The Best Crystals To Wear Every Day. Quick guide

Crystals are a fantastic way of providing a little bit of ‘oomph’ to our daily lives. They can provide physical relief, aid with mental health, help sharpen our minds and ease stress. Choosing a crystal when you have a specific problem in mind can be difficult as there are so many to choose from. But what are the best crystals to wear every day?

Moving through life, you want a crystal that aligns with your thoughts and feelings and feels right. Generally, your intuition will help guide you toward a crystal, but below are three well-rounded crystals to wear every day.

The best crystal to wear every day is Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz works as an amplifier, meaning it compliments a lot of neighboring crystals. Additionally, Quartz is a natural healer, cleanser, and protector. Finally, it helps to amplify thoughts and energies.

Quartz links to all Chakra points and has a balancing and harmonizing effect on the body. Wearing this crystal every day will help balance your energy.

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Other crystals to wear everyday:

These crystals complement each other immensely and have properties that instantly aid with everyday stresses. Moreover, wearing them every day will uplift your life and bring peace and stability.


Amethyst is a popular crystal to wear for a reason. This crystal has been placed within jewelry in one form or another for approximately 5,000 years for its many benefits. Linked to the crown and brow chakra, Amethyst is primarily a crystal for the mind, calming emotions and sharpening awareness.

Amethyst is a peaceful crystal. Wearing it every day will bring energies of peace, love, and tranquility. Additionally, it will ease anxieties and reduce stress in a moment through its naturally soothing presence. As Amethyst has no adverse side effects, it compliments Quartz’s amplifying ability quite nicely.


Selenite is one of the best stones to wear every day as it can quickly negate negativity within our surroundings. Additionally, it helps remove blockages from the body and cleanse the aura, prompting a clear connection to the chakras.

Linked to the Crown and Sacral Chakra, Selenite helps bring creativity, flexibility, and insight while relieving tension. Selenite is an excellent stone to see possibilities, improve daily energy and reduce stress and anxiety. Selenite is a light in hand that complements Quartz and Amethyst rather nicely.

How many crystals should I carry everyday?

As with the type of crystals chosen to carry every day, the number of crystals on your person can vary for numerous reasons. Personal goals, needs, and situations can affect which crystals you will want to hand.

Crystals work with the energy within the body and our Chakra points. They remove blockages, heal the body, mind, and spirit. They can also rub off on each other and become affected by the energy within the surroundings.

Generally, no more than three to four crystals should be carried, or the energy may become too much with their differing abilities. Select the crystals either ideal to the situation from the list above or one that just feels right.

Once selected, use fabric bags if keeping them inside a bag and perhaps choose one to keep in your pocket for easy access. A personal suggestion would be to choose three or four complementing crystals to keep in your bag at all times and then one more specific crystal to pop in your pocket.

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How many crystal bracelets can you wear?

Like how many crystals to carry each day, the number of bracelets depends on the bracelet’s purpose and type. For example, some crystal bracelets have two or three crystals that complement each other on one bracelet, whereas others are formed of a particular crystal type.

While there is no, set rule on how many crystal bracelets you can wear at one time, it is advised to still limit how many are worn and on which arm. Combining different crystals alters the effects of the mind on the body, so experimentation is required. Start with one bracelet and work from there, setting an intention for each piece as you go.

Choosing a bracelet to wear also depends on which side of the body you intend to wear it on, as this affects the way the crystal impacts you.

Left Side:

The left side of the body is the receptive hand. Wearing a bracelet on this wrist impacts the internal self. Working on internal changes such as mental and bodily shifts in positive ways.

Right Side:

The right side of the body is the side of action. Wearing a bracelet on this wrist impacts what is put out externally from the body. For example, channeling power outward to others creates a calming environment that others can benefit from or protect both yourself and others from negativity. This can all be achieved by placing specific bracelets on the right-hand side.

Finding a balance between the right and left sides can be tricky, so experiment with different crystals – such as the crystals to wear every day mentioned above. For the best benefit, try different combinations of crystals on each hand.

For example: Wear Amethyst on the left wrist to reduce emotional stress, but on the right to provide a calming environment around you.

Experiment with combinations on each hand, and see what works.

Chakra balancing:

Seven Chakra bracelets can be worn at once to represent each of the Chakra points. This keeps the Chakras balanced and their energies level, so wearing these seven bracelets at once is perfectly okay.


Choosing the best crystals to wear every day provides you with a solid foundation to build upon through crystal bracelets or crystals that you carry. The three crystals: Quartz, Amethyst, and Selenite complement each other and work well alongside others in ways more specific to your needs.

Practice different combinations using these three crystals to see what works for you. Remember to consider which wrist you wear them on, how they mix together, and protect them from external energies using bags. Consider how many you have on your person. Do these energies mix well together to benefit you- or instead hinder?

Remember to include Quartz, as it provides healing, amplification, and protection for everyday life.

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