Can Reiki Awaken Kundalini? And Why Should You Care

Those of us who are paying attention can see a spiritual transformation taking place in the world, despite the doom and gloom of news reports. And one thing that illustrates this point well is the surge in popularity of ‘alternative’ therapies. Healing methods that were once rejected out of hand are now offered in mainstream hospitals.

People who once laughed at such ‘hippie’ treatments are now embracing them. Scientists are slowly accepting that many of these methods have scientific foundations. Over the decades, various traditional methods of Eastern medicine have spread and taken root in the West, and different aspects have combined to form new ways of bringing relief and healing.

Hence, we now have the term reiki kundalini (or Kundalini Reiki), one from Japan, the other from Hindu philosophy. Are they compatible or interchangeable?

So, can Reiki Awaken Kundalini? The answer, in principle, is yes. But how does it work?

Conflicting Claims

The internet is filled with the opinions of ‘experts’, some who claim that Reiki and Kundalini are entirely different disciplines and can’t be used together, as well as others who confidently state that they complement each other very well.

Which is not very helpful, is it? So who do you listen to?

The simple truth is that a lot of these claims come down to personal opinion and belief. Purists from both camps will reject elements and ideas they see as being ‘alien’ to their teaching.

The term Reiki Kundalini, whichever way round it is used, will never be acceptable to them. Aside from being unhelpful in answering our question, it is also pretty close-minded.

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Without delving too far into the history and mythology of each discipline, both rely on the use of ‘divine’ energy. In Sanskrit, this is called Prana, and it is the Ki, in Reiki. In far-eastern traditions, such energy is associated with dragons.

The word ‘Kundalini’ means ‘coiled snake’, and the Sanskrit word ‘Naga’ means both serpent and dragon. Prana is a ‘life-force’, as is Ki (also known as Chi, or Qi). Both can be used for healing and transformation.

From this basic piece of research, it would appear that the similarities are clear enough and there are no obstacles to their compatibility.

Kundalini Reiki

The key to understanding this modality is to first accept that the two disciplines emanated from separate cultures at different times.

However, they can be viewed as two streams flowing from one source. They are similar, but where Reiki focuses on healing, Kundalini concentrates on ‘oneness’ and spiritual enlightenment.

In Hinduism, Kundalini is regarded as a divine feminine energy that resides at the base of the spine.

Through stimulation of the chakras, this energy can be awakened to bring about spiritual enlightenment. One sticking point for purist Kundalini practitioners is that Reiki did not originally use chakras for its healing work, as this was introduced over time, therefore they aren’t the same and cannot be used together.

In answer to this, we could point out the many successful cases where they have been used together.

And surely the combining of various spiritual healing methods to bring about a healthier, happier world is a good thing?

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Tell Us More About Kundalini!

When we are in the womb, this energy is said to enter through the crown chakra and work its way down to the spine.

From here it is believed to create our consciousness and our form. From the moment of our birth, this energy strives to return us to a state of wonder and love, it seeks to transform us, to bring enlightenment.

And there are various ways in which we can awaken this energy.

It is not something to be undertaken lightly, however! The process of transformation can be disorienting, frightening, and overwhelming if not performed properly or without preparation.

Some people have experienced acute physical symptoms, others have suffered from hallucinations.

Before taking this step, it is best to ensure that you are fully prepared. And one of the best ways to do this is through Reiki attunement.

Kundalini Reiki/Reiki Kundalini – call it what you will! – is a powerful healing modality.

But it is more than this. It is a tool for self-transformation that will affect all areas of your life. It isn’t something you can walk away from once you start.

How Long Does the Process Take?

There are various other ways to awaken the Kundalini (also known as Kundalini Fire). Some people use meditation and/or yoga.

Some, as our question suggests, use Reiki. As to how long the process takes, there seems to be no simple answer.

There are accounts online about people who managed to achieve awakening through meditation, one hour a day for 35 days.

Another account claimed it took 17 years! Some Reiki websites offer Kundalini Awakening sessions that last 45 minutes, with at least two or three sessions recommended.

It is wise, however, to undertake a little research and exercise caution before signing up.

Anyone who is charging excessive fees for any service like this is unlikely to be genuinely offering enlightenment.

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And anyone who claims that the process is ‘simple’ probably isn’t qualified to offer such a service.

The length of the process of Kundalini awakening through Reiki will take as long as it takes.

It might not be the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s an honest one. A lot will depend on you, and whether you have issues in your past (and potentially in past lives) that are causing problems.

By going through the various stages of Reiki attunement, these should be dealt with, leaving you ready to take that next step towards achieving your true potential.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! The majority of people find that their lives are transformed, with a sensation of happiness that they never knew existed. In some cases, they have to learn to ‘dial down’ the energy as it is so powerful.

Be warned, it will change your life – but definitely for the better.

This is What Kundalini Awakening ACTUALLY Looks Like

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