The best crystals for Scorpio 101: The Essential Guide

Those born between October 23rd and November 21st are born under Scorpio.

Scorpio’s themselves are passionate people with an incredible work ethic. Scorpio’s tend to be brave, hardworking, and persistent in personality. Those born under this sign tend to have a strategic mind and value loyalty and truth.

Scorpios have a sting to them, particularly if they feel betrayed. Scorpios are naturally distrustful and can become jealous at times, often holding them back from forming lasting friendships due to clouded judgment. Despite this, they have an easy charm and are pretty friendly.

Scorpio’s energy affects everyone during this season; thus, choosing the best Chakra crystals for Scorpio’s energy is essential. Whether you wish to embrace Scorpio’s energy or seek help with the more negative aspects to it, the crystals listed below will help guide you through this season.

What are the best Chakra Crystals for Scorpio?

Yellow Topaz

One of the primary birthstones for Scorpio, Yellow Topaz helps to manifest goals.

Yellow Topaz works well with the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras and helps organize the energies within the self, building confidence and helping to ease those moments of clouded judgment.


Citrine is the perfect stone to compliment Scorpio’s energy. A motivational crystal that works with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine brings the energy and confidence to succeed.

For the strategic, hardworking Scorpio, Citrine complements their personality with its requirement that thoughts precede actions.

Finally, Citrine brings the Sun’s light to help bring clarity and focus while also providing a relaxing warmth and a gentle reminder to enjoy life.


Sodalite works alongside the Throat and Brow Chakras. With its deep blue color, it helps bring a deep level of peace.

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Sodalite is a crystal that helps balance emotions, perfect for Scorpios who can easily succumb to stronger emotions.

Finally, Sodalite has clarifying energy that helps to steady one’s thought processes, making it perfect for those moments of clouded judgment.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is beneficial for moments of overactivity or confusion with its gentle grounding and focusing energy. Working with the Root Chakra, this grounding function enables one to focus on what is important, the perfect accompaniment for the hardworking Scorpio.

Additionally, Smoky Quartz absorbs and stores energy. This ability helps to disperse fear and clear negative states of mind, perfect for Scorpios who may hold onto many emotions at once.


Rhodochrosite is the perfect stone to help temper some of Scorpio’s weaknesses.

Working with the Heart Chakra, this crystal helps bring balance to the heart through a realistic and practical approach to emotions and emotional responses.

Additionally, Rhodochrosite has grounding energy perfect for relieving negative states and easing confusion and anxiety. This crystal also works to provide a confidence boost.

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How to activate the best healing crystals for Scorpio

Activating your healing crystals for the season of Scorpio requires a few steps.

First, it is essential to ensure your crystals have been cleansed. This step removes any lingering negative energies from the crystals, leaving them filled with pure energy ready for use. This step is explained in more detail later.

The second step is attunement. Attuning to your crystal creates a connection between yourself and the stone. Please take a moment to hold the crystal, connect to its energy. This energy exchange between yourself and the crystal will create a connection, attuning the crystal to your energy.

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Thirdly it is crucial to set an intention for the crystal. This step gives the crystal its job, the purpose if you will. Through establishing an intention, the crystal will work toward your goals as opposed to against them.

There are various ways you can set your intention, and all involve spending time with the crystal. Meditate with the crystal and choose one of the below methods to set your intention.


While meditating with the crystal, vocalize your intention out loud. Repeat your intention while holding the crystal. The vocalization of your goal will create a clear role for the crystal.


While meditating with the crystal, visualize your intention within your mind. Hold the crystal in your hand, and envision the crystal soaking up your thoughts. Hold the purpose clear in your mind throughout this process, and continue until you feel comfortable the intention is set.


Once the above stages have been complete, you can choose how you wish to use the crystal.

Crystals can be worn, carried, or placed depending on how you wish them to help you. When placed in a room, for example, their energy will spread to others. Whereas when worn or carried, their energy focuses on you. These Chakra crystals can also be placed on the Chakra point for healing purposes.

Additionally, you can add crystals to ritual activities such as meditation, candle rituals, or even a healing bath.

How to cleanse the healing crystals for Scorpio

You can cleanse crystals in a variety of ways by using the elements. Natural light, Earth, Water, and Air can all cleanse healing crystals. When choosing your preferred method, please double-check the type of crystal you are cleansing as some methods are not appropriate.

Natural Light

Natural light from either the Sun or the Moon is a fantastic way to cleanse crystals and, additionally, is one of the more accessible methods.

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Place your crystal in natural light for 24 hours, and allow the warmth of the Sun to burn away negative energy and the divine light of the Moon to cleanse the crystals.

While this method works for most crystals, please check to see if the crystal is sensitive to direct sunlight.

Natural Water

You can use natural water in various ways to cleanse healing crystals.

Crystals can either be placed in a bowl filled with saltwater or set in a net under naturally running water. The water will wash away negative energies and cleanse your healing crystals.

While this method works well for most crystals, please avoid placing brittle or soft crystals under naturally running water, as it will damage the crystal.


You can use Earth to cleanse your healing crystals for Scorpio. You can do this by burying the crystal in the soil, either within a pot or out in the garden. After 24 hours, the crystal should be cleansed of negative energies.

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The crystals listed above are beneficial all year round for those born under Scorpio. During the time of Scorpio, these crystals will help bring out your strengths and provide aid to your weaknesses.

For those born outside of Scorpio, these Chakra crystals will help you take advantage of Scorpio’s energy and aid with any sensitivities to the energies of this period.

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