. For adults, it assists in creating balance at the sensitive level, particularly if you have a feeling of anxiety.

• For this hand position, you have to be seated. Place your arms on your spinal on your kidneys—the hand position help to relieve backache and kidney ailments.

• Place your arms on your pelvic area and uterus. This hand position is relaxing, especially when it is done during menses since it takes healing energy to this body part decreasing discomfort.

• Place one arm on your foot’s base and the other on the top part of your foot. Perform one after the other.

• Place your arms on the minor part of your spinal. This hand position is incredible, especially if you are suffering from lower backache.

• Place your arms over your ears. This hand position helps to bring energy to the sensory body organs that are associated with hearing.

• Place your arms on your ankles. Do one after the other.

• Place your arms on your knees. Do one after the other.

• Place your arms on your hips.
Notably, ensure that you rinse your arms under cool water after every Reiki healing technique to clean any harmful energy that you might have gained during the self-medication.

Which are the Sandwich hand positions of Reiki?

There are several Reiki positions you can utilize to the body, which appear to be utilizing your arms to create a sandwich near that body position.

Heart Chakra Healing

• Get seated restfully on a bench. Ensure that you do not get your legs crossed.

• Place the right arm on your heart and the other arm on your spinal at the same level as the right arm.

• Get your eyes closed and do not move from this position provided that you are feeling relaxed. This Reiki position helps to soothe the heart chakra and transmits energy to your lungs, breasts, and the heart.
Sacral chakra healing

• Get seated restfully on a bench. Ensure that you do not get your legs crossed.

• Place the right arm on your lower abdomen and the other arm on your lower spinal at the equal level as with your right arm.

• Get your eyes closed and do not move from this position provided that you are feeling comfortable. This hand position helps to soothe the sacral chakra and transmits Reiki vigor to your reproductive body organs.
Throat chakra healing

• Get seated restfully on a bench. Ensure that you do not get your legs crossed.

• Place the right arm on your throat and the other arm on your neck’s nape.

• Get your eyes closed and do not move from this position provided that you are feeling relaxed. This hand position helps to soothe throat chakra and transmits energy into the thyroid gland.
Solar plexus healing

• Get seated restfully on a bench. Ensure that you do not get your legs crossed.

• Place the right arm on your belly right under your ribcage and the other arm on your spinal at the equal level as with the right arm.

• Get your eyes closed and do not move from this position provided that you are feeling relaxed. This hand position helps to soothe heart chakra as well as delivering vigor to your spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver.
Must I do all the hand positions?

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No, there are several ways to offer yourself Reiki medication, and you have to find a way that works perfectly for you. Experts argue that a little Reiki is better than entirely no Reiki.

You will get once you put your arms on the initial hand position that the resting placement will follow, and you will experience the flow of energy.

It is usually excellent to take time and do a full-body medication, and still, if doing a short version works perfectly for you and lets you keep the personal practice up, then that what you should do.

What is most important is that you practice each day. Nevertheless, you will get that if you do the same placements daily, then you do not “reason” about what is occurring and rather become a bit thoughtful in your exercise.

What will happen if I forget a sequence or hand position?

Nothing is going to happen. The Reiki energy will flow to wherever you want it to go. There is no hand position which is greater than the other.

How can I learn Reiki positions?

There are four different levels of learning Reiki.
• The initial level is where you learn Reiki hand positions for self-treatments and to assist others. This is the degree to which I would endorse anybody willing to learn Reiki to heal the physical body and personal growth.

• In the second level of Reiki training, you will be trained about sending Reiki over time and space when the individual who you want to help is absent. This is known as distant healing, and you can transmit it to yourself in the future.

• The third level of Reiki training is part of the procedure of becoming a Reiki specialist, your lifestyle with Reiki.

• In the final level of Reiki training, you are initiated as a Reiki specialist, and you have to commit yourself to the practicing and teaching of Reiki.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning Reiki, I would indorse a certain course written by Reiki specialist Watson, known as the Distance Reiki learning course.

The course helps you to learn how to apply Reiki to heal your body and much more.

This training course is exceptional as it involves audio periods you can utilize for self-treatment on a regular basis.

It is very effective since you can listen to audio sessions and feel as if you are in a Reiki meditation room.

Reiki training is an excellent experience that will significantly modify your lifestyle.

When you train how to send healing energy into your body, you will feel emotionally and physically more balanced and more contented.

Will doors and a new beginning will be open for you. Dave Watson is a Reiki Master with several years of experience in practicing and teaching Reiki.

He has combined an incredible and cheap learning system.

Reiki is an incredible home remedy that you can apply anytime you require it, including pregnancy and labor issues.

Reiki is incredible for children and babies. It helps to soothe kids to nap and if they are feeling sick.

The Reiki healing technique requires a Reiki specialist to lay his arms above or on the body softly and let the unseen life force flow of energy through the palm of their arms to the receiver.

It can be applied while treating the entire body effectively. It utilizes a natural, safe, and simple healing technique that has a vital impact on your emotions, body, mind, and spirit, bringing happiness and health.

Additionally, it is effective for those suffering from colic pain, insomnia, fevers, and teeth problems.

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