What Is the Difference Between Chios energy healing and Reiki? Explained!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Chios energy healing and reiki? One of the main differences is that Chio focuses on healing through touch, while Reiki works with energy. Another big difference is that Chios are typically more physical than Reiki, which can be done in a chair or on a mat.

Chios is not the same as Reiki. They are two distinct healing methods with various techniques. There are a few key distinctions between Chios and Reiki:

1. Chios health and healing is a brand-new healing art that was given in its complete and whole form from a spiritual source through a clear channel to the rest of humanity

.Chios is not the product of or corrupted by human ego, belief, or imagination, unlike most of the numerous human-made variants of Reiki healing and many of the other energy healing arts that have emerged in recent years. It is pure, powerful, spiritually genuine, and rooted in spirit.

2. Chios treatment usually includes a comprehensive, progressive set of sophisticated energy healing techniques—unavailable in Reiki, etc. —that effectively repair the aura and chakra system.

The Chios Master-Level Techniques, in particular, are key advances in energy healing that have not previously been available to the rest of the healing community.

3. The Chios healing approach also includes an integrated meditation strategy (Chios Meditation) and additional exercises for developing psychic skills useful to the energy healer. Complementary treatment of serious illnesses is also covered in detail. Chios is a fully integrated system that incorporates cutting-edge methods developed expressly for it.

4. Healing on Chios is aided by comprehensive, standardized instructional materials for the teacher, student, and practitioner—materials that keep the purity of Chio’s knowledge and techniques.

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The information and technologies on Chios are freely available to everyone and maybe downloaded straight from the Internet anywhere in the globe.

5. The two types of Chios attunement processes are standardized and in-person/distance, each of which maintains the purity and integrity of the Chios attunements.

Are Chios Attunements the Same as Reiki Attunements?

Chios’s healing is similar to Reiki in that there are attunements. However, the Chios attunement process does not make you a “Reiki Master.” In fact, it takes several years of practice before one can become known as an experienced and proficient healer with this method.

The most significant difference is that the Chios attunements are not transmitted through symbols or Mantras. The Chios attunement process is specific to this healing art and has two levels—the Master Level (Level III) and the Advanced Healer’s Level (Level II).

The first level of chios, that you receive upon initiation into the method, includes a set of energy exercises that help you to build and develop your Chios energy.

The second level of chios, Advanced Healer’s Level (Level II), includes the Master-level techniques that are not available in Reiki or most other methods. The three Master-level Techniques of Chios heal deep into the body, helping to repair damaged organs and glands with amazing success.

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How Was Chios Energy Healing Developed?

The Chios healing method was developed by the late Steve Barret, who received it in its complete and whole form from a spiritual source through a clear channel to the rest of humanity.

The “source” is not human nor does it have any physical body or identity. It has never been seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or felt by anyone, including Steve.

It has no gender and does not reside in any specific place. Its “channel” is a clear conduit that allows the source to transmit information into this world without distortion or loss of detail as it passes through from its home dimension (or reality) into ours.

The benefits of receiving a Chios session from

a Chios Master or Advanced Healer are many. For instance, you can expect to feel lighter and more positive after the session has finished.

You may also experience an increase in energy levels which makes it easier for your body to heal itself from whatever issue led you to seek out professional help in the first place. Finally, receiving regular chios sessions can help to prevent your health from deteriorating further, allowing you to make the most of whatever time you have left.

Who can benefit from a Chios session?

There are many other ailments that can be treated with Chios energy healing sessions, including those which the medical fraternity cannot explain or diagnose correctly.

This means you may not even know what is causing your symptoms. You may be suffering from a condition that will worsen over time, or you could discover later that it was the root cause of more obvious signs and symptoms which appeared first.

Chios healing can help to repair any damage caused by these conditions before they became serious enough for other treatments to take effect.


 If you’re looking for a healing session that is more physical, Chios may be the answer. The main difference between Reiki and Chios energy healing is that it focuses on getting in touch with different parts of your body to help heal where there are blockages or pain.

Those who have tried both methods, report feeling lighter and more positive after the session has finished.

Reiki and Chios are both great ways to receive energy healing. If you’re looking for a more physical session that focuses on your body’s aches and pains then this may be the answer.

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