The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get.

Nurses, have you ever felt like you needed an extra boost during a long shift? Enter healing crystals, the latest trend in alternative medicine.

These pretty stones aren’t just for hippies anymore – they might just be the pick-me-up you need to get through the day.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using healing crystals in nursing practice and why they’re worth considering. So grab your stethoscope and get ready to learn!

So what are the best crystals for nurses? In a nutshell; the best crystals for nurses are:

  • Aquamarine
  • amethyst
  • Lapis lazuli
  • amber
  • tigers eye
  • red tourmaline
  • kunzite
  • blue tourmaline

The list below incorporates the best healing crystals for nurses. Included are crystals to promote healing and protect the wearer, perfect for Nurses, and crystals to promote courage and peace.

The best healing crystals for nurses

The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get. 1The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get. 2

To promote healing:

Nurses work with patients, and as such, they are constantly surrounded by illness and strong emotions. Using crystals that promote healing not only benefits the Nurse but the patients too.

Use Aquamarine and Amethyst for healing in the workplace. Aquamarine promotes good health and strengthens courage. Additionally, it also creates alertness in the mind. Amethyst helps encourage healing and instill a calming atmosphere- it also has no adverse side effects!

To protect:

Nurses come into contact with a lot of negative energy in their role, additionally, exposure to unknown diseases and viruses. Using crystals for protection can help create an aura that wards off these energies and protects both body and mind.

Use Lapis lazuli and Amber for protection. Lapis Lazuli not only protects but heals and provides courage. Amber provides protection and is excellent for safeguarding children and guarding their health. Nurses can also use it for healing, strength, and luck.

For courage:

Getting through a typical workday can be challenging, let alone when you work as a Nurse. Having crystals to hand to promote courage helps with those difficult and overly emotional moments. It can help Nurses and Doctors face those tough conversations and deal with those that may reduce others to tears.

Use Tigers Eye and Red Tourmaline for courage. Tigers Eye provides the courage and energy to get through the day while also protecting the wearer. Red Tourmaline lends energy to the body, promotes courage, and strengthens the will.

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For peace:

Having gone through a complex shift filled with all of the above, Nurses must care for themselves after work. Crystals can help de-stress, aid sleep, and bring a sense of peace back to the self.

Use Kunzite and Blue Tourmaline to promote peace. Kunzite is perfect after a shift, providing a peaceful, relaxing, and grounding aura. Blue Tourmaline is used to de-stress and to help promote peaceful sleep.

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crystals for nurses
crystals for nurses

How to activate the best crystals for nurses

With such a variety of crystals and purposes, it is important to choose crystals that make you comfortable. Crystals are used and activated in various ways, and you don’t have to choose just one. Instead, when selecting your crystals, select complementing crystals, properties, and colors.

To wear:

Many of the crystals listed above can be found in jewelry form, and you may even find necklaces or bracelets containing more than one of your chosen crystals. Finding jewelry with skin-to-crystal contact will be more beneficial than inset crystals.

For example, Aquamarine historically is worn as a charm to ensure good health, halt fear and strengthen courage. It also promotes the mind’s alertness, making it an excellent crystal for Nurses to wear on their person. Wearing a crystal such as Red Tourmaline will also be beneficial, as it lends energy to the body, promotes courage, and strengthens the will. Finally, Lapiz Lazuli can be worn for protection and healing purposes and help provide feelings of joy and love, perfect when working with patients!

On the desk:

If you have a set desk in your workplace- then setting crystals up upon the desk helps the crystal’s properties to spread within the room, creating an aura.

For example, placing Amethyst within the room will create a peaceful and calming aura that promotes healing and courage. Having Amber in the room provides a protective and healing atmosphere while also safeguarding children. Finally, you can place tigers Eye to provide energy for yourself and your patients.

At home:

Finally, have Kunzite either within the car or at home, and then hold it for an immediate feeling of peace and relaxation. Additionally, it will help ground you and ease any lingering stress feelings. Blue Tourmaline is best placed under the pillow before going to bed to help induce peaceful slumber.

To Activate:

The more you wear and attune to the crystal, the better it will work for you. Spending time with the crystal, such as holding it, visualizing sending energy into the stone, and spending time in nature with the stone, will also help activate the crystal if it is feeling depleted.

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For nurses, regularly tuning in to the crystals used will be beneficial for such an intense job, moving it beyond simple skin to crystal contact.

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How to cleanse healing crystals for nurses

Elemental Cleansing:

Elemental cleansing techniques are commonly used to remove lingering negative energies from the crystal. They can take time, and some of the methods may be more difficult to perform than others.


Bury the crystals in the soil and leave them until they are clean of all negative energy. This method can take a few days.

Natural Light:

Leaving the crystals out in natural sunlight is the perfect way to burn negative energy from the stone. Again, this can take a few days to achieve.

Running Water:

Placing the crystals in a net under natural running water will wash away negative energy.

Salt Water:

Salt is often used in cleansing rituals, and this method is an excellent alternative to running water. Instead, submerge the crystal in a bowl of salt water and allow it to soak for a few days. Do not use this method with crystals or stones that are soft or contain trace metals.

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Other Methods:

Other methods include using sage to cleanse the crystals, visualization, and brown rice to soak up negative energy.

Beyond the standard cleansing techniques for crystals, Aquamarine is also used for cleansing rituals. Aquamarine in itself is a cleansing and purificatory stone. It can be rubbed or worn on the body before magical acts. Additionally, it can be worn or placed in the bathtub for a cleansing dip, making it perfect for eliminating those negative energies that you are bound to pick up in a doctor’s surgery or hospital.

Our Picks


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The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get. 3The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get. 4

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is such a deep blue that it often has to be synthetically created in order to get the right shade. As with any semi-precious stones, some types of minerals and other natural materials can affect the color of your lapis lazuli, so some specimens may vary ever so slightly from these pictures. Rest assured that every pound of our product ships with about 1 lb of stones ranging in size from 1″ -2″. Each stone is packaged in a sturdy box containing one richly pouched pouch.

Tigers eye

May this worry stone help you carry those heavy burdens with a light heart. With its smooth, polished surface and special curve just for your hand, it can also be used as a tool to relieve the mental strains of everyday life. The fashionable shape of these worry stones let them fit in your hand comfortably. Made from natural Tigers eye, this stone is polished with care so the smoothest gem is nestled in your palm for you to hold close when anxious or upset. The little box it’s packed in adds a special touch when you give them as a gift!

It’s thin, watch with dropping it on the ground, it will be very easy to break. It’s not suitable for children under 6 years old.


  • Its packed in a little gift box
  • Has special curve for your hand
  • Smooth, polished gemstones
  • Fits comfortably in your hand


  • Its thin, watch with dropping it on the ground
  • not suitable for children under 6 years old.
The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get. 7The 8 best healing crystals for nurses. And which one to get. 8


As a Nurse, adding crystals to your daily life is hugely beneficial. The best crystals for Nurses are those that promote healing, protect both body and mind, instill courage and bring a sense of peace after a hard day at work.

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