What is the Rama Reiki symbol? why is it so important

When we are balanced at the energetic level, our lives flow smoothly with ease. We have better relationships with those around us as well as ourselves. However, when there are blockages or obstacles present within our bodies or minds, they will manifest into physical problems such as illness or emotional issues like anxiety and depression. By using this symbol regularly, we can clear these blockages so that we feel grounded again! You’ll feel lighter than ever before!

The Rama Reiki symbol is a powerful tool for clearing blockages and obstacles in your life. It helps you maintain balance, remove negative energy from your body, and create a healthy environment around you. This symbol can also help you find the root of an issue so that it can be resolved quickly and easily.

The name “Rama” comes from the ancient Hindu scriptures that describe many incarnations of God.

The reiki symbol for Rama is actually called Ramachandra, for more information about the Hindu god Rama check this wiki page

Rama Reiki symbol

How to use the Rama Reiki symbol

To clear away obstacles and blockages, we recommend using this symbol at least twice a day. It’s best to do it first thing in the morning and then again right before bedtime so that you can take advantage of all its positive effects as your mind and body rest.

At dawn and dusk, stand in front of an open window so that the light of the rising or setting sun can pass through your third eye chakra. Once you are in position, visualize this bright light passing down into the top of your head. If it helps, feel free to chant Om or any other sound associated with healing while you do this.

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Once enough energy has been collected in your lower chakras, raise your arms to the sky and visualize a ray of light descending into the center of your chest. If possible, try turning your palms so that they face up towards the sun as it rises or sets.

This energy then passes down through your body and shoots out from the soles of your feet towards anything in its path. Once this is done, the symbol is complete.


draw the symbol on a crystal quartz crystal, hold it in your left hand while keeping your eyes closed visualize the symbol glowing with light.


When meditating we recommend using the Rama symbol on a regular basis, at least once a week. Sit or lay in a comfortable position and visualize yourself surrounded by white light. This can be any color that is soothing to you such as pink, yellow, purple, etc.

Be mindful of your breathing and attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts. If it helps, use a mantra that you repeat over and over again. Repeat this process for fifteen to twenty minutes or until you feel relaxed and calm.

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Benefits the Rama Reiki symbol

When using the symbol it’s important to know the benefits are when using the reiki symbol. This is important to know because it will motivate you to keep doing the routine. Be sure that you get all of these benefits and more by using this symbol!

The main benefits of using the Rama symbol are:

  • It helps you maintain a sense of equilibrium and stability within your body
  • It clears away negative energy from your environment
  • It allows you to find the root of a problem so that it can be resolved quickly and easily
  • You’ll feel lighter than before
  • You’ll be able to react calmly in even the most difficult situations
  • Your mind will be clear, making it easier
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by knowing the benefits it’s easier to stay motivated and do the routine.

You won’t have energy getting stuck anywhere in your body, which means all of the positive effects of this symbol can spread through you quickly and effortlessly.

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Why you should use the Rama Reiki symbol

After seeing the benefits, it’s easy to understand why you should use this symbol. It’s important to know all of the benefits so that you can stay motivated but also know exactly what you are getting from using this powerful tool.

  • It helps you maintain a sense of equilibrium and stability within your body
  • Clears away negative energy from your environment.
  • Helps you find the root of a problem so that it can be resolved.
  • Removes blockages in your life, increasing your flow of energy.
  • Allows you to handle any situation calmly

All of these benefits are incredible and have many applications in both our personal lives and in our professional ones. This is an incredibly powerful symbol that can be used by anyone with any level of Reiki experience. It can remove negativity in your life and help you realize your dreams faster.

Using the Rama Reiki symbol for healing

when using this symbol for healing it’s mainly effective for balancing your energy levels to smash down emotional blockages. by using it you can find the root of your problems and heal them. this symbol can be used for your everyday use such as balancing energy or calming down when you are feeling angry.

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this is an important tool because it will help you see what’s holding you back in life so that can overcome any issues and live a happier life.


I hope after reading this article you have a better understanding of the Rama symbol. The Rama symbol is used for many things and you will notice all of the benefits. It’s important to know this symbol so that you can have access to its power. I hope this article was helpful in your journey! Thank you for reading.

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