Does Reiki Make The Menstrual Cycle Easier?

Women are very good at dealing with pain. I don’t only mean emotional pain but also physical pain.

Have you ever experienced chaotic periods or menstruation? They give you a combination of headaches, cramps, and dizziness. These kinds of periods are enough to make you mad.

So, does reiki make the Menstrual cycle easier? Reiki Attunement is a spiritual healing method that can affect the menstrual cycle. The benefits that it gives will help you deal with the issues that you experience during menstruation.

I’m sure that you’ve tried various home remedies to treat painful and delayed periods. Some work and some don’t. However, treatments for menstruation have effects that don’t last for long if ever they work.

Why not try Reiki Attunement? Though not backed by science yet, several women practitioners already attest to its benefits.

What Is Reiki Attunement?

Reiki Attunement is a spiritual healing method where you learn to connect and feel the universal life force that binds all humans. The Japanese call this universal life energy Reiki ( Rei for “universal life” and “ki” for energy).

The form of Reiki Attunement that people practice in the U.S nowadays originated from Japan in 1920 and was founded by Usui Mikao.

However, Reiki Attunement may have been practiced during Japan’s later years.

Research suggests that there are at least four other types of Reiki Attunement and Usui Mikao might have developed his style of harnessing Reiki from these.

By the way, you should know that Reiki isn’t an occult practice.

Reiki isn’t black magicPracticing Reiki is similar to practicing yoga.

All you need to do is concentrate and follow the instructions of your teacher.

So does Reiki affect menstruationReiki can positively affect menstrual cycles.

let discuss some common menstrual problems that women experience. This will help you understand the points about Reiki and menstruation which I will discuss in the later parts of this article.

What Causes Delayed Menstruation?

Delayed menstruation is a problem that young and mature women experience. Women who are about to undergo pregnancy usually experience this.

However, there are other causes of delayed or abnormal menstrual cycle aside from un upcoming pregnancy.

Age has a significant effect on women’s menstrual cycle. Delayed periods become more common as you grow old. By age 30 or 40, you might start to experience delays that span for 3 months or even more.

Hormonal imbalance is another cause of delayed menstruation. Estrogen is a hormone that encourages your body to undergo menstruation.

When the estrogen levels in your body are too low or too high, your body finds it hard to menstruate. You may then experience delays as a result.

Stress might also cause delayed periods because it leads to sleep deprivation. Continuously depriving yourself of sleep leads to hormonal imbalance that gives you delayed periods.

Finally, delayed menstruation might be a result of obesity. A study conducted in Korean women aged 19 years and above shows that obese respondents experience regular menstrual delays. An overweight body tends to produce excess estrogen which disrupts normal menstrual cycles.

What Causes Painful Periods?

can reiki affect menstrual cycle?

During periods, your uterus produces prostaglandins Your uterus produces prostaglandins to heal itself as you menstruate.

However, the uterus plays a terrible joke sometimes and it produces excess amounts of prostaglandins.

Excess amount of prostaglandins results in menstrual cramps. Too much prostaglandin leads to a severe contraction of uterine walls or inflammation of the uterus itself. You experience pain as a result of this.

Can you use Reiki for menstrual cramps?

for a young woman, the effects of Reiki last for at least 10 years. But when you grow old, you may have to recharge your energy field every five years with a Reiki master’s touch or with repeated Reiki Attunement sessions.

If you want to use Reiki to ease the discomfort brought about by menstrual cramps, you should do it twice a day.

Doing Reiki for five minutes each time is enough to help with the pain and help you live through your menstrual period comfortably.

Can Reiki affect the quality of life?

Reiki can improve your lifestyle because it relaxes your body and mind. There will be fewer disappointments or frustrations when you are in a relaxed state.

Heavy period after reiki

Reiki is a very calming energy that helps your body deal with menstruation. Doing Reiki can improve the quality of your life even during periods.

However, if you have a heavy flow after doing Reiki on yourself, you should consult a medical professional. This may be an indication that there are other problems going on inside your body. Reiki is not a substitute for regular medicine but rather complementary to it.

Reiki for period pain

You definitely can use reiki for period pain and it will help relax and reduce the pain associated with menstruation. It can also help increase your energy which helps with stamina during periods.

however, it would be a good idea to do the reiki sessions daily for about 5 minutes on each side of body just below the belly button and above the pubic bone. This is where many women experience pain from menstrual cramps. R

Can I use Reiki for irregular periods?

You can definitely use reiki on yourself, but using it twice daily is helpful in maintaining your energy field and not just during the periods. more than twice a day. You might even be able to maintain your energy field every time you meditate.

Period pain relief with reiki is beneficial in reducing the physical pains associated with menstruation. Doing it daily also improves the quality of life during periods, which can be very useful especially if you are cramping intensely or have a heavy flow.

Can Reiki Attunement Affect Menstrual Cycle?

So does Reiki Attunement affect the menstrual cycle? The short answer is yes.

Various online testimonies attest that reiki attunement affects menstrual cycles. However, most of these testimonies are based on personal experience. At present, we need more scientific studies to prove the relationship between Reiki and women’s menstrual cycle.

Still, it won’t hurt to try Reiki Attunement for solving your menstrual problems. There are no foolproof scientific studies about Reiki Attunement yet, but the fact that many women are enjoying the benefits of Reiki makes it deserving of your attention.

The Benefits of Reiki Attunement for Menstrual Cycle

So what are the benefits of Reiki Attunement that can affect the menstrual cycle? Here are some of them.

Note that what I’m about to say here isn’t proven by science yet. However, the effects that I will explain might have merit because women Reiki practitioners are experiencing them.

Reiki Attunement Can Normalize Your Periods

Earlier, I said that stress and lack of sleep lead to hormonal imbalance which causes delayed periods. In connection, practicing Reiki allows you to cope with stress and have better sleep.

That said, Reiki might reverse hormonal imbalance by helping you relax and get more rest. When hormone levels are normal, you’re more likely to experience monthly periods.

Reiki Attunement Can Make Your Periods Less Painful

Reiki Attunement helps you to deal more effectively with pain. Practicing Reiki doesn’t chase the pain away during periods.

However, doing Reiki Attunement helps your mind and body to better endure the pain that menstrual cramps give. A study conducted in 2014 shows that respondents who undergo Reiki Attunement sessions have decreased pain and anxiety.

Reiki Attunement Can Make You Less Moody During Periods

Why do couples quarrel at the end of the month? The culprit might be periods. Periods may cause headaches and make a woman woody.

This is why men should never mess with women during menstruation. If you think that you’re too moody during periods, Reiki Attunement can help.

Reiki Attunement gives you a clearer mind and a lighter feeling. As a result, you might be lesser prone to feeling headaches if you choose to do Reiki before your period occurs.

Reiki also gives you a clearer mindset, and this decreases your moodiness during periods.

Conclusion: Can You Consider Reiki As An Absolute Solution To Problems During Menstrual Cycle?

Reiki can positively affect it. However, you can’t treat it as an absolute solution to the health problems that you experience during menstruation.

In general, Reiki only helps you cope up with delayed and painful periods. So you should know that medical aid is still important.

Serious underlying health conditions might be causing the abnormalities which you experience during each menstrual cycle.

For instance, you might have delayed periods due to a growing tumor. On the other hand, severe damage in your uterus might be giving you pain during menstruation.

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