Reiki for Gerbils (Can Reiki Help with Your Gerbil?)

Have a gerbils, and like to know if reiki can help your little gerbils? read on to find out!

Reiki is a healing technique that has been used for centuries to promote balance and well-being in both people and animals. Though it is not widely known, reiki can be a very beneficial practice for gerbils.

Is Reiki beneficial for gerbils?

yes, Reiki can be very beneficial for gerbils. With it, they will be balanced and healthy in body, mind, and spirit!

Reiki is beneficial for all living beings. However, because gerbils are very sensitive to energy, it does not work as well for them as it does for the more self-aware humans and animals.

They can sense Reiki, so receiving it will help them tremendously. It works at their own level of conscious awareness, which would be in a way similar to meditating.

if they do not readily accept the Reiki, it would be best to introduce them slowly and carefully, by placing your hands close to either side of their bodies. If they seem especially stressed or anxious, then they may need more Reiki than you’re giving them. In that case, it would be best to talk to a professional Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is best used as preventative medicine, so give them lots of it! It will keep their immune system strong and healthy and they will stay free of illnesses and disease.

reiki for gerbils

5 things that might happen if you start doing reiki with your gerbil.

1. Gerbil gets better at coping with stress

It might be hard for us to imagine, but gerbs are actually pretty stressed-out creatures.

They have so many things they need to keep in balance: eating enough, exercising enough without overworking their bodies, sleeping just the right amount of time, being able to get away from other gerbils that are dominating them, not being too hot or too cold…and on top of that?

They’re vulnerable prey animals in a world full of predators!

This is why it makes sense that reiki benefits gerbils by helping them better cope with stress. After all, if you receive reiki when you are already feeling calm and relaxed, it’s probably going to make you even calmer – isn’t it?

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But what if you were feeling stressed out already? Well, that’s when reiki can help your gerbil better cope with stress instead of just completely making the stress go away.

It might sound counter-intuitive at first, but remember: Reiki is about finding balance in body and mind! The more you practice being balanced yourself – which is what reiki helps within a very direct way – the easier it will be for your gerbil to find its own center too.

2. Your Gerbil feels less pain from injuries

Another benefit of doing reiki with a gerbil is that it’s going to feel less pain from injuries. Obviously, our little fluffies don’t have to worry about getting injured that much, because it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to go out hunting for themselves.

But accidents still happen now and again, gerbils can trip and fall off their little ladders or even just accidentally scratch each other with their claws.

As we all know: if you’re in pain then you’re going to feel a lot less like doing anything that would put any extra strain on your body.

This means that injured gerbils aren’t into playing as much as healthy gerbils are, which is why it’s especially important to make them feel better – so they can get back to having fun!

3. A Gerbil will learn faster

Learning something new is stressful; it has an impact on our bodies whether we like it or not! So giving your gerbil the opportunity to learn new things is an awesome gift, since it’s also going to make your gerbil happier.

But if they are already stressed out, then they certainly won’t be able to take advantage of that chance!

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That’s where reiki steps in: It can greatly benefit a gerbil’s ability to focus and learn new stuff. Even though learning something new isn’t stressful for us at all – it doesn’t feel like anything extra on top of our usual everyday stress levels, does it?

It can actually be pretty taxing on us…at least until we’ve had some practice with the given skill. So if you want to help your gerbil get smarter sooner than later, or just allow them more time for themselves between learning sessions, feel free to do a little reiki on them.

4. Gerbils recover faster from illness

In case something goes wrong and your gerbil suddenly gets sick – either from being too cold or too hot, from eating the wrong kind of food, or from not drinking enough water – then it will also benefit if you give it some reiki!

It’s already quite stressful for them to be sick; they don’t know why their body is doing this weird thing (well, neither do we…), they’re in pain because their body doesn’t function as it should…and then they can go weeks trying to deal with all that stress instead of getting better! Not cool!

So try giving your little ones some reiki when they’re sick. It will make them feel a lot better, and give them the strength to get through this hard time a little more easily…which will benefit you too because then you don’t have to take care of their every little need for that much longer!

5. Gerbils feel happier in general

Last but not least: If your gerbil is already completely relaxed and at ease, then reiki can still be very beneficial! After all, being calm and balanced is going to allow your gerbil to live its life according to their own wishes instead of feeling like they have no other choice than just “grin and bear it”.

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Being balanced – even if it doesn’t change anything about your everyday stress levels – is also going to help you respond more calmly to external stress!

This means that your gerbil doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of being overwhelmed by everything happening around them…and everybody knows what a burden it can be if your little fluff doesn’t have their own inner balance yet.

You don’t need anything other than your hands and a little meditation to give your gerbil some reiki! A quiet place where they’re comfortable, and sometimes; you can easily fit in some reiki sessions with your gerbil between playing or grooming them.

And of course: If your gerbil is already completely healthy and happy: Don’t forget to give it some reiki on a regular basis. It will help them stay that way!

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Final words

Reiki is a great way to help your gerbil live a happier, healthier life. It can help them recover from illness faster, learn new things more easily, and feel less stressed overall. If your gerbil is healthy and happy, don’t forget to give them some reiki on a regular basis!

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