4 Best Crystals For The Navel Chakra

Chakras affect our well-being in different ways, emotionally and physically. It is important that Chakras remain open and unblocked, and it is through opening our Chakras that we can function at our best.

There are seven Chakra points within the body, starting with the Root Chakra, moving along the spine, and finishing with the Crown.

The Navel Chakra is the third Chakra from the Root. It is located in the stomach area and responsible for our confidence, self-esteem, and control of our lives.

The use of Crystals and Reiki Healing techniques can help heal and strengthen the Chakras. Discussed below are the best crystals for the Navel Chakra.

What are the best crystals for the Navel Chakra?


Citrine, with its yellow color, works wonders for the Navel Chakra. It is an uplifting and warming crystal often found in yellow tones.

Citrine activates the Navel Chakra, working to boost one’s confidence, enjoyment of life and help bring balance to the digestive and nervous systems.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a fantastic Chakra crystal to bring balance to the lower Chakra points.

For the Navel Chakra specifically, Tigers Eye works activate it and restore balance, encouraging confidence. Perfect for helping to heal self-esteem issues and move us toward an appreciation and enjoyment of life.


Amber provides stimulating energy. When placed on the Navel Chakra, Amber can help relieve issues linked to anxiety and depression.

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Additionally, Amber connects to the energy of the Sun. Using it to activate the Navel Chakra can bring a sunnier outlook to life as you move through past issues.

Golden Topaz

Topaz works to stimulate the Navel Chakra, working to maintain personal energy levels within the body.

Additionally, Topaz is a powerful manifestation stone that helps with personal intentions and desires. It can focus and direct energy and cleanse negativity from our emotions. It honestly is a brilliant Chakra Crystal to activate the Navel Chakra.

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How to strengthen the Navel Chakra

The Navel Chakra links to your sense of self. When this Chakra is healthy and balanced, you will feel comfortable within your skin and feel empowered. You will have a deeper understanding of who you are and a clearer connection to your purpose.

There are various ways to strengthen the Navel Chakra:

Chakra Crystal Bracelets

Wearing Chakra crystal bracelets can help bring balance and alignment to all the Chakras. There are many options available, and you can wear one bracelet per Chakra point to a total of seven bracelets.

If you feel conscious of your Navel Chakra being off-balance, wearing a Chakra crystal bracelet linked to this Chakra point can help strengthen your Navel Chakra.

Meditation and Affirmations

Different methods such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises can all be a way to strengthen your Navel Chakra.

Strengthening this Chakra through these methods transforms obstacles into opportunities and helps push past fear. Additionally, it helps to connect to your inner self, strengthening confidence and self-esteem.

Breathing practices such as Kapalbhati can help activate and strengthen the Navel Chakra through physical activity.

How to heal the Navel Chakra

Crystal Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a popular method for unblocking and healing Chakra points. During a Reiki Healing session, practitioners will often use crystals to help them in the healing process. If you’ve identified that your Navel Chakra is blocked, Reiki healing can be a place to start if you want an external source of help.

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Crystal Healing

As above, crystals are a fantastic way to help encourage the healing process and unblock the Chakra points. Placing the crystal on the Chakra point will help activate it, and choosing crystals that help restore balance will help heal this particular Chakra point.


Yoga is a fantastic way to help heal the Navel Chakra. There are quite a few different poses you can do to both connect to, strengthen, and heal the Navel Chakra.

The Warrior Poses, Sun Salutations, and Boat Pose all work to build confidence, align the Navel Chakra, warm the body and connect to that fiery energy. This is great for both strengthening and healing the Naval Chakra.

Emotional Healing

The Navel Chakra is linked to your sense of self and carries a lot of past emotions and traumas with it. Working within, learning to heal and acknowledge the past, with help or without, can help heal this Chakra point.

How to activate the best healing crystals for Navel Chakra

Activating healing crystals for the Navel Chakra requires a few various stages.

Firstly, be sure to cleanse the crystals you intend to use for your Naval Chakra. You can find cleansing techniques explained below.

Once your crystal has been cleansed, attune to the crystal holding it and connecting to its energy.

Once cleansed and attuned, it is time to set the crystal’s intention. This step is incredibly important to do, particularly if you intend to use the crystal during a healing session, for example.

To set the intention, please hold the crystal, visualize your intention for it, and imagine the crystal absorbing this intention. Additionally, you can vocalize the intent.

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Once the crystal has been cleansed, attuned to, and had an intention set, it is ready for use.

To activate the crystal for Chakra healing, you can wear it in the form of a Chakra crystal bracelet or place it on the Chakra point to activate both the crystal and the Chakra.

How to cleanse the healing crystals for Navel Chakra

Despite the Navel Chakra connecting to the Sun, fire, and the color yellow, using the Sun’s energy to cleanse the stones will damage, or alter, the crystals mentioned above.

Instead, cleanse the above crystals in natural running water or salt water using spring water and salt. The water must be natural, as harsh chemicals can affect the crystal.

Place the crystal within the saltwater, or leave it under naturally running water to cleanse them of negative energies.

Other methods include:

  • Burying the crystal in soil.
  • Placing the crystal in the Moonlight.
  • Using sage sticks.
  • Putting them in a bowl of rice.

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It is important for all Chakra points to be in balance for our lives to function at their best. When our Chakras are blocked and off-balance, it can physically, emotionally, and mentally affect our health.

Using the above methods can help strengthen and heal the Navel Chakra and guide you toward the best healing crystals for the Navel Chakra.

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