5 Best Root Chakra Crystals. And How to Use Them

The root chakra is the center of our primal needs – security, safety, survival instinct are all connected to the root chakra. When it’s balanced, the root chakra grounds us in the here and now and provides a sense of stability. When unbalanced, we may feel anxious, agitated and unsafe, and may have physical symptoms such as low back pain, constipation, and fatigue. 

The best root chakra crystals for balancing energy work include red jasper, tiger eye, red carnelian, black obsidian, and bloodstone. Root chakra crystal energy work can be a powerful tool to open and balance the root chakra when needed.

How do I use Root Chakra Crystals?

Grounding meditation with root chakra crystals can help awaken, heal, and open the root chakra and provide a sense of security, safety, happiness in the present, and connection to other living things. The root chakra grounds us to the Earth, so root chakra energy work is best performed outside if possible. 

Consider laying down for meditation and placing root chakra crystals over the base of your spine, holding two root chakra crystals in your hand and tuning in to their vibrations, or creating a circle of root chakra crystals and meditating in the center. Some crystals to consider for your root chakra energy work are:

  • Red Jasper – Red Jasper is a tried and true healing crystal for the root chakra. The color red represents the root chakra, and Red Jasper shares this color and the vibrational energy of the root chakra. Red Jasper is extremely grounding and can connect you to life force energy. This crystal boosts motivation, inspires bravery, increases sexual virility. Red Jasper is water safe and can create charged water by placing it in water and setting it in the moonlight or the sunlight. Red Jasper can also be added to a meditative crystal bath.
  • Red Carnelian – Red carnelian inspires confidence, creativity, increases self-esteem, and brings good luck. For women, this crystal can help balance the reproductive organs. Red carnelian makes beautiful jewelry and can be worn to help focus on the root chakra all day long. Red Carnelian is water safe but should not be put in saltwater.
  • Black Obsidian -Black obsidian is a powerful cleansing crystal and can be especially helpful if your root chakra feels blocked. Black obsidian helps ground you in connection with the earth and clears negative energy. Black obsidian can be an excellent stone in a divination practice – its shiny black surface is perfect for scrying. Its purification qualities can protect tarot cards or other sacred tools from negative energy. Black obsidian is water-safe but can crack in extreme temperatures.
  • Bloodstone – Bloodstone is grounding and connects you to the here and now. This crystal can inspire inner strength, help bring mental clarity, increase confidence, endurance, and courage, and help to navigate stressful situations. Bloodstone strengthens and purifies the root chakra, bringing energy into balance and inspiring you to take charge of your life. Bloodstone is water safe.
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What Food is Good for the Root Chakra?

Red food can help bring the root chakra into balance. Be sure to avoid red dyes or other artificially colored foods and stick with naturally red foods, such as cherries, red peppers, pomegranates, beets, tomatoes, and raspberries. 

Root vegetables can help ground you in Earth energy and strengthen the root chakra – sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, and celeriac are all good choices.

Protein sources can help strengthen the root chakra, especially land animal sources like beef, eggs, lamb, or plant-based proteins like tofu. 

Keep meals intended to nourish your root chakra simple, choosing whole foods and just a few seasonings. Warm spices like cinnamon and turmeric can be beneficial for stimulating the root chakra.

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How do you Treat an Overactive Root Chakra?

An overactive root chakra can lead to anger, agitation, and feeling stuck. If your root chakra is overactive, treat it with grounding root chakra crystal meditations, physical movement outdoors, or balancing yoga practice. 

Earth-focused activities like hiking, walking barefoot, or gardening can all help balance the root chakra.

Dancing or drumming can help clear excess root chakra energy – make sure to engage in this somewhere where you feel completely uninhibited and can let your body’s natural rhythm take over. Strong yoga poses like Warrior can help bring the root chakra into balance, and yoga poses that connect you to Earth’s energy, like Child’s Pose, Mountain Pose, and Corpse Pose, can also be beneficial.

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Crystals for an Overactive Root Chakra

When trying to bring an overactive root chakra into balance, consider crystals that have a balancing and grounding properties and those that dispels negative energy. Some good choices for balancing root chakra crystal energy work are:

  • Tiger’s eye with clear quartz
  • Red jasper with onyx or black obsidian
  • Bloodstone with smoky quartz
  • Red carnelian with fire agate

You may need to cleanse your crystals of negative energy after using them to balance your root chakra – if your crystals feel heavy or dull, they likely need to be cleansed. Sea salt, sunlight, and smoke from a cleansing herb such as rosemary are good choices for cleansing your crystals.

Enjoy your Journey to a Balanced Root Chakra

Connecting with your root chakra can lead to a greater understanding of your basic needs and encourage you to set healthy boundaries to take care of yourself and so that you can be happy, secure, and enthusiastic about life! 

Be sure to follow your intuition and choose activities that make you feel rooted to the here and now in a healthy, life-giving way. 

Feeling grounded is especially important in our fast-paced society, and taking time to care for your root chakra is essential for a sense of safety and well-being. Take your time and enjoy your root chakra crystal energy work – getting grounded isn’t a race; it’s a life-long journey towards inner knowing. Namaste!

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