The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits)

Those born between August 24th and September 23rd are born under Virgo. Virgo’s energy affects everyone during this time, so choosing the best crystals for the season is essential. Virgo’s themselves are loyal, kind, and hardworking individuals with a compassionate nature. They are often shy yet are perfectionists that are often highly critical of their work.

They are incredibly detail-oriented and strive to learn about the world around them. Virgo’s are incredibly loyal and love deeply; they are always willing to provide a helping hand. Despite this, they are often timid in personality and struggle to ask for help when needed.

Virgo’s perfectionist nature can benefit, but it can also lead to them becoming overly critical of themselves, leading to anxiety.

The crystals below work well with Virgo’s personality, helping to calm their critical side and ease anxieties while working well with their loving personalities.

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What are the best crystals for Virgo?

The crystals below work well with Virgo’s personality and energies during this time. Included are birthstones and crystals that compliment Virgo’s nature.

Blue Sapphire

The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 1The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 2

Blue Sapphire, as Virgo’s birthstone, works incredibly well with Virgo’s qualities.

Sapphire has a calming effect upon the body and helps regulate where there is a build-up of tension or overactivity. These traits make it one of the best crystals for Virgo, who are often self-critical, easing anxieties and letting Virgo know that not everything has to be perfect.

Sapphire brings relaxation, and with it, smooth communication and personal expression, making it perfect for Virgo, who often struggle to express themselves.

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Finally, Sapphire works well with Virgo’s analytical mind, as it works to improve perception.


The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 3The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 4

Carnelian is an excellent crystal for Virgo. A gentle and warm crystal, Carnelian helps gently release imbalances within the body and restore energy flow.

Carnelian represents the notion of “going with the flow,” which works perfectly to balance Virgos’ tendency to hone in on minor imperfections, reminding them that at times it is not worth the stress caused.

Carnelian’s nature also works well with Virgo. The sensitive yet warm and friendly nature of the crystal compliments Virgo’s timid yet deeply loving personality.

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Blue Tourmaline

The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 5The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 6

Blue Tourmaline has a gentle, receptive energy and can be worn to de-stress, making it an excellent crystal for Virgos, who can often become engulfed in work.

Blue Tourmaline also helps boost communication skills, working well with Virgos, who are natural communicators. Additionally, it also helps boost intellect, making it the perfect crystal for Virgos as it works well with their strengths.

Moss Agate

The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 7The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 8

Moss Agate has a soothing and grounding energy that helps bring harmony to life, making it one of the best crystals for Virgo.

This crystal helps those who work hard and strive for perfection to take a moment to relax. It is a crystal that stabilizes and balances, assisting in Virgo’s dual nature by counterbalancing. These traits are effective in moments where Virgo may fall into negative thoughts and anxiety.

Additionally, Moss Agate can help release fear and stress and let go.


The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 9The 5 best crystals for Virgo (and their benefits) 10

Finally, for Virgos who are prone to anxiety and becoming stressed, Amethyst is the perfect crystal.

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Amethyst is a peaceful stone that exudes a calming aura. It naturally helps with matters of stress and anxiety, making it an excellent crystal for Virgo.

Additionally, as a stone that connects to both the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Amethyst also aids in matters of the mind. Amethyst improves intuition and intelligence, working perfectly with the perfectionist and hardworking nature of Virgo.

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How to activate crystals for Sagittarius

First, make sure your crystals for Virgo have been cleansed of all negative energy.

Next, please take a moment to attune to the crystal. Hold the crystal and connect to its energy. This exchange of power creates a deep connection between you.

The next step after attunement is to set an intention. This action gives the crystal its job, ensuring it helps work toward the goal you have in mind.

Meditate with the crystal and focus on the intention. Envision the crystal soaking up your thoughts, or speak them out loud to ensure the purpose is clear.

Once these stages are complete, you can place the crystal in your desired location. You can wear crystals for Virgo in jewelry form, carry them, set them within the home, or add them to a ritual activity such as a bath, candle ritual, or meditation.

How to cleanse crystals for Virgo

There are a variety of methods that you can use to cleanse crystals. Choose the method that feels right for you, your lifestyle and the type of crystal you have chosen.


Natural light works wonders to cleanse crystals, as the divine light of both the Sun and Moon cleanse the crystal of negative energies.

Leave the crystal in natural light for 24 hours or until cleansed.

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This method works for most crystals; however, check if they are sensitive to light. For example, you should keep Amethyst out of direct sunlight, so bear this in mind if using this method.


Cleanse your crystals within a saltwater bowl, or naturally running water, to wash away negative energies.

This method works well for most crystals; however, avoid using it for brittle or soft crystals.


Earth is a really good cleansing method for Virgo stones, as Virgo itself is an Earth-based sign. Often, after cleansing a crystal, the process will then charge the crystal with that energy.

Place the crystal in soil outside or within a pot. After 24 hours, check to see if it has been cleansed.

Other methods

Other cleansing methods include:

  • Using brown rice to soak up negative energy.
  • Visualization.
  • Using the smoke from a sage stick to cleanse the crystals.

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Whether you are seeking crystals to use all year round as someone born under Virgo or simply looking for aid during the season, these crystals will provide the help you need.

When choosing the best crystals for Virgo, consider what crystals feel right for you and your unique personality and energy.

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