Can Reiki Predict a Pregnancy? How, and Is it Accurate?

Many Reiki practitioners swear by the results of this ancient practice, and one of the areas that many people claim can be beneficial is predicting when a woman might become pregnant. If you’re skeptical about this statement, you’re not alone.

Most experts agree that yes, Reiki can help a woman get pregnant and predict when it will happen. You just have to find an expert Reiki provider first.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient natural healing method that is similar to a massage, but which channels energy from the provider to the patient. Reiki treatments can be personalized to meet the needs of the patient, and a true Reiki expert will know just what to do to bring about the results the patient is anxious to get. Reiki experts believe that the body has the ability to heal itself and that Reiki merely helps it along in this endeavor.

Originating in Japan, Reiki is used not just for relaxation and stress-reduction, but also to help the healing process when certain things go wrong. Women who are having trouble getting pregnant often go to Reiki experts for help, because these people believe that through the right manipulation of the body, the body can start to repair itself so that those problems start to dissolve.

How Long Does It Take?

Can Reiki predict pregnancy?

Positive energy is released from the Reiki healer’s hands and into the body of the patient, and this “life force” can help everything from depression to getting rid of harmful toxins in the body, and even with eliminating pain and gaining a better outlook on life.

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Many Reiki providers have had female patients who are having trouble getting pregnant, and within two to three weeks of starting their Reiki treatments, they end up getting pregnant.

Does that mean that all women will get pregnant this quickly after starting Reiki treatments? Of course not, because many other things come into play when a woman is trying to get pregnant. In many cases, Reiki doesn’t predict when someone will get pregnant as much as it does the fact that she will, indeed, get pregnant at some point.

Reiki also changes a person’s mental and physical health for the best, so in some instances, it may not “allow” a woman to get pregnant simply because this isn’t the right time in her life for a pregnancy to take place. Think of it like this:

Reiki is a very intelligent energy and therefore, it tries to deliver results that are best for everyone, not just the patient, which means you may not always get pregnant right when you were hoping you would.

How Does Reiki Help a Woman Get Pregnant?

Can Reiki Predict a Pregnancy?

Above all else, Reiki balances your energies, cleanses both your body and your spirit, and helps with both deep relaxation and with learning to react properly to anything that is happening to you either physically or spiritually.

In other words, Reiki helps you get to know yourself on a level you’ve never experienced in the past, preparing your body for both getting pregnant and sustaining that pregnancy for the full nine months.

Unless other emotional and physical boundaries are in the way, Reiki uses its physical and emotional advantages to “open” you up in many ways, allowing the body to be more prone to getting pregnant with each treatment.

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Again, it won’t always predict when you’re going to get pregnant, but the results you get from your Reiki treatments make it much more likely that pregnancy will occur at some point.

The chances of getting pregnant each month depend largely on your menstrual cycle and when you ovulate, and Reiki treatments can help by providing you with the tools you need to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Reiki self-healing techniques used for only 10 minutes a day, as well as other specific Reiki hand treatments, can greatly increase the odds of getting pregnant each month, especially if you practice these methods on a regular basis.

Even if you’re seeing an infertility specialist and you’re on medication to help you get pregnant, getting Reiki treatments can make it happen even sooner. Most Reiki practitioners recommend that you see them on a regular basis while you’re trying to get pregnant, as well as practice a few techniques on your own while you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Indeed, when you practice Reiki daily at home and get regular Reiki treatments from a professional, the odds of getting pregnant go up drastically, which means they can often predict how long it will be before you get pregnant since they are learning more about you and your body with each passing treatment.

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Are Reiki Experts Doctors?

Can Reiki predict pregnancy?

Reiki experts are not doctors, but they are specially trained health professionals who can ascertain both your physical and mental health, which greatly increases their ability to help you get pregnant. Again, Reiki treatments are always personalized to the patient’s needs, so most of them are even able to tell you if they think pregnancy is going to happen for you, and when it might happen to you.

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Just like medical doctors, Reiki experts get to know you on all levels and can help determine what problems might be preventing you from getting pregnant. Then, they develop a “treatment” plan so that those problems can be taken care of, which greatly increases your odds of getting pregnant.


So, when someone asks if Reiki can predict a pregnancy, the answer is usually “yes.” Together with your Reiki specialist, you can take your health into your own hands and improve yourself both physically and psychologically, enabling you to get pregnant a lot sooner than you might think. Better still, regular Reiki treatments during the pregnancy can help as well, with everything from morning sickness to muscle pain and even pain due to childbirth itself.

If you’re curious about Reiki and the amazing things it can do, it’s easy to find out more simply by scheduling an appointment with a Reiki therapist, because the right specialist can answer all of your questions so that in the end, you can feel a lot more confident in this amazing art form.

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