5 Best Crystals for Solar Plexus chakra(what you need to know)

Our solar plexus chakra is responsible for how we carry and value ourselves. An active and balanced solar plexus chakra can boost your self-confidence and willpower. Our solar plexus chakras help us remain aware of our best self.

The five best crystals for your solar plexus chakra are Yellow Jasper, Golden Heliodor, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, Sunstone, and Lemon Quartz.

However, if you become overly compulsive, domineering, or even obsessive the crystals listed above will help soothe and heal a solar plexus chakra and keep it balanced. In this article we are going to explain in greater detail the benefits of these five crystals will also offer some tips on how to use them.

#1 Yellow Jasper

Formed by a combination of chalcedony and quartz, Yellow Jasper is silica that features a smooth surface with opaque transparency. It can help protect you from all types of negativity while encouraging inner joy and peace. It calms both your emotions and your nervous system, helping you keep your mind pure and assisting you with moving forward in your life. How to do so without carrying your past? Not only one yellow Jasper bring you patience and tolerance in situations and relationships and also phones you with positive understanding stamina and energy.

#2 Golden Heliodor

This Crystal is a variety of Beryl and can range from a bright pure yellow to a golden honey color. These are also commonly known as hope stones are known for their ability to reduce anxiety provide relief from emotional burdens and pressure And soothe your nervous system. Heaters have used this stone to determine dishonest intentions and to encourage honesty and others it’s known for its ability to attract positive finances and employment opportunities

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#3 Yellow Tiger’s Eye

Also commonly referred to as a stone of Courage this is a variety of tigers eye that is yellow and resonates strongly with your solar plexus chakra heaters have used it for years to boost people’s confidence and help them deal with irrational fears. If you’re struggling to meet your goals get this Crystal to unblock your solar plexus chakra. It will encourage you to pursue your capabilities and talents and take more risks

#4 Sunstone

This Crystal is known for releasing vibrational energy and creating optimistic feelings that boost self-confidence and self-esteem in people who want to unblock their solar plexus chakra. The power of the sunstone will help boost your feelings of self-confidence and self-empowerment and help you develop better leadership qualities and remove any doubts that come from previous failures are an embarrassment

#5: Lemon Quartz

This powerful Crystal has long been associated with personal empowerment and optimism if you’re looking to activate and boost the power of your solar effect this Crystal will help remove self-doubt and cleans your own and love you with a new sense of self-confidence. Users of lemon quartz feel a deep inner joy and peace I can also help you deal with symptoms of diabetes and food cravings as it boosts your metabolism and provides you with a speedy recovery from surgery illness or injury

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What does the solar plexus chakra do?

Also known as the Manipura in Sanskrit( a classical language of South Asia) the solar plexus translates as the city of jewels it’s located in the upper region of your belly close to your diaphragm and is your center for the development of personal power.

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Your solar plexus chakra controls your authenticity identity ego and personality it dictates the choices you make and even controls your personal freedom.

the solar plexus chakra helps with a sense of purpose to boost your willpower and keeps you motivated.

The chakra I’m seeing dictates a healthy digestive system to as well as an organs linked to it it has jurisdiction over both emotional and physical issues that relate to your gut

Yellow is the color that symbolizes your solar plexus chakra it’s primarily a masculine energy but it also signifies a downward pointing triangle that is placed within a 10 petal flower closely related to the Sun your mantra when working on your chakra and you’re over spiritual health is “I can”

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What does it mean when your solar plexus chakra hurts?

When you have a healthy solar plexus chakra you are comfortable with who you are and your body is filled with strength and self-confidence. a balanced sort of like the chakra teaches you to be assertive but not aggressive and gives you the ability to set healthy boundaries you learn how to judge both others and yourself fairly without being overly critical.

However when you’re a solar plastic chakra hurts it can throw you off balance and cause serious issues with self-confidence that can manifest in symptoms such as

  • Lack of self-control
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • An Inability to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Co-dependency
  • Addiction

At some time in our lives, most people will find their inner chakra hurting. It will either be out of balance or they will have a block that is caused by negative energy. Thomas listed above well quickly sabotage the vitality of your certificate leaving you to feel exhausted, anxious, and even seriously ill

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How the crystals listed above can help open your Solar Plexus chakra?

With the help of any, all or a combination of some of the crystals listed above you can revitalize your solar plexus chakra your solar plexus suffer is great if you surprised by the Sun so during the colder winter months it’s advisable that you keep one of these crystals close at hand.

By simply holding one of the crystals we advise you to picture your solar plexus chakra as a bright yellow ball of light Focus the energy of the Crystal and picture the light getting stronger and stronger feel the crystal strength infusing into your chakra you feel pulsing with the energy of the Sun as your chakra becomes stronger and steadier

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