My Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Portable Massage Table – Review

As I was browsing for a table, I stumbled upon this Luxton massage table. It seemed like such an amazing product that I just had to try it out!

After researching online and reading all of the reviews, I decided that this would be perfect for my needs; not only did it come with a convenient carrying case but set up and installation was also incredibly easy.

Plus, it’s super comfortable exactly what you’d expect from memory foam!

All in all, if you’re looking for a premium Reiki table at an affordable price then look no further!

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About the product

Memory Foam for Comfortable Support

Ahh, the sweet comfort of memory foam. In this massage table, you can practically sink into it as your muscle aches and pains melt away with every stroke.

Memory foam is a fantastic material that molds itself to perfectly fit your body contours, so no matter what position or style you like for massaging, rest assured knowing your clients have premium support beneath there that will keep working throughout its guaranteed 711 uses!

Portable and Foldable

Sometimes you just need a massage table wherever, whenever.That’s where the Luxton massage table comes in handy.

When folded and slipped into its carrying case, this table can go anywhere with you – to your friend’s house for a Reiki session or even on vacation if that is what you feel like at the time!

It’ll set up quickly when needed and provide durability as it holds up to 550 pounds of weight.

luxton home memory foam massage table

Strong and Durable Support

Whether you’re a professional Reiki practitioner or just starting out, your client’s body needs maximum support.

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For this purpose, this reiki table offers strong and durable support for even heavy bodies much better than an ordinary bed mattress.

In plain English: it does not give way when pressure is applied.Plus with its easy setup mechanism as well as foldable & portable design; taking and using this table on the go has also never been simpler.

Easily Adjustable Height with Knobs on Legs

Too much or too little height can make for a rough massage or reiki session, but this table lets you adjust your table’s height to perfection with its convenient knobs.

No more breaking out the measuring tape and trying to get it right – perfect heights are easily within reach so that your clients have a relaxing time!

Assembly Size – 84.5″L x 36″Wx24.5″-35″H

The beauty of this massage table is in its adjustable design – you can now properly treat clients of all sizes and shapes comfortably.

The assembly size measures up at 84.5″L x 36″Wx24.5″-35″H allowing it to fit everyone from the petite Princesses to the behemoths you treat when they need a good working over!

Its easy set-up gives added convenience, so even if your clientele changes often, you’ll have no issues adjusting to their comfort level every time.

Face Hole in the Middle for Shorter People, Side Pouch for Oils or Accessories

For anyone who’s ever got a massage, you know how important customization can be for comfort and experience.

That’s why this table takes things one step further by adding an adjustable face hole in the middle. Tall people no longer have to worry about their arms or neck hanging off of the side thanks to its unique design!

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Not only that, it features a convenient side pouch that is perfect for stowing away any oil or accessory while you enjoy your relaxation session.

Review and Score

Our Score: 91/100

I recently bought the table and I absolutely love it!

The setup was incredibly easy, with just a few minutes to assemble it, and all without any tools required. It is also foldable, so storage is no problem at all.

And with its carrying case included in the package, even portability isn’t an issue either – you can take this massage table anywhere!

The memory foam makes every single session comfortable for my client; they always feel refreshed after each visit here.

In addition to that, it’s strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs of weight meaning I don’t have to worry about feeling unsteady when giving treatments.

After researching numerous customer reviews on Amazon before purchasing the product, most were generally extremely positive but there were questioning-related quality issues such as if the legs won’t be able to hold heavy weights after prolonged use or not.

Thank goodness, however, these are small percentages out of thousands of customers who had purchased it from online stores including Amazon itself.

So based on all those factors above-mentioned plus taking into account 1186+ confirmed buyer’s comments & ratings, I would rate it 91/100 which means its products can offer excellent natural attributes along with a pocket-friendly pricing range compare to other brands within their competition segment.


After considering all its features of it, I have concluded that it is an excellent choice for at-home massage services.

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Its easy setup and foldable design make it convenient to store or transport along with its carrying case, while the premium memory foam ensures comfort ideal for any spa service.

With its reasonable pricing, this massage table definitely meets my expectations!

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