What is the Reiki symbol for peace? Explained!

Are you looking for the Reiki symbol for peace?

Reiki symbols are used in a variety of ways, including meditation and healing. They can be drawn on your body or placed around your home to help promote good health and positive energy. There is also a specific symbol that represents peace. If you’re looking to find this symbol, we have it here!

What is the Reiki symbol for peace?

The Reiki Symbol for Peace is called Shanti, Which in Hindu means Peace. This symbol is used to heal the past and present conditions. It helps with insomnia, nightmares and it removes fears and worries.

Reiki symbols are very valuable in reiki healing, reiki symbols are used to remove the negative energy from your life. The reiki symbol for peace will help you have positive thoughts and intentions toward life and lessen stress and anxiety.

Reiki symbol for peace

Where can you draw the reiki Symbol for peace?

You can use this symbol to open particular energy centers in our body like Third Eye Chakra or Heart Chakra. This will help in getting rid of all fears, negative emotions, and insecurities.

How to use Reiki symbol for peace?

This reiki symbol can be used by people to heal themselves or can also be given as a healing session to others. You can draw this reiki symbol on your palm, Third Eye chakra, Heart chakra, or third eye point before sleeping at night. You will notice the difference in your sleep pattern soon. It may take some time to have a complete effect on you, but it surely removes all negative energies from your body and mind. Use these reiki symbols for self-healing or for giving to others

Drawing these reiki symbols is easy. Get a piece of paper and pencil/paintbrush. Now draw the symbol on the paper in a clockwise direction, i.e., anti-clockwise to remove negative energies from someone’s body. Start from the middle of the symbol and draw clockwise to get good results.

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Drawing the Shanti reiki symbol for self healing:

Take a pencil and paper and gently create this circle with clockwise motion (i.e., anti-clockwise motion).

Now transfer this circle on your right-hand palm, Third Eye Chakra, or Third Eyepoint

Transferring the Reiki Shanti Symbol for others:

Take a pencil and paper and gently create this circle with a clockwise motion. Start from the middle of the symbol and draw clockwise to get good results.

Now transfer this circle on your left-hand palm, Third Eye Chakra, or Third Eye point of the person who is suffering from insomnia, nightmares, or fears.

Now you can transfer this reiki symbol at the heart chakra or third eye Chakra of your friend or family member.

Note: Keep in mind to draw this reiki symbol on their hand only at night so it will help them get rid of all negative emotions.

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What are the Benefits of the Reiki symbol for peace?

The benefits of this symbol are mentioned above. But here we will talk about the benefits and uses of the Shanti Symbol in detail:

1) Using this reiki symbol helps people to release their fears and worries. It creates a feeling of peace and harmony.

2) This reiki symbol can be used by anyone for self-healing or can be given as a healing session to others.

3) Shanti reiki symbol also helps in removing insomnia and nightmares from people who are suffering from fear and negative emotions. It creates a feeling of peace and ellipse thus, making it easier for one to sleep and rest without any worries and fears.

4) Shanti reiki symbol can be drawn on the third eye (Ajna Chakra) or the heart chakra (Anahata Chakra). It can also be drawn at the tip of your finger. Doing this will help in removing all fears and negative emotions. This will make it easy for you to release anxiety, stress, and restlessness. This symbol helps us sleep better and keeps our minds free from worries.

5) Shanti reiki symbol can also be used to remove all your past negative emotions by drawing this symbol on the palm of your hand before going to bed.

6) This reiki symbol is a very powerful energy, so it has many uses. You can use this with any other reiki symbol.


So there you have it. The Shanti symbol is the reiki symbol for peace and can be used to help heal present conditions of anxiety, stress, fear, insomnia, nightmares. It also helps remove negative emotions from the past for a more positive mindset.

Reiki symbols are amazing tools that can guide your mind, body, and soul to a place of peace. These Reiki symbols should be used only after learning Reiki and practicing Reiki on yourself with Reiki guides. Once you have practiced Reiki for some time, you will see the benefits of Reiki and wish to learn more and use this

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