Can you learn Reiki online? Pro & Cons of online learning

It often seems that ‘the internet’ rules our lives these days. Many millions of us use it, multiple times a day for a whole host of reasons.

And, in spite of some of the problems, distractions, and pitfalls, it can be extremely useful for increasing our knowledge and understanding. But is it possible to learn something as specialized and spiritual as reiki? Can you learn reiki online?

At first glance, the answer may not appear to be that simple. The internet is filled with sites offering teaching and insight about reiki. Not all of them, however, will offer accurate information or adequate support.

And some qualified reiki masters feel very strongly that this healing art can only be passed on in person, though this really comes down to personal opinion. They believe (most emphatically) that you can learn about reiki, but that the process itself cannot be learned online at all.

They maintain that the actual learning must take place in person. Alternatively, there are equally as many (if not more) professional practitioners who are confident that online courses are just as effective. After all, reiki is a force that transcends distance, time and space.

With all of these issues in mind, it is fair to suggest that it is possible to learn reiki online. However, it pays to be aware of the pros and cons before starting your journey.

The pros of online courses

  • Location – the main advantage of learning via the internet is that it doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can enroll from the comfort of your home, wherever that may be. No travel is involved, making it a convenient and stress-free way of learning. The great thing about the internet is that it offers an instant connection to anywhere in the world.
  • Time – another plus-factor is that you are not tied to a strict schedule. You choose when to study, allowing you to fit the coursework around your other commitments, such as work, social engagements or family activities. This flexibility is attractive to those who might struggle to commit to a regular class timetable.
  • Choice – there are hundreds of courses out there to choose from! If there’s a particular Master or method that you are interested in, then you have the choice of which one to enroll with. From Usui, Karuna, Jikiden, Sekehem, Lightarian, or even Angel Reiki (and many more!) take some time to browse through those that are available to get the one you feel will best suit your needs.
  • Experience – as mentioned earlier, reiki goes beyond time and space. As you complete the course you will experience the joy of reiki flowing to you ‘long distance’. Those who have gone through this process testify to a range of feelings and emotions. In this sense, it is no different from the experiences described by those who have been ‘attuned’ in person.
  • Accessibility – depending on how deep you want to go, all the information you could possibly need is available. Much of it is free, especially if you’re looking for a basic grounding in reiki before you go further. There are countless videos, seminars, podcasts, and websites devoted to providing information about reiki. It is a good idea to understand exactly what reiki is before you enroll in an actual course.
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The cons of online courses

  • Lack of teaching – there are reports that show some course providers send out material without actually teaching. This healing art doesn’t always come from reading words; it is best when taught. As with many – if not all – subjects, you often learn better when guided through the process by someone who is qualified.
  • The right teacher? – there is a chance that you just don’t ‘click’ with the teacher you have. For whatever reason, you may feel this is not the right teacher for you, and this will negatively impact upon your studies.
  • Better in person? – even the best online courses may not be quite the same as learning directly from a reiki master, for some people. The process of attunement is a special thing, where the student receives energies from the master. Some masters believe that the part of the attunement process where they touch the hands and feet of the student is a vital step. Clearly, an online course would not involve this action. It will be something for you to consider and decide for yourself but as the process works on an energetic level, rather than physical, then it should not be too much of a problem.
  • Lack of ‘connections’ – when learning in a room full of fellow students, you form bonds and friendships. With an online course, your classmates will be disconnected from you and you’ll most likely never know their names or anything about them. A good network of like-minded souls provides support and friendship that could be of great comfort to you in your reiki journey. Some courses encourage communication between students, however, and arrange for local meetings between students. If this is something you feel you would benefit from, then try to find a provider who offers such an option.
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How long does it take?

Can you learn Reiki online?

Courses last from a couple of days right up to about three years. Again, this depends on the level you wish to attain. It is worth bearing in mind that there is no governing body that regulates or determines each level or certificate. There are three main levels; 1, 2, and ‘master’.

As a general rule, and as with all things in life, you should always trust your instincts.

If something does not feel right, then it is probably best to avoid it. Sadly, there are those out there who abuse the name of ‘reiki’ to offer substandard or spurious courses.

Can I teach myself?

Reiki is open to all, regardless of age, status, knowledge or background. Nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. As stated above, the information is out there, and you can gain a basic level of competency through this.

Your success will depend upon your openness to the energies, and, to a certain extent, on your natural abilities. If you intend only to use Reiki for self-care, then there is no reason why you should not teach yourself using online resources.

However, to become a practitioner it is necessary to undergo some kind of formal training. This is not only to inspire confidence in the patient but also allows you to secure insurance and offer a better image of professionalism.

What about the cost?

Course fees can vary greatly, from about $200 up to $1,600 or even more. Obviously, this will depend on whether it’s simply a weekend course or a diploma you are going for. Again, use common sense and trust your gut feelings.

if you’re interested in a certified Usui reiki Healing Master course or like to know more about it this course may be interesting as it is not as expensive as some others

Look up reviews on sites like Trustpilot, and seek endorsements from qualified reiki healers to see who they recommend. Never pay out for anything you are not happy with.

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In spite of the misgivings of a number of reiki healers and masters, reiki can be learned online. While it may not offer the ‘personal touch’ experienced through learning directly from a master, it does provide the opportunity for thousands of potential healers to learn reiki.

These people might otherwise be denied the chance, as local one-to-one courses may not be available to them.

There is a wide range of courses available via a whole host of providers. These offer teaching on different aspects and methods of reiki. Take some time to look into them and find one that fits the calling you feel most drawn to. Most of these courses are legitimate and professionally run, but beware of the ones that could be scams.

Online learning does have a few downsides, but the benefits – depending on personal circumstances – seem to outweigh the negative points. In our busy, modern lives, it is good to have the option of learning at our own pace from the comfort of our homes.

Reiki is rooted in energy. Science states that energy is not affected by either time or space. Therefore, it should be entirely possible for reiki energy to be passed from teacher to student via the internet. After all, people frequently invite healing using the same medium.

The key here is communication and intent. A need has been expressed, and energy is then directed to where it is needed. So why should the learning process be any different?

Online learning is a viable alternative to learning directly from a reiki master. It is not a threat to the traditional methods, but rather a common-sense way of using modern technology to spread healing, peace, and light across the world.

While some may still prefer to receive their training from a master in person, online learning opens up this healing art to whole generations of future healers. And in a world that is currently going through great change and awakening, that is surely a good thing.

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