The Vasudha Reiki symbol | The secret behind this powerful Reiki symbol

Do you want to attract wealth?

The Vasudha Reiki symbol, a modified version of the swastika, is a powerful symbol that can help you attract abundance and prosperity into your life. It’s an ancient symbol that has been passed down for thousands of years, and it’s still used today by people all over the world.

By using this symbol in your daily life, or with a reiki healing session, you can start attracting more money, opportunities, success, and good fortune into your life. You will feel better about yourself when you use this powerful symbol on a regular basis.

And if you are already successful in business or other areas of your life, then adding the Vasudha Reiki Symbol to your routine will make everything even better and it will help with the growth of your business!

read more to learn more about how the Vasudha Reiki Symbol works!

Vasudha Reiki symbol

How to use the Vasudha Reiki symbol

The Vasudha Reiki symbol’s power is activated by your intention. So if you want to use the symbol on a regular basis, then it is best to create a ritual around using it. Using it, it can help remove any obstacles.

You Can Meditate and Manifest with the Vasudha Symbol

Many individuals find it beneficial to incorporate the Vasudha symbol into their daily morning meditation routine. To initiate the meditation, begin by relaxing and attaining a state of calm. Then, shift your focus towards what you desire, directing your attention to positive intentions rather than dwelling on the negative.

During the meditation, you have the option of drawing the Vasudha symbol near your head and positioning it within your third eye. Alternatively, you can place the symbol near your solar plexus chakra, the seat of intuition.

Should you feel the need for additional protection during your meditation practice or any other time, consider positioning the symbol near your third eye, envisioning it as a safeguarding force.

Asking questions

Another way to use the Vasudha Reiki symbol is by asking specific questions. For example, if you are feeling stuck in your job and want something new, then ask yourself how the symbol can help elevate that.

Using affirmations

You can also use the Vasudha Reiki symbol as an affirmation tool whenever you are feeling stuck or are having challenges with money. For example, you can say the following affirmation to attract more opportunities into your life…

“My creativity is re-energized and I am now making excellent progress. I am open to change! I see all of my dreams manifesting in front of me however big or small they are. I am so grateful for this abundant life. I am so grateful for all the ways life shows up every day in front of me.”

Close to your body

Other people might inscribe the symbol on a piece of paper and carry it with them throughout the day.

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Still, others might like to submerge themselves in water (bathtub, lake, etc.) where they can see the symbol as they relax and let go of stress from their daily life. And some people just use it during meditation or at random times when they feel that they need the extra boost of energy.

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benefits of the Vasudha Reiki symbol

The powerful Vasudha Reiki Symbol is renowned for its multifaceted benefits that can enrich various aspects of your life. Harnessing this symbol daily, you can usher in wealth, abundance, success, and prosperity with ease. The key advantages of the Vasudha Reiki Symbol include:

  • Attracting financial opportunities that propel you toward affluence
  • Instilling confidence across all realms of your life
  • Empowering you to take decisive steps toward your dreams

The potential of the Vasudha Reiki Symbol is boundless when used consistently. Its presence in your aura triggers multiple chakras, harmonizing your energy. Consequently, you will experience tranquillity, relaxation, and a deep sense of peace with your surroundings.

Why you should use the Vasudha Reiki symbol

If you are ready to manifest the life of your dreams, then there is no better time than today. You can say goodbye to all of the hard work and frustration that comes with chasing your goals.

Just using this symbol on a regular basis, will help you attract more wealth, financial opportunities, success, and abundance into your life.

It is super easy to do and there is no limit as to what you can accomplish when you use it. You will be taken from a place of lack and struggle into a place of abundance where everything seems possible for you!

How to pronounce vasudha?

The pronunciation of the Indian name, Vasudha, is quite straightforward. Emphasize the first syllable, “va”, similar to “va” in “vase”. The second syllable, “su,” mirrors the “su” in “sun.”

The name concludes with a brief, sharp sound akin to the English word “duh.”

To master the correct pronunciation, try vocalizing it slowly and repeatedly.

Listening to audio clips of native speakers articulating Vasudha can greatly aid in your learning process.

With consistent practice, mastering the pronunciation of Vasudha, a crucial element of the Vasudha Reiki Symbol, is achievable for everyone!

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How to draw Vasudha Symbol?

Creating the Vasudha Reiki Symbol is a simple process. To begin, draw a Swastika symbol in a clockwise direction, ensuring that all four arms are of equal length and width.

Next, draw interconnected spirals within the Swastika, also in a clockwise direction. Each spiral should be of the same size and connected to the others.

Lastly, encompass the entire design with a circle, completing the Vasudha symbol.

This symbol holds great significance in Hinduism, representing notions of peace, prosperity, and good fortune.

According to belief, if one draws this symbol with unwavering devotion, all their desires will manifest into reality.

This is a great quick video about how to draw the symbol

Two Methods to Manifest Financial Abundance Using Vasudha Symbol and Reiki:

A. Magic Money Mantra Slip:

The Vasudha Reiki symbol possesses immense power in attracting abundance and prosperity to one’s life. It is a modified variation of the Swastika symbol, incorporating spirals that follow a clockwise flow of energy. To manifest financial freedom and prosperity, it is recommended to draw the Vasudha symbol on a fresh sheet of paper using red or yellow color. Placing a high-value currency note on it, folding the paper, and keeping it in your wallet or safe can be an effective method.

For added potency, you can draw the Vasudha symbol on all four sides of the sheet before folding it, as well as on the main entrance of your house. Reiki practitioners are instructed on how to infuse this folded sheet with Reiki energy, amplifying the intention to attain financial freedom and prosperity. This Magic Money Mantra Slip serves as a simple yet powerful tool to invite wealth and abundance into your life.

B. Magic Money Reiki Box:

The Magic Money Reiki Box serves as a potent instrument for manifesting wealth and abundance. It takes the form of a small silver jewelry box that can be decorated with the Vasudha symbol using vermillion and sandalwood paste. Within the box, an intention slip is placed, where you write down your desired outcome. To facilitate the realization of your goal, the box is charged with Reiki energy. After charging, it is advisable to keep the box in a secure place or in a dedicated prayer room for enhanced protection and amplification of energy. For an additional boost, you may choose to position a clear quartz crystal pyramid next to the box on the right side.

Reiki energy has proven to be effective in manifesting money and abundance in one’s life. There are several techniques that can be employed for this purpose, such as writing switch words and healing numbers on paper, drawing Reiki symbols, holding the paper between your palms while channeling Reiki energy into it, or creating energy circles by drawing symbols around yourself. Additionally, there are specific symbols like the Midas Star, specifically designed to attract abundance and prosperity.

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The Magic Money Reiki Box combines these techniques into a simple yet powerful tool for manifesting your desired outcomes. By incorporating intention setting, visualization, and the amplifying effects of Reiki energy, this box can assist you in swiftly and effectively attracting more wealth into your life.

Self-Healing: A 21-Day Practice for Prosperity

Self-healing is a potent tool for addressing emotional, mental, and physical well-being. It encompasses a process of recovery from various forms of ill-health, primarily focusing on emotional well-being, although it can also encompass concurrent physical health issues. To embark on your self-healing journey and cultivate prosperity, consider engaging in a 21-day practice.

Commence the practice by drawing the Vasudha symbol on three specific chakras: the Third Eye chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra, and the Root chakra. This symbol facilitates the opening and harmonization of energy flow within these areas, fostering the healing process. Once this step is completed, commit to practicing continuously for 21 days. This consistent effort allows for the development of a sustainable practice and the establishment of lasting results.

As you persist with your practice, you will witness the manifestation of positive changes in your life. These changes may include heightened clarity and focus in your thoughts, a sense of peace and well-being, and improvements in physical health. Maintaining consistency in your practice is key to reaping the full range of benefits it offers.

Embarking on the journey of self-healing requires dedication and commitment, but the rewards are significant. Through regular practice, you can cultivate a greater flow of prosperity in your life and foster a deeper connection with yourself. Why not embark on this transformative journey and experience the positive changes it can bring?

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This Reiki symbol is an ancient symbol that has been used for hundreds of years. It was discovered in India and it helps you manifest your dreams so you can live the life of your dreams.

There are many ways to use this powerful symbol, including meditation, affirmations, or using it as protection or an affirmation tool. This article teaches you all of the ways to use it.

Now, don’t wait another day to manifest all of your dreams! You can attract more wealth, abundance, success, and prosperity into your life just by using this symbol on a regular basis. The only thing stopping you is fear. Take control over your thoughts today.

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