The best healing properties of Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has been used within spiritual practices for thousands of years. Historically, it was thought that Clear Quartz was ice that had frozen so much, it would never melt.

Quartz has various properties. It is a well-balanced crystal that protects, works with the spiritual mind, amplifies other crystals’ properties, and has many healing benefits.

Quartz is a fantastic crystal to have within the home, wear as jewelry, and aid in spiritual and healing practices because of its many benefits.

The best healing properties of Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz has been used in healing practices for thousands of years. When worn, it is known to relieve headaches and send out calming vibrations that establish clarity within the mind making it useful for healing techniques.

More specific healing uses for Clear Quartz include placing it on the gum to provide relief for toothache, placing a tumble stone within a glass of fresh spring water daily to improve health subtly, and when held, can help reduce fevers.

It can also be rubbed, or placed, on the affected part of the body during healing sessions to help relieve symptoms and promote healing. When used in healing sessions, they help stimulate the immune system and balance the body.


Clear Quartz is a natural amplifier of energies. When placed near other crystals, it works to amplify their qualities. Additionally, it boosts positive energies, making life-enhancing energies more effective while reducing chaotic or inharmonious energies.

Due to its ability to amplify, it is often used in spiritual practices for this purpose. This ability makes it one of the best crystals to use for healing techniques, as healing becomes more effective due to the combination of its healing powers and its amplifying qualities.

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Reiki Healing

Due to its connection to all Chakra points, Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal to use in Reiki Healing practices.

Clear Quartz works to balance all the Chakra points within the body. You can place the crystal on the individual Chakras to rebalance the body and remove any energy blockages.

Additionally, It is an excellent crystal to have on hand during Reiki Healing sessions due to its amplifying qualities. it is placed around the body during a healing session, aiding the healing process by amplifying other crystals’ qualities.

The flexibility of Clear Quartz as an aid for Reiki Healing makes it seem like an extra pair of hands. It enables crystals with more targeted healing properties or Chakra ties to be used while still gaining the unique abilities of Clear Quartz in the healing process.

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How to activate Clear Quartz

Activation and setting an intention

Before activating your crystal, it is essential to set an intention for the stone.

Clear Quartz is a flexible crystal, so you may find your intention for one day may differ from the next. With each use, be sure to set a clear purpose for your Clear Quartz crystal before diving into any healing practices.

To set your intention, make sure the crystal has been cleansed first. If this is your first time with the crystal, take a moment to attune to its energy. Sharing energy creates a deeper connection between yourself and your crystal.

Once attuned, hold the crystal in your hand and meditate on the purpose of the crystal. For healing practices, for example, do you intend to use Clear Quartz to amplify, to heal, or both? Visualize the thoughts being absorbed by the Clear Quartz, or speak them aloud to ensure the crystal knows its role.

The best healing properties of Clear Quartz 1The best healing properties of Clear Quartz 2

Reiki Healing

Clear Quartz is commonly used as an aid in Reiki Healing practices. Before use, make sure the stone has been cleansed, attuned to, and has had its intention set.

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During the healing session, the qualities of Clear Quartz can be activated and utilized by placing the crystal on the Chakra Points of the body.

Clear Quartz works to balance and unblock the Chakras, and it will set to work alongside you during the healing session.

Additionally, during a healing session, you can ask the patient to hold the crystal or place Clear Quartz around or near the body to help amplify the properties of the other crystals you may be using.

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they can be used in other ways beyond Reiki Healing. Wearing Quartz in jewelry form can help ensure its properties are always to hand and gently work.

When combined with other crystals, for example, on crystal bracelets, the amplifying abilities of Clear Quartz will begin to work to enhance the qualities of the other crystals.

Additionally, you can place clear Quartz within the home to provide calming and balanced energy within the house. The crystals amplifying abilities will boost positive energies in the home and reduce any inharmonious energies present, providing an almost cleansing atmosphere.

Finally, Clear Quartz can be carried or used in other spiritual practices in the form of a wand, healing tonic, crystal gardens, or as an aid to meditation.

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How to cleanse Clear Quartz

The best healing properties of Clear Quartz 3The best healing properties of Clear Quartz 4

Cleansing Clear Quartz can be quite a different experience from cleansing other crystals. Due to the crystal’s flexibility, it is used in a lot of healing practices, and often more than one of them may be present.

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It is essential to cleanse them after every healing or spiritual use. During a Reiki Healing session, the crystal works to unblock energies and bring balance to the body. Quartz aids in reducing illness and disease. You do not want all that negative energy within the crystal at the start of a healing session.

You can cleanse them through a variety of methods:

Natural Light

Place the Quartz crystal, or crystals, outside and allow the Sun and Moon’s energies to cleanse the crystal. This method will additionally charge the crystal.


Use a saltwater bowl, or natural running water, to wash away negative energy from the Quartz.


Bury the Quartz in soil. The soil will cleanse the crystal, and Mother Earth’s energy will then charge the Quartz.


Sage is safe to use with Clear Quartz. Outside, or with open windows, burn the sage. Pass the crystal through the smoke for a few minutes or until cleansed.


Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal. Known as a “Master Healer,” It brings balance to the body and can be used in many healing practices.

Clear Quartz is a must-have addition to Reiki Healing due to both its healing and its amplifying qualities. This flexibility makes it one of the best healing crystals. However, as mentioned above, be sure to cleanse and set an intention before each use.

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