How to use reiki for money empowerment | 7 Simple steps

Looking for an effective way to bolster your finances?

If yes, it is time to look at reiki for money empowerment. Yes, you read that, right!

Reiki can help you attract money. Simultaneously, the steps you need to follow are relatively simple when you want to attract money using reiki. The only problem is that most people do not know where to start. If you, too, have the same confusion, this article will undoubtedly help you out.

We will share a few simple steps through which you can use reiki for money empowerment.

How to use reiki for money empowerment?

The steps below are simple to execute and are just 7 in number. That is why, when planning to use reiki for money empowerment, you will not have to go through an elaborate procedure. You can simply practice these seven steps.

1. Start by changing your thinking:

How do you currently think about money?

You need to first and foremost find the answer to this question. Most people have negative thoughts and emotions when it comes to money. There are statements like:

· I’m not able to make enough money.

· Making money is a difficult task.

· Money stresses me out.

If you think negatively about money, reiki or any other technique cannot help you. That is why; the first step towards using reiki for money empowerment is to change your thinking.

You have to repeat statements like:

· Money gives me joy.

· I am on my part to financial freedom.

· I have abundant money.

When you change your thinking and develop positive emotions about money, you can only use the money reiki to your advantage. It is the first step which you have to undertake.

2. Use affirmations:

Reiki technique also advises you to use the power of affirmations to attract money.

You need to write down these affirmations or statements and repeat them to yourself verbally throughout the day. These are picked up by your subconscious mind, and therefore, the chances of their manifestation are relatively high. Some of these affirmations include:

· I love earning money.

· I’m able to make a lot of money through various sources.

· I am financially secure.

· I own a lot of money.

Right now, these statements might make you a bit uncomfortable. However, if you write them down in a journal after waking up in the morning and before sleeping, your subconscious mind would change your beliefs. As a result, this reiki self-treatment will actually help you empower yourself with money rather than be worried about it.

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3. Use Reiki Symbols:

Did you know about reiki symbols that you can use to attract money?

Before we go into details of these symbols, it is essential to understand that reiki uses conscious energy and intelligent energy to help you get what you want. This quest consists of a few symbols as well, which can help you achieve your goal. The symbols always remind your subconscious mind regarding the goal that you are trying to achieve.

As a result, the chances of achieving that goal (in this case money) are overwhelmingly high.

The Reiki symbols which you need to use are:

· Dollar symbol

· Euro symbol

· Golden Pyramid symbol

· And so on

We would go into the details of these symbols below to disclose more about them. You need to make sure that you either keep the drawing the symbols or physical symbols around you if you want to use reiki to empower yourself with money.

4. Create a Money Box:

The next step which you need to undertake is to create a Reiki money box.

The procedure to do so is relatively simple.

· You have to first and foremost write down your affirmations and your intentions.

· You have to place those pieces of paper in a box.

· After that, by Reiki techniques, you have to transfer energy to that box daily.

Doing so daily will ensure that you can heal your finances through reiki. As a result, sooner than later, your financial problems will be a thing of the past.

5. Use the power of visualization:

Reiki for money empowerment

You need to use the power of visualization in conjunction with the energy to empower that vision. The visualization technique involves meditating and thinking about the life which you want. You have to think in such a manner as if you have achieved all those riches.

Once you visualize that, it is crucial to use Reiki techniques to empower that visualization. At the same time, you have to use the distant symbol of reiki to do so.

You have to practice this exercise just before going to sleep. Doing so ensures that you can attract money to your life using the power of reiki.

6. Cleanse the space around you:

Have you heard about Reiki energy poles?

If not, it is time to find out more about them. These are energy poles that spread positive energy in their vicinity. You have to cleanse your home as well as the workspace using these energy poles.

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You have to place them in all corners of the premises. It will ensure that the negativity decreases significantly.

A few other things which you can use to cleanse the space around you include:

· Sage

· Incense sticks

· Rock salt

· Camphor

According to reiki, space cleansing is one of the most efficient ways to remove negative energy and work towards your goal. As a result, if you want to empower yourself with money using reiki, space cleansing is a must.

7. Use Money crystals:

Reiki classifies quite a few crystals as money crystals. These include:

· Citrine

· Green Adventurine

· Peridot

· Malachite

If you want to achieve financial abundance, it is essential to have these crystals with you. You might be thinking about how to keep them with you all the time?

You can buy mini pendants, bracelets, or earrings. It will ensure that they are in the auric field in your vicinity. Also, since they would be a part of your jewelry, you can wear them regularly.

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If you do not want to wear them, keep them in your workspace and home. Then too, they will have their aura in the vicinity.

These money crystals will undoubtedly help you attract financial abundance.

These are the seven simple steps you can use to empower yourself financially using the reiki principles.

Now that you are aware of the seven simple steps, we will shed some light on the Reiki symbols for money empowerment, which we have highlighted above.

How do you use the Reiki symbol for money?

Reiki for money empowerment

We will now share with you a few Reiki symbols for money. Not only that, but we will also share with you how you can use these symbols for money empowerment.

1. Dollar symbol:

The dollar symbol is believed to be synonymous with money. You don’t need to have a 3-D dollar symbol everywhere you go. You can simply draw it with your hand on documents and on things like your smartphone cover or your laptop skin. It is one of the most common Reiki money symbols. It is used by Reiki practitioners all over the world.

2. Euro symbol:

Euro, similar to the dollar symbol, is believed to be synonymous with money. You can draw it on the documents around you, or use its 3-D form. The aim is to position the symbol so that it is visible to you frequently throughout the day.

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3. Golden Pyramid symbol:

The golden Pyramid symbol is a 3-D symbol. It consists of a 4-sided pyramid in gold color. If you’re visualizing it, you need to visualize it to be moving in the clockwise direction.

The advantage of this symbol is that it helps you with money empowerment and eliminates negative karma or negative energy. Since it is a 3-D symbol, you either need to either visualize it or buy a physical form.

These are the three most common Reiki money symbols. You can use them such that you can see them frequently throughout the day. Using our guide above, you can use the symbols regularly.

Another symbol which you might have heard about when it comes to using reiki for money empowerment is the Midas symbol. We would go into the details of the same below to help you understand how you can use it to your advantage.

What is the Midas symbol?

The Midas symbol in reiki is prosperity simple. It refers to not just money but every sphere of your life. The spheres include love, harmony, personal relations, and so on. That is why; we did not mention it in the list above but are describing it separately.

Now that you are aware of the same, we will help you understand how you can use this symbol for money empowerment.

How do you use the Midas star symbol?

The best way to use the Midas star symbol is to print it on a piece of paper. You have to then write your intentions of positive affirmations on it below. When you’re repeatedly writing the affirmations or intentions below, the Midas star symbol’s effect will be reinforced.


So, if you have a troubling relationship with finances and money, now is the time to use reiki to your advantage. Using our guide above, you can manifest the money and riches which you want without having to opt for any intricate procedure. Our guide above provides you with seven simple steps that you can undertake for the same. Now is the time to use the power of reiki to get out of your financial problems.

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