How to use Reiki symbols for a relationship in 5 easy steps

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Reiki symbols for relationships. We’ll talk about what it is and how it can help with your relationship problems.

Reiki symbols are often confused with Reiki healing. While they can be used for that purpose, one does not have to learn how to use them as a healer in order to benefit from them.

How to Use Reiki Symbols for Relationships

How to use Reiki symbols for relationship


How do you use reiki symbols for relationships? Seek a quiet place to sit and relax. Place your hands on your heart chakra and visualize a ball of white light. Allow this light to spread throughout your being- mind, body, and soul. Feel the energy building within you as you do so. The idea is that you have built up this positive energy or “chi“.

step 2:

Now, visualize a ball of white light above your head. This white ball is the Reiki symbol for relationships. We will use this in step 3. Feel yourself pulling energy from the Reiki symbols and let it flow through you like a stream. Focus on how good this makes you feel – positive emotions, love, and joy should fill you up.

step 3:

Close your eyes and visualize the person with whom your relationship is suffering. The ball of white light above your head will now come down and surround them, filling them with positive energy as well. You may or may not be able to see this. If it helps, you can say something like “I’m sending you love and light to (name). You are filled with positive energy”.

step 4:

If you feel so inclined, ask for the Reiki symbols to help you find balance in your relationship. Visualize yourself surrounded by a ball of white light representing perfect balance. Also, imagine this person is surrounded by the same light. Allow the Reiki symbols to surround you in this way.

step 5:

Let yourself return to normal consciousness by counting up, and when you open your eyes, let the energy go. These means don’t hold onto it. Remember that Reiki is about balance – so if there is anything left unresolved, allow the Reiki symbols for relationships to help you find that balance.

Keep in mind that some people are better visualizers than others. If you can’t visualize the Reiki symbols surrounding your relationship, don’t worry – this doesn’t mean it won’t work! Remember there are also other ways of using Reiki symbols for relationships.

Reiki Symbols are used in many different ways, including healing your body on multiple levels and also using them as a way of protection while meditating or doing Reiki treatments on yourself or others. You can even use them for working on difficult issues like divorce, separation, or betrayal in a relationship.

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Examples of how you can use reiki symbols for relationships:

  • – Use the love symbol when trying to attract your soulmate into your life.
  • – When meditating on harmony with others, hold both hands up above your head while visualizing yourself being surrounded by white light.
  • – If you are working with the divorce or betrayal reiki symbols, then it is important to use them in combination. Hold both hands up above your head and visualize yourself surrounded by white light as you work through these difficult issues that might be affecting your life negatively.

How do you know if it’s time for using the reiki symbols?

One way is by doing an emotional reading of yourself or your partner. Another way is to check in with yourself and see if you feel a disconnection from your partner. If this happens, turn to the reiki symbols for relationships.

Reiki symbols can help strengthen your relationship when it’s going through a tough time or even when there are no known problems but something feels “off”. They allow us to get a bigger picture of what’s going on and then we can choose the best course of action.

In a sense, reiki symbols for relationships are like your relationship GPS that helps you find your way to reach your destination (a happy healthy relationship). If you’re in an unhealthy place right now, these symbols will help get out of it by opening your heart.

There are different types of reiki symbols for relationships and each one focuses on a specific area to help you with your relationship issues:

– Reiki Love Attunement is an attunement that helps you open up the energy pathways in order to receive love from yourself, others, and all around you. It also allows more love to circulate in your body.

– Reiki Heart Chakra Symbol is a symbol that helps you open up the heart chakra and allows unconditional love into your life. It brings happiness, joy, and peace of mind as well.

– Reiki Harmony Attunement comes with an attunement that increases harmony between yourself and others. It also brings inner peace, peaceful coexistence with others, and forgiveness if needed.

– Reiki Detoxing Symbols are used to remove negative energy that has built up in your body over time. They work by removing the stress which can accumulate during a relationship causing problems between partners.

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The five most important Reiki symbols for relationships  are

The symbol for relationships themselves. The symbols represent the Reiki elements of earth, water, fire, and air. How to use all five together as a complete set. What each individual element represents in terms of relationship energy flow and manifestation. Why using these specific symbols works so well because they’re based on traditional Japanese spiritual symbolism.

here is a list of the five most important reiki symbols:

  1. Sei Hei Ki
  2. Dai ko myo
  3. Harth
  4. Rama
  5. Zonar

If you like to know more about why these five symbols please read this article which goes more in-depth about all the reiki symbols.

Why it’s important to understand the meaning behind each symbol before using them

it’s important to understand the meaning behind each symbol before using them for your reiki practice. You can use these symbols to help restore balance in all areas of life, including relationships with others and also yourself.

It is important to go slowly when working through emotional issues because you are dealing with the energy systems within your body which impact how you feel both emotionally and physically on many levels!

What can reiki symbols do?

There’s an answer to your question: “how”. In this case, you need to ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to achieve with these particular symbols. your relationships?

Using Reiki symbols for relationships is a way to bring more peace, harmony, and balance into the different areas of life. These symbols work on multiple levels including physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, and spiritual awareness so it helps with all aspects related to daily living.

Each one works together as a complete set in order to provide the most impact and results.


Reiki symbols are used in many different ways, including healing your body on multiple levels and also using them as a way of protection while meditating or doing Reiki treatments on yourself or others. You can even use them for working on difficult issues like divorce, separation, or betrayal in a relationship.


Reiki Symbol for Love

The Harth symbol is a Reiki symbol for love and compassion in Karuna Reiki3. It is believed to help open the heart to higher streams of light and restore relationships between people4. The symbol is also used to strengthen or empower relationships that come from love and to make wise decisions.

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