Can Reiki Help Skin Conditions Like Psoriasis and Eczema?

Anyone who has ever suffered from a skin condition knows just how miserable it can be. Not only does it bring acute discomfort, irritation, and even pain, it can also affect us in other ways. Our confidence can take a battering. We often avoid social occasions for fear of people’s reactions to our condition.

And yet millions of us never actually seek medical help and advice. Skin conditions and diseases are ranked as the fourth biggest cause of human illness. Recent studies show that the problem is far more widespread than was previously understood.

So, why do we avoid the doctor? It might be that we think it too trivial a matter – in some cases. It also could be that we know that the treatment will possibly carry its own side effects. Skin conditions are generally treated with strong steroid lotions and greasy unguents.

Whatever the reason, it is tragic that so many people either suffer in silence or resign themselves to using corticosteroids. With the latter, if your condition doesn’t improve – or gets worse – then you get the blame; you used too much, or not enough! And the side effects?

Yes, itching, burning, dryness, irritation – the very symptoms you’ve been fighting!

It is little wonder that people are turning to alternative means of managing or curing their skin complaints. And one method that has proved extremely effective in many cases is reiki.

How does Reiki help?

There can be no doubt that modern medicine has made huge advances, and that we are grateful for modern healthcare. But it has its limitations, and generally only ever focuses on dealing with the symptoms. Only in rare cases do medical experts actually recommend treating the whole person.

This is the biggest problem with healthcare today. We are complex beings, with 65 trillion cells working as a community. And just like any community, such as the ones in which we live, a problem in one area usually affects others.

Got a headache? Take a painkiller. Indigestion? Have a spoonful of antacid mixture. Feeling depressed? Take the antidepressant.

These might take away the symptoms, but nine times out of ten you’ll soon be back where you started. There might be a good reason why your head hurts, your stomach is burning, or you feel the leaden weight of depression.

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There could be a reason why you have a skin condition that you haven’t considered. What you should be doing is seeking the cause of the symptoms. And this is where reiki can prove to be a real help.

If you book a session with a reiki practitioner, they will chat with you before they begin, This will not only establish a bond of trust between you but will also help them understand any areas upon which to focus. As they treat you, it may well be that they feel drawn to particular issues.

And here’s where this method differs greatly from conventional medicine; they may feel that there is an emotional blockage in your energy.

Your doctor is not likely to tell you that your illness is due to unresolved emotional trauma, are they? But these things can, and do, bring us immense suffering when left unchecked. Stress from past conflicts and events can result in physical symptoms. And these, in turn, make us even more stressed, compounding the problem.

The whole basis of reiki is to provide deep relaxation. Energy flows through us all, and we ourselves are part of a universal vibrational field. The deep relaxation provided by reiki allows these energies to align and flow as they should.

This not only gets the body functioning properly but it also helps to clear blockages of mind and spirit. It treats the whole person.

As your body and mind relax, you are freed, given the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Blockages are removed, your immune system starts to work for you and the stress hormones cease to damage your body.

It may be that several sessions are needed to discover the root of the problem, but it will be worth it. Most people who undergo reiki healing find that their lives improve for the better, in ways not related to the problem. Countless people have received reiki for skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, and have learned to manage – and even cure – their illness.

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Will my Eczema/Psoriasis ever go away?

The medical world frequently uses a term that automatically instills a negative attitude towards certain illnesses; ‘no known cure’. This is usually applied to eczema, leading people to believe they will never be free from it.

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However, as stated previously, people have found relief from these (and other) skin conditions using reiki. Some have even seen them clear up completely. And yet mainstream medical sources are keen to stress that there is no direct evidence that reiki works!

Reiki is suitable for anyone, so it is safe for young children as well as adults. It is especially distressing to see kids suffering from these horrible conditions, but thankfully most (about 70%) will be clear of eczema by their teen years.

It doesn’t hurt to ease their suffering with reiki healing whilst the condition exists, though.

As for adults who are struggling with eczema and psoriasis, reiki is a great place to begin to rid yourself of this burden. But there are things you could do to help yourself further. Other ideas may come to you naturally anyway, as your mind is clearer, allowing inspiration to flow, these will start you on the right road:

  • always a good idea! Our bodies are about 60% water and dehydration is a major problem. Also, water helps flush out toxins.
  • Eat fewer sugary foods and have more foods containing potassium. Limit unhealthy foods to occasional treats.
  • Detergents damage our skin terribly, so always wear rubber gloves.
  • We smother our bodies with soaps, gels, lotions, creams, shampoos, all containing harsh chemicals. Select those with gentler, natural ingredients to lessen the impact on your skin.

While these might seem obvious, sometimes we need reminding!

Is Eczema a result of a weak immune system?

Can Reiki Help Skin Conditions Like Psoriasis and Eczema?

For decades the cause of eczema was unknown. Recent research, however, has concluded that it is actually an autoimmune disease. Although, confusingly, people with healthy immune systems can also suffer from it!

The fact is, reiki can boost your immune system and help to fight eczema. And if your immune system is working well already, then reiki will most likely help your symptoms to clear up even quicker.

Can I perform Reiki on myself?

The short answer is yes! A qualified practitioner will be happy to guide you through the sessions required to treat your illness. But if you feel you would prefer to work on yourself you are of course welcome to do so.

There are a number of ways to do this, either by receiving training from a reiki master or a practitioner. There are resources online to help you learn reiki, but be very careful who you choose.

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Likewise with a master/practitioner – there is no overall governing body for reiki healing, so it is best to find someone who has excellent recommendations and a good reputation. Once you are familiar with the method, you can treat yourself any time you feel.

What about contact with my skin during Reiki?

This could be one of the reasons you choose to treat yourself; showing your blemished skin to another may be a difficult thing to do. It also may be too sore to touch.

The beauty of reiki is that it does not require actual contact to work! The healing is just as effective when the hands are held just above the body, even when covered by clothing. Reiki is not affected by distance and is often sent remotely.

If the possibility of someone having to put their hands on your skin has been putting you off, you can strike that worry and seek the help you deserve.


Reiki can definitely be used to help your skin condition. It will benefit your whole, not just easing your sore, irritated skin. It doesn’t contain nasty drugs or side effects.

It is completely safe and natural. Yes, there may be light-headedness after your initial session, but this can be countered by drinking water and resting. It is a sign that it is beginning to work already!

The majority of reiki patients feel a sense of relaxation so deep that they are almost overwhelmed by it. It is like a spiritual experience. And that is a good thing.

It isn’t just about giving you clear, smooth, irritation-free skin. It’s about giving you the opportunity to live the best life possible. Reiki releases your potential, helping you to love yourself as you should.

You deserve healing, you deserve to be happy. So why deny yourself the chance?

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