Can Reiki Attract Love? And what is the best way?

Can Reiki Attract Love? Well, it’s not a love potion or a magic spell, but Reiki can certainly help you attract love by opening your heart and releasing emotional blocks that may be preventing you from finding your soulmate.

In this article, we’ll explore how Reiki can be used to manifest love and the steps you can take to attract your perfect match. So if you’re ready to let love in, keep reading!

can Reiki attract love?

Attracting Love Through Reiki

It is true that Reiki is a healing art. It provides relief for countless numbers of patients, not just through the alleviation of symptoms, but by tackling their underlying causes. And this is where its true worth lies. It is also why it is highly likely to help you find love.

You see, Reiki is all about wholeness. When you are searching so hard for love, longing for that spark, that connection that is so elusive, you are neither happy nor whole.

Overall, you may be getting on with life and appear to be content enough. But on the inside, you feel alone and empty, as if a part of you is missing. So how can Reiki attract love?

The first thing to accept is that it isn’t a magic trick. Nobody will wave a wand and instantly produce the perfect life partner and soulmate. It is a process, and it will take some work. But you must believe that it will work, as it has for thousands of people out there.

Reiki to attract a specific person

Reiki is not about getting a mate, but rather about finding the right person. This means that you are in control of the process. If you are looking for someone very specific, then this should be your aim when using Reiki to attract love.

But it does require some thought on your part. What qualities do you seek? Is it someone of a certain age? People often find themselves attracted to people of the opposite sex, but how do you know if this is what you truly want?

Before even thinking about Reiki, really consider your criteria. And then choose an affirmation that will help you achieve this goal. Remember that affirmations are positive statements that are used to influence your subconscious.

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For example, one might be “I attract loving relationships”. This is known as a general affirmation because it simply states the basic ideal, rather than focusing on specifics. But you could make your affirmation even more effective by including the word ‘specifically’ e.g.: “I specifically attract loving relationships”.

And then, when you are doing Reiki healing sessions, focus on these words. Visualize the person of your dreams and see them being drawn to you, ready to love and cherish you forever. And if they aren’t right for you, imagine increasing their good qualities while diminishing any bad ones.

This will help you find the right person. It is possible to be too specific, however. For example, you might not want someone of a certain age but this doesn’t mean there isn’t some other ideal age range for you to seek out.

Can Reiki Attract Love? And what is the best way? 1

Reiki symbol for attracting love

The heart chakra is the seat of love and feelings. It is even sometimes known as the ‘love chakra’. And through using a symbol for this energy center, you can achieve some incredible results in your efforts to attract love into your life.

The first thing is to understand how Reiki symbols work. Each one has its own resonance so it plays upon specific energy centers within your body.

the heart chakra has a higher vibration than the root chakra, which is where you need to focus in order to attract love. The  Love Symbol is the appropriate symbol to use in this instance.

Reiki symbol for love

The reiki symbol for love is essentially a symbol for the heart chakra. It is also called the Love Symbol because it can be used to stimulate this energy center.

so using this symbol at the same time as visualizing your ideal mate will help you achieve some impressive results soon after starting up your Reiki sessions.

Reiki symbols for manifestation

The Law of Attraction is the mechanism that will help you attract love. It isn’t magic and you shouldn’t expect miracles overnight, but by using Reiki combined with an affirmation and the symbols listed above, your chances of success are greatly increased.

And remember to maintain a positive attitude while doing all this. If you are expecting to receive negative results, then that is what you will get. Stay positive and focused on your goal and good things will occur. The Law of Attraction is a wonderful thing!

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It all starts with YOU

How do you feel about yourself? The honest truth is that this could be what is keeping you from finding love. You need to learn to love yourself first.

But when life has dealt you some challenging situations in the form of trauma and difficulties, from your childhood right up to the present, you could be left feeling worthless.

Low self-esteem can be crippling, as some of us know too well. It may be that you’ve been exposed to abuse, constant criticism, numerous failed relationships, or been left with self-doubt because of religious dogma.

Let’s stop right here and get this fact straight – you are wonderful. You are unique. You are beautiful, inside and out. And you deserve happiness. The Universe, God, the Source, whatever you like to call the supreme, creative force that holds everything together, is working for you at all times.

It understands that you are enough in yourself. You don’t need anyone to ‘complete you’. This is the first step; love yourself and accept that you are enough.

Losing the baggage

If you are already attuned to Reiki, perform daily healing on yourself. If not, seek a practitioner who will help to free you from some of the negative baggage that’s accumulated over the years.

You need to let go of the past, including negative emotions and attachments to people and situations. Reiki can help you to do this, and to focus your mind on ‘the now’. Once your energies are flowing free and clear, your pathway to love will run a lot more smoothly. But we’re not done yet!

Reiki can help you to identify patterns in relationships that have not ended well. There’s no point going into a new one with the same attitudes and expectations. The result will nearly always be the same.

So try to examine yourself. Look at some of the possible flaws – but don’t be too hard on yourself! None of us are perfect, after all. We need to love ourselves in spite of our flaws, but seek ways to improve ourselves where possible. Reiki can help by improving communication, empathy, and healing emotional wounds.

It also helps to clear the mind and allow proper self-analysis, without judgment. Through doing this, we can begin to attract love by loving ourselves and displaying the qualities we want to see in our soulmate.

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Manifesting love

can Reiki attract love?

Reiki goes hand-in-hand with manifestation. In fact, it often gives it a significant boost. To apply this in your life, begin by visualizing the person you wish to attract whilst you perform Reiki on yourself.

Write down their qualities and quirks, and be specific. Then you must feel as if this person is already in your life. Be filled with gratitude for their presence. At this point, you may wish to use Reiki symbols to attract love.

It’s by no means essential, but some of us have found it a powerful aid in manifesting love.

Use whichever symbols you are attuned to – there are many new ones that have been added over the years from different disciplines of Reiki. None are right or wrong, they simply are. And if they work for you, then all well and good.

If you are being treated by a practitioner. they may well use symbols. One of the main symbols for this kind of work will be Harth, as it relates to matters concerning the heart.

As well as dealing with physical problems, it also represents unconditional love and relationship healing. And it is powerful.

You can’t hurry love!

Finally, Reiki will teach you to be patient. You are complete in yourself, and once you accept that and be happy, love will find you.

Impatience will only serve to make you unhappy, possibly rushing into a relationship that will not serve either of you.

When you tell the universe that you are seeking love for the greatest good, and you are thankful, showing gratitude for where you are now, then get ready. The love you are seeking, that one person you so richly deserve, will find you.

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