The Differences Between Qigong And Reiki (Explained!)

What a great question to ask! Simply put, Reiki is really just one particular Qigong system of carefully working with energy where you can actually channel energy. ‘Rei’ means universal and ‘Ki’ refers to the Japanese pronunciation of ‘Qi.’

Just How Do Reiki And Qigong Differ From Each

Both Medical Qigong and Reiki actually have the same exact root philosophies to them. The idea that the Qi, which actually enervates different things in the universe, can become directed through the teacher or practitioner in a special way that the Qi then flows to the patient and may actually manifest healing and balancing response in the patient’s body eventually.

When one becomes officially attuned in Reiki, his or her teacher will then sketch out a symbol in one of the outer layers of your own aura. That particular symbol will then become like a special antenna that will then give you the opportunity to attract a special frequency of energy and then have it carefully flow all through your human body to another individual.

Some Reiki practitioners will actually work with up to three different frequencies, as you get one with each and every Reiki adjustment. Originating from beautiful Japan, the art form of Reiki is now found in several special branches that teach Reiki. While quite easy to do and learn, Reiki has come under some harsh criticism for different things.

Without the proper practice and training, the results of Reiki may be interesting but not really profound. While this unique practice had originated in Japan ever since the early 1920s, the actual Reiki technique has been well-known in the country of China for quite a long time.

On the other hand, Qigong simply means something similar to ‘energy exercise’. Being that there are several types of Qigong today, it is a broad term to use. You can find various different types of Qigong techniques for health, including martial arts Qigong, Medical Qigong, and Qigong for spiritual healing and development.

There are also both Daoist and Buddhist-style types of Qigong in China today. On YouTube, you can find different kinds of Qigong forms taught to individuals for free of charge. So, the concept of Qigong vs Reiki is really tiny in many, different ways and yet very significant too.

Powerful Energy Healing

Our human bodies are amazing creations. It is fact, that our human bodies also hold a unique, innate power of carefully healing themselves to a giant extent. So, if you and I take fantastic care of our bodies, then most of the time our bodies will not require extra pharmaceutical medication.

Along with this, if we were to add various healthy eating habits and exercise routines to our everyday lives, our energy levels would then eventually increase over time. Surprisingly, energy healing actually helps out the natural healing capacity of our bodies quite a bit.

What Is Medical Qigong And How Does It Work?

Believe it or not, Medical Qigong is actually one of the oldest subdivisions of traditional Chinese medicine, foregoing acupuncture by literally thousands of years. With Medical Qigong, this practice includes special physical movements, unique mental imagery, and specific breathing techniques throughout the human body.

In many circumstances, medical practitioners are able to carefully control the Qi externally in order to heal other people. Medical Qigong is used in the country of China, to help cure many illnesses including cysts, tumors, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and general insomnia. When it comes to actually comparing Qigong vs Reiki, we can see that Reiki is more of a strange mixture of less stringent, but yet more focused training altogether.

Professional Reiki education is more or less packaged to catch the eye of U.S. audiences all over, with little patience and time. Reiki really has a ‘DIY’ type of attitude attached to it many times. With a Reiki Master who has been in all 3 stages of Reiki education, he usually offers the practice in 1 to 2-day classes with his students.

With general meditation or moving the Qi before starting the healing process, there really is no intense training involved. Yet, it is still an extremely effective type of healing and therefore I believe Reiki to be very beneficial for many.

Is Qigong Very Dangerous?

Let’s take a look at what ‘Qi’ actually means first. ‘QI’ simply refers to energy while ‘gong’ means skill or work. When we learn Qigong, we are then working with our own energy in order to create skill with it.

In simple terms, this refers to using our mind, our breath, and our body together in order to tune into the general functions of our human bodies and to be able to influence them in a way that they naturally come into balance.

If we were to compare the safety of Qigong to general walking, then we would get a better concept of how dangerous Qigong may actually be. For example, if an individual had an existing injury to their leg, walking around could likely make that injury a lot worse.

Or, if someone decides to go walking somewhere and wanders off into a dangerous neighborhood where they are not welcome, there become dangers there too. Overall, it is not necessarily the walking itself that becomes dangerous, but that there becomes extreme cases sometimes where dangers could result in the end.

So, the same goes with Qigong too. For the most part, Qigong is considered safe. One of the main contradictions for Qigong to being safe is if someone has had a history of having any type of psychotic disorder. So, this situation would require more caution from those such as medical professionals.


Wrapping It All Up

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the differences between Qigong vs Reiki. It is always wise to inform yourself about the possible dangers of these special practices and to make sure you hold a good understanding of what the differences are between the two.

Even though many people will never encounter any problem as part of their Reiki or Qigong training, there are those who do. Hopefully, this article gives you a better understanding of just how to resolve these issues and to avoid them from reoccurring in your life. May Reiki and Qigong both bring health, healing, and joy to your life!

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