The Best Crystals For Aries. And Why You Should Care

For those born between March 20th and April 21st, Aries is their associated Zodiac sign. When the Sun starts the Zodiac year in Aries, it’s energy affects us all, which is why it is essential to know the best crystals to have on hand while the Sun is in Aries.

Aries are passionate and motivated individuals with a cheerful nature and incredible determination. Their confidence and bravery may be a strength, but these traits can lead to failure or trouble when paired with Aries’ impulsive nature.

Those born in Aries often tend to lack patience, leading to a quick loss of temper. The best crystals for Aries help build on their strengths of honesty, optimism, assurance, and bravery while helping their weaknesses.

Outlined below are the best crystals for Aries, how to activate them, and cleanse them for use.

What are the best crystals for Aries?

As when choosing all crystals, it is essential to look at the crystals’ properties that radiate. Aries have certain dispositions and, if born within this time, you will most likely feel drawn to one of these stones due to their compatibility.

When choosing a crystal for Aries, avoid those that work in favor of your weaknesses. Additionally, avoid those that boost your strengths too much that they then become a weakness.


The birthstone of Aries, Bloodstone naturally promotes the qualities of strength, courage, and success.

Bloodstone links to the Heart and Root Chakras and encourages a balance of energy. It naturally enhances Aries’ qualities with a desire to grow and has a stimulating and motivating temperament.

It is one of the best crystals for Aries, both as Aries birthstone and as a compliment to Aries character’s strength.

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Another birthstone of Aries, Diamond, provides protection, enhances courage, and instills peace. It is a strong crystal that promotes inner strength, making it one of the best crystals for Aries.

The diamond promotes self-confidence that pairs nicely with Aries’ self-assured personality. However, its peaceful and loyal energies help focus Aries on others and help calm in moments of anger.

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Aquamarine brings a sense of calm to the storm of emotions within us. It is naturally cleansing and, linked to the Throat Chakra, naturally helps with communication and expression matters.

Like Aries, Aquamarine has a naturally optimistic and inspiring nature yet brings compassionate energy that helps calm strong emotions. Additionally, while Aries connects to fire, Aquamarine is tied to water and helps bring balance. If you’re interested in Aquamarine I recommend this bracelet on amazon(link to reviews)

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a solid and dependable crystal that links to the Root Chakra. Naturally grounding, it helps calm Aries’s quick temper and brings a sense of control to their impulsiveness.

Red Jasper encourages realism and practicality, making it one of the best crystals for Aries as it balances both their weaknesses and their strengths. I like to wear it as a bracelet


Emeralds are an excellent pairing for Aries as they are known to boost prosperity and success. Emerald’s energy encourages growth, abundance, and peace and connects to the Heart Chakra.

Emerald is one of the best crystals for Aries. It encourages their natural disposition toward growth while bringing balance through a sense of peace that helps balance emotional and mental wellbeing.

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How to activate crystals for Aries?

It is important to make sure you like the crystal of choice. You may choose the crystal to help through the period of Aries or as a more permanent addition to your collection. Either way, it is essential to like the crystal you attune to.

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The above crystals for Aries can be worn in jewelry form so that the crystal touches the skin. Crystals worn as jewelry bring out specific properties that remain with you throughout the day. Additionally, it helps you to attune to the crystal naturally.

You can also carry crystals on your person, add them next to baths to soak in their properties, place them within the home, or place them by candles.

Whichever placement you decide for the crystals, it is important to set an intention for the crystal before use. Setting an intention helps attune the crystal specifically for the purpose you intend for their use. Make sure the crystal has is cleansed of negative energy before moving on to set an intention.

Before setting the intention, take a moment to be with the crystal. Connect to its energy, this exchange of energy helps to create a deep connection between you.

Meditate with the crystal in hand, and focus on the job you want the crystal to do, your intention for it. You can visualize the thoughts moving into the crystal, soaking into it, or speak the words out loud, whatever method works and feels right to you.

How to cleanse crystals for Aries


Sunlight is one of the best cleansing methods as it is simple to do. Place the crystal in the sunlight and allow the Sun to burn away past energies from the crystal. This method works particularly well for Bloodstone as a stone linked with the Sun.

Leave the crystals in the Sun all day, and overnight, the Moon will take over with its gentle light, cleansing the crystal with divine energy and then charging it.

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You can use natural running water or a saltwater bowl to soak away negative energies from the crystal. Before placing the crystal in the water, check its properties first to ensure it is safe.

Water is a fantastic way to use nature to cleanse the crystal, especially if you have naturally running water close.


The Earth element can cleanse crystals and is particularly good for crystals such as Red Jasper, which are earthy in nature.

Bury the crystal in the soil and leave it for a few days before checking to see if it has been cleansed. Additionally, this is an excellent method for charging crystals as the crystal will naturally soak up the pure energy of Mother Earth.

Other methods include visualization, use of sage, and the use of rice. However, the above techniques work perfectly with the types of crystals for Aries.

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Whether you are born within Aries’ time or looking for an extra hand for the start of the Zodiac year, the above crystals should help see you through. With their connection to Aries, these crystals help bring out the best in Aries while balancing the worst.

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