Reiki Attunement and Black Magic: Is There A Difference?

Science has indeed made it possible to explain the impossible. Still, there are various practices all over the globe that scientists can’t seem to understand.

For example, they can’t explain how Tibetan monks increase their body temperatures through meditation. That said, trying various energy-based healing methods might be worth your time.

Reiki Attunement and Black Magic

Reiki Attunement is a healing method that’s rising in popularity lately.

It offers some foolproof benefits that you might enjoy.

However, many are skeptical about Reiki Attunement because it might be dangerous.

So can Reiki Attunement be black magic?

Will you conjure dark entities by doing it? Can you use Reiki Attunement to harm others?

The answer to this question is an absolute no. Reiki Attunement is a holistic energy healing method that’s safe and doesn’t invite evil to your day to day life. No demonic possessions or other occult phenomena are felt by those who practice Reiki Attunement. Instead, they experienced significant improvement in their lives that made them better.

What Is Black Magic Anyway?

Before deciding whether or not Reiki attunement is black magic, let us first learn the definition of it.

Definitions are useful. They help you to qualify things in an unbiased and clear manner.

In general, it is the invocation of evil spirits to cause an event that can harm others.

It is a myth, but the fact that various cultures all over the globe believe in it means that it might be true. The following are the translations of black magic in various languages:

  • Black magic is called kaala jaadoo in Hindi
  • Black magic is called Hēi mófǎ in Chinese
  • Black Magic is called Magia Negra in Spanish
  • Black Magic is called swart magie in Afrikaans
  • Black Magic is called itom nga salamangka in Cebuano
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What I mentioned above are some of the translations of black magic in various languages. Various cultures have their term for black magic The list will be longer if I jot them all.

Still, no matter what it’s called always remember that black magic has one end – to use the power of evil for one’s purposes.

How is it Done?

As I said earlier, black magic is achieved by conjuring the power of demons and other evil entities that are present in the material plane.

Nevertheless, summoning and using the power of evil is the tricky part of black magic. Black magic is achieved by drawing ritual circles, reciting incantations (Latin or non-Latin), and sacrificial offerings.

So is there evidence of the usage of black magic in history? Of course! A great example is King Solomon.

According to non-catholic bible scholars, King Solomon is a magician that could control demons. That said, he built his temple with their aid.

If you don’t believe me, try reading Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon and you’ll meet the demons that he controlled.

The book talks in great detail about the seals of each demon, how many legions of lesser demons serve under them, their personalities, and their appearances.

Another example of black magic is Vodoo. In the Philippines, this is called Barang or KulamVoodoo is a form of black magic done through incantations and the use of a doll. The doll acts as the person who the conjurer wishes to harm. If the ritual succeeds, all things done on the doll is felt by the person that it represents.

What Is Reiki Attunement?

Reiki Attunement is a form of energy healing. It aims to connect individuals with the universal Reiki energy source to improve the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki consists of three levels.

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The first level will introduce you to the concept of Reiki Energy. The second level teaches you how to harness Reiki energy for yourself.

Lastly, the third level teaches you how to use Reiki energy on others.

How Is Reiki Attunement Done?

Reiki Attunement is done through meditation. Of course, Reiki masters will help you feel and harness the Reiki energy for yourself.

Reiki Attunement doesn’t feel occult or evil in any way. It’s uplifting. A continuous session of Reiki Attunement will give a clearer mindset, a lighter body, and a resilient spirit.

Is Reiki Attunement Black Magic?

reiki attunement black magic

Reiki will never and can never be black magic. Reiki isn’t the occult practice that you might believe it to be. The things that I will be explaining below will make you understand this point.

Reiki Attunement isn’t black magic for the following reasons:

Reiki Attunement Teaches You To Harness Your Energy

Practicing Reiki Attunement doesn’t require you to know the basics of conjuring demons and other evil entities.

Reiki Attunement only requires practitioners to believe in the miraculous effect of the life force that connects all humans. All you need to do to practice Reiki is to feel and release the invisible life force that binds us all.

In a nutshell, NO DEMONIC ENERGY is used when doing Reiki Attunement.

Reiki Attunement Doesn’t Require You To Learn Invocations or Incantations

Reiki Attunement is all about concentration. All you need to do to feel Reiki energy is to meditate and keep your head out of useless thoughts. No invocations or incantations are taught to Reiki practitioners.

This is a very safe energy healing method where you only have to train your consciousness.

Reiki Attunement Can’t Be Used To Harm Others

Reiki Masters can channel energy to others. However, they can never use energy to cause harm.

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In Reiki Attunement, energy transfer can only be used for making it easier for beginners to get a grasp of Reiki energy. That said, Black magic harms but Reiki Attunement doesn’t

Reiki Attunement Doesn’t Use Mediums

Black magic uses mediums such as dolls, ritual circles, and sacrificial offerings to affect.

In contrast, Reiki Attunement doesn’t use any of these. Reiki practitioners are only required to sit, close their eyes, and think deeply while reiki masters guide them throughout the entire process.

Reiki Attunement Doesn’t Corrupt Practitioners

Reiki doesn’t corrupt practitioners. This means that doing Reiki won’t leave you feeling dark or villainous.

Doing Reiki Attunement diligently will give you a more positive mindset, a healthier body, and an outgoing spirit. Simply put, Reiki Attunement makes it possible for you to become happier and more positive with life.


In summary here’s why Reiki Attunement isn’t similar to black magic:

  • Reiki Attunement doesn’t harness demonic energy
  • Reiki Attunement doesn’t require invocations, ritual circles, or sacrificial offerings
  • Reiki Attunement can’t be used to harm others
  • Reiki Attunement doesn’t require you to use mediums such as dolls and other occult objects
  • Reiki Attunement doesn’t corrupt but makes you better instead.

Reiki Attunement is a non-occult practice. Try it now and see for yourself!

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