Can you do Reiki on yourself? Explained

Reiki is a universal life force that exists within everyone and everything. Practitioners use this method of healing to clear blockages that have stopped this energy from flowing as it should, resulting in sickness and discomfort. Patients will attend several sessions to benefit from this healing power, never once considering the possibility of actually learning the process for themselves.

They believe that such skills belong to gifted people and that they are somehow unable or unworthy to perform this healing.

So, can you do reiki on yourself?

Can you do Reiki on yourself?

The good news is that anyone can learn reiki! Whether you use this healing on yourself or offer it to family and friends, it is open to all. There are no age limits, it doesn’t matter what your background may be, or whether you follow a religion or not. The only condition is that your heart and mind are open, and if learning this healing art is that important to you then it is safe to say that they probably are.

Some people may be put off learning this method as they might assume that specialist knowledge or experience is required, but this is not the case.

With a little guidance, you can learn the basic skills required to master this technique, applying it to yourself whenever and wherever you feel the need. This may help you in several areas of your life, such as reducing pain and overcoming stress, restoring spiritual balance, or encouraging restful sleep.

It can even help with issues such as obesity, dealing with addiction or problems resulting from trauma, along with a host of other things that bring negativity to our lives.

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How to do Reiki on yourself

Most people will insist that to learn this method of healing you must be trained by a ‘Master’, and while this may be true in theory, there is a case for saying that under some circumstances it is acceptable to simply learn it for yourself. While there is no official governing body overseeing reiki, the majority of therapists will have undertaken some form of training to ensure they are following the correct procedures and guidelines.

This is basically to safeguard them, as well as the clients they will be treating. And that is where the difference lies; you will be using this technique on yourself.

Try following these simple steps to begin your journey towards self-healing:

  • Firstly, find a quiet place and set aside 20 minutes to yourself, and settle in a comfortable chair or lie down with your head supported by a cushion. Take a few deep breaths and relax as much as possible. If you like, play some suitable music that is peaceful and gentle, helping you to relax while not causing any distractions.
  • Let your mind focus on the universal life-force energy that is within you, and all things, connecting everything. Use an invocation that helps you ‘tap in’ to that energy and raises your consciousness. Let go of the ego and allow this energy to channel itself through you. Realize that the power is not coming from you, it is flowing to you from a higher place.
  • Imagine yourself bathed in this energy and visualize a blue-white light surrounding you. Take deep breaths and as you breathe out, visualize this power flowing through you and down into the palms of your hands.
  • Feel your hands now radiating that universal energy.
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You should now be ready to begin your self-healing session, remembering to breathe slowly and deeply throughout and keeping each pose for about 2 minutes. With each change of hand position, allow the muscles around that area to relax.

  • Place your hands gently in the classic ‘prayer’ pose for a few moments before beginning.
  • Gently put your hands on the top of your head, focusing your attention on your hands.
  • Move your hands to gently cover your eyes, taking care not to restrict breathing from your nose.
  • Place your right hand over your throat and your left hand across your heart, without using too much pressure.
  • Place both hands just below the breast line, with the middle fingers touching.
  • Place the hands on the stomach, around the navel.
  • Place the hands on each shoulder.
  • Place the hands on your waistline, towards your back, around the kidney area.
  • Finally, place a hand on each foot, either on the sole or the top. To make this easier you may wish to cross your legs.

Once you have done this, visualize any negative energies being released through your hands. Imagine it flowing away from you. This ensures you don’t keep these energies within you. Finish by washing your hands in cold water, just to rid yourself of any residual energy that may be clinging to you still.

What to do next

Don’t expect miracles! At least, not straight away. You have done the work, now it’s time to forget it and trust the universe to do the rest. Expectation will only cause stress and friction, working counter to the universe’s way of doing things.

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Do drink some water, as this helps rid the body of any toxins that may have been dislodged during the procedure.

Consider performing these sessions regularly, twice a day if possible. And don’t only rely on this when you aren’t feeling 100%. By keeping up the sessions even when you are well, both physically and mentally, you increase your chances of staying healthy and avoiding sickness and disease.

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It is possible, then, for anyone to perform reiki on themselves. it can bring a wealth of benefits to you and your life. It won’t hurt to visit a qualified therapist now and then for full reiki sessions, and they may even give you tips and hints to guide you further in your efforts at home. At some stage, you might even consider becoming a qualified practitioner yourself. But for now, follow these simple steps and enjoy the gift of healing that the universe offers us all.

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