3 best sacral chakra crystals and how to cleanse them

The seven chakra points affect our well-being and health in various ways. When our chakra points are balanced, they positively influence our health and well-being ranging from emotional to physical health. Each chakra point has its responsibility for our spiritual, physical, and emotional health. When the flow is blocked or unbalanced, it can have negative connotations.

so, what are the best sacral chakra crystals? in short Carnelian, Tigers Eye, and Jasper are. The above crystals are the best sacral chakra crystals and an invaluable aid when restoring harmony and balance to the sacral chakra.

Chakra crystals are a fantastic tool to use when focusing on chakra health. Chakra crystals can be used in the form of bracelets or alongside meditative practices. There are thousands of crystals out there that link to one, or more, of the chakra points.

Outlined below are the best sacral chakra crystals in more detail.

What are the best sacral chakra crystals?


Carnelian is an excellent sacral chakra crystal. This crystal has a fiery energy that is inspiring in nature. Carnelian also encourages the body’s natural healing ability and gently works to release imbalances and restore the correct flow of energy. Finally, it is a supportive crystal, aiding in creative endeavors.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye balances all the lower chakras. This crystal works to encourage confidence and grounds us, providing us with that safe and secure feeling of being at home. This feeling helps massively with issues of self-esteem that can often happen when the sacral chakra is blocked.

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Jasper is a nurturing crystal and is perfect when dealing with emotional and painful issues. Jasper is gentle and will help release the pains of the past and encourage a healthy future.

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What is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is the second chakra point from the base. It is the center of creative and sexual energy. The sacral chakra is located below the navel and has a clockwise energy flow from the front to the back of the body. This chakra point is responsible for intimacy and universal connection. It allows us to connect to others through intimacy and physical sensations.

The sacral chakra also holds pleasure and pain, and it can be draining when opened due to the unconscious memories and experiences held there. Additionally, this center is responsible for creativity and inspiration, enabling us to mark the world around us through creative flow.

What can block the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is represented by physical energy that can be neglected in favor of unlocking, and healing, the higher chakra points. This chakra can become blocked or unbalanced through stress, trauma, and negative emotions. These stresses can block the flow of energy from the sacral chakra.

When the sacral chakra is blocked, it can have adverse effects on health. Under-activity in this chakra can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated and create low self-esteem. Additionally, it can stifle self-expression, and you may find yourself having many creative blocks.

When the sacral chakra has too much energy flowing through it, it is also off-balance. This flow may cause you to feel angry, jealous, and overly attached to something or someone.

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How to activate and heal the sacral chakra

Opening the sacral chakra can be achieved through meditation; you can accomplish this with, or without, sacral chakra crystals in hand.

Holding the crystal, focus on the chakra point and visualize a ball of orange light- the color for the sacral chakra. Imagine this light growing and expanding, getting stronger. Additionally, you can visualize friendship and love, drawing these emotions and feelings toward yourself.

Wearing a sacral chakra crystal bracelet can also help to bring balance to the sacral chakra. It is vital to make sure to cleanse, charge, and set an intention for your crystals before using them for either of these methods.

What foods are good for the sacral chakra?

Achieving a healthy and balanced chakra flow can also be achieved by eating with the chakras in mind. The color associated with the sacral chakra is orange. Eating orange-colored food can help achieve balance within the sacral chakra. Foods such as carrots, mangoes, oranges, apricots, and even sweet potatoes are all perfect foods for the sacral chakra.

How to cleanse sacral chakra crystals

Before working with your sacral chakra crystals, you must cleanse them to remove all negative influences and energies from the crystal.

There are a variety of different methods that you can choose from to cleanse your crystals, dependent on the environment and tools available.

1: Sage Stick

Using a sage stick is the safest method for cleansing chakra crystals, as it will not damage the crystals. Pass the crystal through the smoke to cleanse them. You can use fragrances such as white sage, pine, and sandalwood for cleansing rituals should you use incense instead of a sage stick.

2: Earth

Burying crystals in the soil is another safe way to cleanse all crystals. You can place crystals as if they are smooth stones, like tumble stones, or place them in a fabric bag to prevent the soil from embedding in the ridges if the crystals are more grainy. This method allows mother nature to purify the crystals by absorbing the negative energy, and additionally, when left for longer, the crystals will naturally charge.

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3: Sunlight

This method works with the energies of both the sun and the moon. These divine energies work to burn away negative energy and charge the crystal. Be wary not to place the crystals in direct sunlight, mainly if they are brittle or prone to color distortion.

4: Water

Naturally running water can be used to cleanse most hard crystals. Softer crystals can be damaged if placed in water, so this method is not advisable for more delicate crystals. Place the crystals in a net under naturally running water and allow the water to wash away the negative energies.

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Achieving balance within the chakras is a fantastic way to improve overall health and well-being. Restoring balance and flow can naturally attract positive energies into your life with remarkable spiritual, sexual, emotional, and mental health outcomes. The above crystals are the best sacral chakra crystals and an invaluable aid when restoring harmony and balance to the sacral chakra.

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