75 Powerful Money Mantras for Affluence. Start the day the right way!

 I am manifesting high quantities of money with ease.

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“My finances increase every night as I sleep.”

Money is the root of comfort and happiness.”

Money is beautiful.

Money helps the world and everybody in it.

75 Powerful Money Mantras for Affluence. Start the day the right way! 1

I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking.

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An explosion of money is coming my way.

I can easily afford anything I could ever possibly want or need.

I love money and all it does for me.

I am overflowing with abundance.

A huge financial blessing is about to change my life.

Huge sums of money flow to me quickly and easily.

75 Powerful Money Mantras for Affluence. Start the day the right way! 2

Money allows me to be more giving and donate to the causes I believe in.

I deserve to be financially rewarded.

This month is filled with financial abundance and massive success.

It is safe for me to achieve my money goals in easy and fun ways.

I am getting richer and richer every single day.

75 Powerful Money Mantras for Affluence. Start the day the right way! 3

I deserve financial security.

I love how easily I manifest money.

I am a millionaire.

I release every negative energy about money.

I receive lavish abundance every day of my life.

My bank account will increase beyond what I can spend and give.

I live in abundance.

Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences.

My bank account is ready to explode with more money than I can imagine.

It is my birthright to be rich, happy, and successful.

Prosperity is drawn to me.

I have money available to spend on what I choose.

Money comes to me in new ways that I never imagined.

My income is rising at an exceptional rate.

Wealth consistently flows into my life.

I am worthy of making more money than ever before.

I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.

My money allows me to live a life I love.

I am financially stable.

I make empowered financial decisions.

This life is so amazing and so fulfilling.

I am so grateful that I get to call this my life.

All the money I desire is already mine.

The universe is arranging everything in my favor.

I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.

Prosperity is the direct result of deliberate thought and action.

I trust and appreciate the universe completely.

I love attracting money into my life.

My finances improve beyond my dreams.

I am open and receptive to all of life’s riches.

Every dollar I spend comes back to me tripled.

I am always full of money.

Money is peaceful.

It is enjoyable to earn so much money.

I am wealthy, healthy, and happy.

Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money.

I am a huge success.

All the money I spend comes back to me multiplied.

I release all resistance to attracting money.

I gladly welcome unlimited wealth into my life.

I am spiritually able to handle all the money and abundance that’s sent my way.

I trust money.

Enormous amounts of money come to me at unexpected times.

The streams of income I have are endless.

The experiences I have in life help fuel my income.

am a money magnet.

I am unstoppable and have everything I need at my fingertips.

I am open and ready to receive money now.

Money allows me to go on luxurious vacations.

I am at peace with having a bunch of money.

Thank you, Universe for sending me money at the right place and time.

I am beyond grateful that my income is increasing rapidly.

I am worthy of positive cash flow.

I am free to be as happy, as successful, and as rich as I choose to be.

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