5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide)

People born from the third week of June to the third week of July fall under the sign of the crab, also known as Cancer. With a water element, Cancerians are emotional, romantic, compassionate caring, imaginative, and helpful. Due to their sensitivity to emotions, they can easily absorb negative feelings from others, making them susceptible to anxiety or depression

In such cases, Cancerians require different chakra crystals that cater to their attributes and the way they process the energy in their surroundings. This allows them to counter their weaknesses and play to their strengths, spreading joy and happiness in their own and other people’s lives. 

Now you may think to yourself – these are all positive attributes, so why would there be a need to have healing crystals for cancer through reiki? It is quite simple, Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, and hence, they do have their weaknesses. They tend to easily be moody, fall into pessimism, suffer from a lack of confidence, and may give into suspicion. All of these acts require harboring negative energy for long periods that can become very stressful on the mind and body because they take it to their heart. 

This is why there are reiki benefits for Cancer sign because of how it handles and disperses the negative energy from in and around them. So reiki healing is one way of making a Cancerian feel appreciated and cared for, allowing them to relax and let go of their weaknesses. 

Here are the best chakra crystals for Cancerians. 


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5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 2

This comes as no surprise because the precious royal red gemstone is allotted as the birthstone for Cancerians. Not only does ruby used as a healing crystal in reiki provide familiarity to Cancerians, but it also promotes the elimination of negative energy that gave birth to their insecurity and lack of confidence. 

The ruby is ruled by the Sun and reflects the vitality and the energy of a Cancer sign, which is why it can be easily used during a reiki healing session. The cosmic connection of the ruby ruled by the Sun and Cancer ruled by the Moon brings balance into the Cancerian’s life. It can be placed particularly on the mind and the heart or can be worn as part of jewelry to give a boost of confidence and security. 


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5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 4
5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 5

The moonstone, as its name suggests, looks like a piece of the moon and its ethereal glow is bound to attract the Cancer sign. It is also the secondary birthstone that is associated with this zodiac sign. From ancient times, Romans have used the moonstone as a talisman to protect themselves from negativity when traveling at night. This is why it is the perfect healing crystal for the Cancer sign. 

The moonstone is used to improve one’s intuition (that Cancerians have as an attribute), self-expression, and it allows a person to connect with their subconscious part of the mind (inner self). In other words, it is associated with the crown, heart, and third eye chakras. So it can be used if you are having obscure thoughts and are doubting yourself. 

Rose Quartz

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5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 7
5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 7
5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 7

This is a gemstone that is characterized by its beautiful shades of pink color. Since this is known as the stone meant for unconditional love, this is why it is often associated with the ‘heart chakra.’ It works perfectly to amplify the loving and caring traits of a Cancerian. Hence, it promotes all types of unconditional love, including the trait of self-love, which can enable you to continue to evade negative energy in the future. 

So, if you feel you are absorbed in a cycle of self-pity or suffered a broken heart, then in a reiki healing session, rose quartz is used. It can be placed in your hand or on your heart to facilitate healing an emotional wound. We would even recommend wearing it as a necklace or bracelet to boost love in all aspects of your life. 


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With a similar sheen to the moonstone, opal has an ethereal glow to it that attracts Cancerians. It is revered since ancient times as the gemstone that heals old wounds both physical and emotional.  This gemstone is also associated with the Cancer sign because it is a hydrous silicon dioxide which means it has high water content. Since Cancer is symbolized by the crab and has water as its element, that’s why opal is also taken as one of the birthstones of this zodiac sign. 

As its birthstone, opal’s healing properties as a chakra crystal magnify Cancer’s strengths. It can be used to connect with your ideal self, boost memory recall, and promote creativity. As such, it is a stone that brings to light issues and wounds that you had buried deep inside you which is characteristic of a Cancerian to harbor negativity. 


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5 Best Chakra Crystals for a Cancerian (helpful Guide) 13

Like the opal and the moonstone, selenite is also connected with the Moon. Greeks named this gemstone after their moon goddess Selene. It is a great gemstone for improving intuition, making self-discoveries, and protecting against negative energy. This is because it is associated with the crown and the third eye chakras. Hence, it can be used to clean your mind of negativity, thus promoting the thought of forgiveness in all aspects of life. 

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Final Thoughts

Cancerians need different chakra crystals from other zodiac signs

Cancerians are sentimental beings that like staying close to their family and loved ones, which is why they are more easily susceptible to negative outbursts and displays of emotions. These negative emotions from others can easily be absorbed and magnified in their minds and hearts. Hence, this is why there are many benefits of taking part in reiki healing sessions using chakra crystals designed for the Cancer sign. 

If you are looking to get a reiki healing session, please reach out to us. We would love to help you!

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