What is Narayan reiki? And why you should care!

Narayan Reiki is a modified version of traditional Reiki. It includes symbols, affirmations, and chanting known as Ram Ram which makes it easy to practice healing oneself or others, while also achieving miraculous results.

*There are some simple steps to practice Narayan Reiki. First, take a deep breath and focus on what you want the healing energy of reiki for. Then touch your hands together in prayer position with palms facing up and bring them over yourself or whoever is being healed.*

What is Narayan reiki?

What are some of Narayan reiki benefits?

*you are the healer and can heal others as well.*

*The chants provide deep relaxation which is great for stress management. *

*It activates your chakras, releasing blocked energy to help you become more balanced in mind, body, and spirit. It also provides an increased connection with God or whatever higher power you believe

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Narayan Prayers

Preferably early morning – while holding your left wrist with your right hand say

  1. Thank you, Narayan. You have blessed us with this day full of blessings and joy that we are fortunate to experience.
  2. Thank you, Narayan. Thank you for blessing us with infinite levels of peace and tranquility. We are so very grateful for the energy that flows through our chi channels to fill us up with wisdom and light.
  3. “Narayan dhanyawad” is a Hindu prayer that means “may Narayana bless me.” Simply saying this prayer will change your life in the same way that you use these words when you speak them aloud.
  4. Thank you Narayan for a great life. We are leading the Golden period of our life which is there to prevail life long.
  5. Thank you, Narayan. Your blessings bring peace and happiness to all of our relationships. We see the light of Narayan in every living being we encounter.
  6. Narayan, grant us the boon of eternal good health so that we may live a long and healthy life.
  7. We thank Narayan for the many types of happiness he bestowed upon us.
  8. Thank you, Narayan! Our home has been blessed and is enjoying peace, happiness, and prosperity. We are able to achieve all of our goals. We have positive thoughts, words, and actions. We communicate with honesty and persevere through hardship.
  9. Narayan, you are welcomed in our house and we are blessed with happiness, peace, and prosperity. We have luck and success in all spheres of life.
What is narayan reiki?


The goal of Narayan Reiki is to provide a modified version of traditional reiki that includes symbols, affirmations, and chanting known as Ram Ram. These steps are simple to practice. The chants provide deep relaxation, which is great for stress management and have an increased connection with a higher power.

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